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Hey YouTube this is City prepping in This weekly installment of the city Prepping news we’re going to cover the Main stories that you need to be aware Of to really help guide you in your Preparedness Journey now there are Several things that you got to watch This week but we’re going to try to Cover them as briefly as possible There’s some present and Brewing threats That you need to be aware of that will Impact your food your infrastructure and Your economic future so let’s run these Down for you also be sure to stick Around as we’re going to be announcing Our next giveaway and the winner of last Week’s giveaway Economy get ready for a rough week two Big announcements are coming out this Week about the US economy first the Consumer Price Index or CPI will Probably come out about the same time or Maybe before we release this video this Is a measure of the average change over Time when the prices paid by Urban Consumers for a Market Basket of Consumer goods and services the CPI is Used as a measure of inflation and Government policy and the fed’s decision On interest rates are based on this Information and the three largest Components of the CPI are housing Transportation and food and beverages in That order it’s not a step with the

Actual realities and expenditures Because it’s slow to adjust Transportation costs they’re going to go Down slightly because gas prices have Dropped the housing market may go down Because interest rate hikes slow the Transactional rate of homes it slows Construction and purchases by first-time Home buyers now when it comes to food And beverages that’s less than their Priority but it’s first in many of our Priorities we previously outlined on This channel our conservative estimate That some food prices could climb as far As 40 percent or higher this coming year I’ll link to that video at the end of This video so you can see why in that Video we made that prediction and then I Just came across a news article that Indicated that new figures from the Labor department revealed that Vegetables prices were already up nearly 40 percent in November alone over the Previous month buckle up because they’re Going to get higher in the coming months Jerome Powell and the central Bankers Are going to meet this week and it’s Expected that they will raise interest Rates Again by 50 basis points down from The 75 basis points of their previous Four meetings now I’m not going to go Into the fact that we’re also seeing the Steepest inversion level in the Government Bond Market in the last two

Decades suffice it to say we are Accelerating into a very steep economic Gallon turn so what does that all mean For the average consumer or prepper well It’s no secret that the CPI will show Severe inflation though the spin will be That it is easing and decelerating Expect the s p index to drop again this Month which means your retirement plans Will take another hit expect that the Housing market will chill further and The CPI affects the income of almost 80 Million Americans from Seniors to Federal civil service retirees and Survivors get busy tightening your bill And securing long-term food and water Resources I would encourage you to Prioritize the long-term Necessities Over any luxury items of any kind needed Repairs and medical appointments now the FED is desperately trying to tame Inflation by raising rates to achieve What is commonly referred to as a soft Landing the thing to note here is that Soft or hard Landing there’s no denying The economy remains in free fall the Latest round of adjustments are going to Cause businesses to tighten up their Belts in anticipation of further Slowdowns and that may mean that they’re Going to look at downsize their Workforce and here’s the thing this is Not just happening in the United States And inflation is stored in countries

Worldwide fed by supply chain snarls and Russia’s war in Ukraine while higher Rates in the United States have Especially slammed smaller economies Raising the possibility of a Synchronized Global recession there’s a Global economic War happening right now Between the United States dollar the Greenback and Bricks the alliance of Five emerging economies and a few other Nations now the primary countries are Brazil Russia India China and South Africa AKA bricks Egypt ratified its Participation last week Argentina Algeria Iran Indonesia turkey and Saudi Arabia they’re all leaning towards the Alliance against the dollar as well Bank Indonesia called upon importers and Exporters to stop payments in the United States dollar brics is a formal rival to The G7 Nations as the bricks grows the Dollar in the Euro will proportionally Drop in strength brics nations are Developing their own transactional System outside the U.S controlled Swift System and encouraging transactions in Local currencies over US Dollars clear Battle lines are being drawn coupled With global inflation and recession were Likely on the cusp of an economic World War more to come on this for sure right Now though I would encourage you to Hunker down tighten your belt and get Your core preps in order as it will

Probably get worse before it gets any Better Infrastructure you probably heard of the Overt attack on the North Carolina Substation that plunged 45 000 homes and businesses Into Darkness For about 90 hours two dozen shell Casings from a high-powered rifle were Found at the scenes of two attack Substations and investigators are said To be closing in on the culprits Professionals they don’t leave behind Shell casings hopefully we will have a Motive soon enough the scary part of This and our takeaway is that this is Just a high profile example the fact is That infrastructure is being attacked Across America at a higher rate the 55 000 substations Nationwide are poorly Protected often with just a chain link Fence designed to keep deer and other Animals out these substations are the Critical link between power generators And the delivery of electricity to homes And businesses just last week Duke Energy Corp reported gunfire near its Station in Ridgeway South Carolina Six substations in Oregon and Washington Were attacked in October in November Because no clear motives exist we have To assume that everything is a Possibility some mainstream media has Pointed to so-called accelerationists This is an ideological philosophy that

Purportedly encourages the downfall of Capitalist society as we know it and Seeks to dismantle the current Government again we don’t know if these Individuals are the culprit but it would Fall in line with the ideals and goals Of domestic terrorists who are openly Calling for the fall of our nation Driven by ideologies ranging from The Communist Manifesto to the Turner Diaries that’s not to say that these Attacks are linked explicitly to these French philosophies the reality is we Just don’t know at this time they could Be just random acts of vandalism they Could be foreign governments operating With their borders sewing Division and Creating chaos we don’t need to know who Is responsible to soberly admit that we May just be seeing the beginning of a More significant Trend substations are Easy targets and the they’re very Vulnerable so as we always encourage on This channel work towards functioning Without power or arrange your power Resources to get you through not only For this possibility but a range of Threats that we face on a daily basis Some reported some not and a good goal Should be the 90 hours it took to repair The substations in North Carolina I Would encourage you to ask yourself how You would fare if you were powerless for 90 hours or maybe even a week then look

To implement solutions to harden Yourself off my video and free download On assessing your power needs are good Starting points while many can operate Without power some need it for critical Medical conditions we live in a time Where power is really a crucial part of Our daily lives and the psychological Impact alone it would be damaging for Many people it’s becoming less if the Power goes out to more when the power Goes out here’s my Takeaway on this Point don’t be scared but rather let it Motivate you to form a plan just get Ready what do you think is this domestic Terrorism is it foreign sleeper cells or Just random attacks on our grid Russia Ukraine You’re likely not going to see too much About this in the mainstream media but Poland has recently started receiving Rather large shipments of arminence from The U.S and South Korea allegedly these Were pre-scheduled deliveries but it’s Certainly more than what Poland Perceived it may have needed for its Defense two years ago some of these Ominants will be deployed along borders With Russia Belarus and Ukraine the Sawaki corridor uh sparsely populated Area immediately Southwest of the border Between Lithuania and Poland between Belarus and the Russian exclave of Collingrad oblas remains the most likely

Tender spot for a larger conflict some Of these weapons may even find their way Into Ukraine to support its efforts to Repel Russia’s Invasion the U.S has Pledged to make the Polish Army one of The most capable in Europe additionally Putin has recently alluded to possibly Adopting the U.S policies of preemptive Strikes on an adversary infrastructure And command centers strategic nuclear Strikes and Hypersonic missiles they all Remain possibilities last week alone the City of Odessa was hit with multiple Russian drone strikes that knocked out Power to 1.5 million civilians just one Errant drone or missile overflying its Target and striking Moldova or Romania Could ignite a much larger War the real Threat here of course is that this Conflict can escalate overnight into a Larger World War the defense department Dismisses Putin’s statements as more Saber rattling on moscow’s part but Sabers rattle louder and louder and can Be drawn in use before these overt Attacks come to fruition however Clandestine attacks on infrastructure Are highly probable these propaganda Machines and hacking groups will Escalate their activities though this War is entering a new winter phase that Will slow gains by either side on the Ground it is taking an equally deadly Turn in the sky and on civilian

Populations and infrastructure there’s Much we’re going to be monitoring here Expect the conflict in this Zone not Only to continue to drag down the global Economy and drive prices everywhere Skyward but expect the front lines to Become less clear and the conflict to Grow and spill across borders This war doesn’t have a clear rule book What do you think will this situation Escalate or are we in for a protracted War of attrition Thanks to Audible for sponsoring this Video audible is an amazing place to Listen to whatever you’re interested in For me I’ve gleaned a lot of insight From business books such as good great Insightful titles like the sovereign Individual they also have Audible Original content like Sandman it’s a Graphic novel series that helps my mind Slow down and just relax for a moment as An audible member you can choose one Title a month to keep from their entire Catalog including the latest bestsellers And new releases members also get full Access to a growing selection of Included audiobooks audible originals And podcasts there’s something that Appeals to a wide range of listeners Located all in one app that you can Download or stream new members can try Audible for free for 30 days by simply Visiting audible.com forward slash City

Prepping or tax City prepping to 500-500 China As we predicted in our earlier video on The protests in China being quelled in Dynamic zero covered policies on China The country is easing many of its Restrictions and lockdowns inflicted on Its people and that’s good in some ways It’s terrible for the spread of covet And this population dense Nation there Are already significant signs of covet Spreading large lines are forming Outside the fever clinics as China has Taken a 180 degree approach to its prior Policies Now they are doing away with mandatory Testing and the app that they’ve been Using to track cases is being shut down Their Draconian policies that have been In place for the last three years have Kept the disease from spreading uncheck But the about face from these policies Will result in a widespread outbreak as Much as the Chinese population remains Unprotected from natural exposure or Effective vaccination any drops in Numbers that we’re seeing now are Primarily attributable to the dropping Of testing requirements but visits of Fever clinics are up 16 times over last Week alone clearly the country’s on the Verge of a massive outbreak what little We know about the mutated abilities of Covet points to the spread of new

Variants stemming from long-haul Isolation just to be clear we don’t know What the true impact of this easing will Be but it could point to a new larger Global outbreak in 2023 of deadly Variants against which the world’s Population may have no protection we’re Going to monitor this situation for Either signs of China’s manufacturing Output slowing down or coveted spilling Over the Chinese Border in many ways China’s opening up will be bad Concerning the spread of covet worldwide On a side note to our continued Struggles with China Japan and the Netherlands they joined the US in Tightening the controls of exports of Advanced chip making Machinery to China This will further erode China’s Manufacturing capabilities and drive it Deeper into brics alliances there’s much To take note of in China right now and Your takeaway should be to continue to Prep as if the flow of Chinese Goods Products Parts and Equipment will Further decline over this next year much Of our infrastructure is built with Parts labeled made in China so are you Concerned that this will result in Additional inflation or continue to tear Down the global supply chain For this week’s giveaway we’re going to Be giving away a Bushcraft hand auger to Enroll for a chance to be entered into

The giveaway just simply post a comment Below and next week I’ll use a tool to Randomly draw a winner from the comments On this video just be sure your email Address shows on your YouTube account And this is the most important thing to Note I’ve been getting a lot of bots Slamming my comments lately Impersonating me telling people that They’ve won I won’t reach out to you Unless your name shows on the screen Next week please ignore and Report these Comments for last week’s winner the Backpack we use a tool to randomly draw The name from the comments section and The winner for the backpack was crazy Pirate I’ll be reaching out to you Shortly to get that sent to you food Prices we’ve been talking about this a Lot recently on the channel and I want To continue to give a heads up on what’s Coming down the pipeline especially for Next year as I mentioned earlier in this Video vegetable prices have gone up 40 On average since last month water and Fertilizer availability continues to Erode agricultural output states such as California and Arizona they have Restricted their water allotment as Authorities try to keep the Colorado River from drying up even further Ukraine Russia which combined for much Of the food throughout Europe Africa and India they’re both operating with

Diminish output natural gas prices have Exponentially increase in natural gas as A critical component in producing Fertilizers so the cost of fertilizer Has exponentially risen in lockstep as You can imagine as well as we pointed Out last year China and India are Hoarding grain and reducing and Eliminating exports a few months ago we Warned about the rising prices of meat Beef pork and poultry we’re now seeing Those price increases right now and Everything from ground beef to milk and Eggs and it’s forecasted to get worse in 2023 due to the weather in Texas the Cotton Harvest was hit hard by drought California’s rice Harvest was hit hard This year hurricane Ian blew oranges off Trees in Florida cattle ranchers and More Cows of Slaughter because drought Stunted pastures can’t support regular Calving activity avian flu is still Threatening large populations of poultry And while soybeans had a bumper crop This year getting them to market via a Drying up Mississippi River has become a New challenge any way you look at the Food equation it’s not really looking Good the realities of decreased Production water fertilizer scarcity and Less in agreeable weather easily Overshadow any bright spots I cannot Stress enough the importance that you Must place on your food and water preps

Please take the time to watch the city Prepping videos on how to to build a one Year of food storage if you still need To implement some of the strategies You’re going to find there to ensure Your food Security in the future you Must realize that the window to prepare Is swiftly closing if not in your Neighborhood or neck of the woods much Of the world will be experiencing some Acute food shortages in the coming year I also encourage you to start watching Our small space high-yield gardening Series the first two videos in that Series are on the channel right now as Always I want to be crystal clear about Something I’m not trying to scare you But the gravity and reality of this food Situation is concerning this can quickly Go from simply not being able to find Your favorite brand of something in the Store to an all-out Panic buying and Large-scale shortages please give food Security the proper level of importance It needs and get your food preps in Order now as always stay safe out there

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