39 thoughts on “Canadian Prepper vs Survival Lilly – Ultimate Showdown

    1. Survival Lilly Did you know you supposed to aim with the extended arm? Just like baseball with the feet and hips the way you position your hips and rotate your extended arm will direct the projectile! My little girl knows this!

    1. Then you shoot the caliber she is familiar with, and she gets a day to practice with weapon she will be competing with. I doubt she can afford to fly hers back and forth across the pond, with all the imposed tariffs these days. Bet Lilly wins…………just sayin……non subscriber.

    1. @James Ellsworth Yep, Back then you had to make your fun, I grew up on a tobacco farm in NC in the 50/60’s. After 6 days of hard work there was swimming in creeks, picking blackberries, raiding a watermelon patch. And sleeping under the vine until we got stomach ache.

  1. Your bands were twisted reason why you were missing. The slingshot is setup to shoot TTF (Through The Fork) but when you pull the pouch the bands became twisted like in 2:08 where the top band is inside the top fork which is supposedly outside the top fork , on 2:59 the band were pulled on the OTT (Over The Top), which is not the bands were not setup for. The slingshot is from SimpleShot and it’s called the Hammer with the Ocularis head attachment, and I own an Axiom Ocularis slingshot same brand, same head but different handle and no wrist brace. I highly recommend that you check out SimpleShot videos in youtube, Nathan Masters, owner of SimpleShot have lots of tutorials about setting up and shooting slingshots, especially slingshots that they produce which you used in the video. Nathan Masters, has won consecutive US slingshot tournaments and placed 5th in the World Slingshot Tournament. We have slingshot communities around the world, and we have competitions in different countries. Yeah, I’m also a slingshot enthusiast and also compete in the sport.

  2. Slingshots are really hard to use well, I’ve seen people hit rat sized targets at 10m 4 shots out of 5, I’m lucky if I hit the side of a barn…from the inside.

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