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Cooking on the go while you're bugging Out while you're out doing the things Hey everybody it's Michael with Asymmetrical preparedness today I want To show you an option that I'm hoping Will work really well Um I am pretty impressed that I found This at the location where I found it Not endorsed by the product make no Money off this nothing it is just Someone I found at Walmart actually and I'm pretty impressed so far what is it It is the four in one camp stove four in One stove with stand ideal for Backpacking and camping heavy duty Stainless steel automatic strike fire Aluminum stove adapter foldable stove Burner Canister Stand and durable carry And storage case under 15 this was Fourteen dollars and something So what do you get no it didn't come With this buy this separately What you get is this little thing uh I Don't know about durable case but you Know it's one of those little chintzy Cases so it was Arc Trail but it's got The little stand a little plastic stand Little three little arms you just push It together and some of these bottles This one has a plastic cap on the bottom Which you can pry off and there's a Little metal lip on there and it fits in These little grooves you can see the Little grooves and it sits there so you

Have a nice solid stand Um or you can just sit it like that it Stands also so um a nice little thing They threw in though you know why not What do you mainly get okay let me Unscrew the adapter that I already put On You get this little bad boy Nice look how small and compact that is Really nice Um the adapter for Um uh I forget the fuels the uh the Higher end the little uh like butane Little burner you know those little um Camp stove um bottles for those but what I really like is it came with this this Is what I really yeah this is nice Because it goes on the standard little Propane bottle you don't have to buy all That expensive backpacking Fuel and um Yeah buy this inexpensive stuff so you Just screw it on like that Um one thing is is you want to make sure The position this little uh Armature Here that holds up these little the arms See how it folds down so this is also The open close valve for the propane Make sure it's fully clockwise before You install it all right and then these Little arms you just grab one and you Pull them around and it Pulls all the arms into place and then There's these little tabs here you just Swing them out swing them out

There you go get a nice little burning Burner surface it has the auto start Feature nice and yeah it's just a little Stove so let's see how it works unscrew The bottle of the on the cap on the Propane Um this is a really good option because I'm really impressed I've never seen Anything like this at Walmart before so I'm looking forward to testing it so Let's put it on the bottle here Just put it on screw it on There we go nice and screwed on all Right so then let me turn the camera a Little bit so you get a little better View of it So the valve you got to open the valve a Little bit right to get the propane out So let me back up just make sure you Know I like backing up a little bit when I'm doing this open it a little bit Start it There you go Adjust how much you want to use And turn it off when you're done Very simple very nice Very good option for when you're out and About and you need to do some cooking Um and you don't want to make a big huge Campfire because a campfires will give Away your location This might also but it's a lot more has A lot lower signature than a big Campfire does so this is a really good

Option I know there's other options like Dakota fire holes and different things Like that that can help with not giving Away your location but something like This is nice it's small it's portable And it costs under 15 at Walmart you can Buy them both at Walmart so in the Camping section obviously Um really good option okay then to put It away Just unscrew it from the bottle Grab this little last tab here rotate it All the way around the arms fold back Together Fold those little tabs forward take the Little on off valve and it just also Acts as a little um Retainer thing here that Clips under There to hold the arms in place and then You just put it back make sure it's all Nice and cold it's not hot anymore nope It's not hot anymore and then throw it Back in the bag Put your lid back on your propane and You're done that could be a really nice Quick and easy way to heat up some water For coffee hot cocoa cook some food Obviously you need something to cook a Cooking utensil a cooking pan something Like that but I just want to tell you Guys this because it's really impressed That I found this at Walmart and it was Under 15 so I'm going camping this Weekend uh we're gonna get out and test

This thing see how it works put it Through its paces and obviously that Won't tell the whole story but over time We'll get a whole story of this product About how well it works and I just want To let you guys know about it Um as we're getting more into the time When more people get out and go camping And stuff like that we do it year round Because you know hey we got to get used To being out in all weather patterns but Most people go out in the summertime you Know spring summer fall ish Um so we're getting into that product Time or that time to get out and use Products like this so get out there do The things I love you guys have a Wonderful day and blessings to you and Yours

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