CDC admits coronavirus may have infected whopping 10 times more Americans than previously thought


How does the new coronavirus compare with the flu?
CDC admits coronavirus may have infected whopping 10 times more Americans than previously thought
125,000 divided by 25,000,000
Preliminary Cumulative Estimates of Hospitalizations in the U.S. 2019-2020 Flu Season
COVID-19: How much protection do face masks offer?

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30 thoughts on “CDC admits coronavirus may have infected whopping 10 times more Americans than previously thought

  1. Of course it Did.!!! Whipped thru her like a Cold Virus. And, will now Fall Off only to return when it turns COLD and peoples immune systems get a little shaken… (god please help me with my Bad Attitude) <<< have been saying that a lot lately... Peace.

  2. If you have a mask then my not having a mask is no threat. If you have your vaccines and I don’t then you are safe apparently because you are shamed into getting all that shoved into your body. My body my choice right? Isn’t that what the same people tell you? I don’t want to teach my children that it’s okay to be a sheep OR a slave. They know the difference very well. And they are the most decent human beings I deal with. Ever.

    1. OSHA has their own workplace regulations regarding carbon dioxide. They are contridicting their own rules, in plain sight, WITH METERS TO PROVE IT.
      Their own calibrated meters,placed under masks are off the charts toxic!!!
      So, are you going to send your children back into the idoctirnation establishments, with social distance, along with face diapers??
      It is destroying natural human interaction & facial expression and that is what humans, ESPECIALLY YOUNG PEOPLE need to survive.

  3. If it’s 10 times more why isn’t the death rate higher , well we may be seeing that ole herd immunity at work . Gee maybe we won’t need a Vaccine after all , poor ole Pharma might not make a killing after all LOL

  4. It’s looking like in some states like New York herd immunity might have been met which would mean no more future outbreaks and no need for a vaccine.

  5. Thank you, Diamond! You’re right. I can’t believe that this is the world we’re living in. I’ve been “awake” for a long time, but I’m starting to realize just how wrong I was the more I look the truth in the face. There are WAY more layers to this than I ever dreamed possible! It’s scary as hell! There are days where I wish I could swallow the other pill. Can’t remember if it’s the red or the blue (minor dyslexia) But, I know I can’t. I can’t do that, and I won’t do that. I NEED to live in a world that makes SENSE. Thanks for bringing that to us, Diamond and Leah and everybody xoxoxoxoxoxoxo Cheers out there 🙂

    1. Once we know the truth, there’s no going back. Glad you’re awake! Your soul appreciates truth ~ regardless of what goes on in this world. We’re not OF this world, we’re just in it for a minute. Peace to you.

  6. No one ask my husband or myself if we had caught it….so…….anyway how do they know when they haven’t asked people who had mild cases???? Mine lasted about 5 days. Residual cough about 4 wks.

  7. The CDC will start pushing the flu vaccine harder than ever this year and watch a more aggressive strain of coronavirus emerge in the fall. Wouldn’t surprise me one bit. The fact that anyone believes anything that the CDC says baffles me.

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