China Balloon Meme’s | Wall Street Silver Meme Review

You can either laugh or cry! Let’s take a look at some of the best meme’s about the Spy Balloon and the other news from the past week.

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Hey everyone welcome back to the Poplar Report if you asked yourself the Question gee I wonder how many memes Have now been written about the balloon I'm going to answer that question for You there are lots and a lot of them are Stinking hilarious friends you either Get to choose to laugh or you get to Choose to cry in this life and we're Going to take a a gander at some of the Current event news out there a little Bit of silver and look at our friends at Wall Street Silver over there to see What they have to say on all this Shenanigans that have been going on Let's jump right into them thank Goodness before it got shot down someone Was able to grab this picture now we can See that it was definitely not a spy Balloon it is a weather balloon totally Not for spying so the Chinese completely Vindicated here Um don't know what else to tell you guys Just uh Yeah all right And this is where we hear that a second Balloon has hit Montana Realizing no longer is it an accident But rather intentional I don't know if you guys remember back To that uh most of you guys who are my Age or older you remember this moment of Course But uh

All right Joe Sue says uh wait until Your enemies spy balloon completes its Mission before shooting it down bonus Shoot it down over Waters too deep to Recover the payload Biden's Art of War That is now for sale on Amazon so if you If you want to Um waste money go ahead and look for That all right folks uh watch some by Now somebody probably has put it up There If you think the same people who won't Stop screwing with viruses in Labs won't Screw at the egg and food supply you Still don't get it Hint it's the same people who tell you To eat bugs and take the bus while they Dine on Lobster stake and fly on private Jets That's that's where we are folks there's So many folks out there who want to tell You how to live and yet they're not Living at that themselves are they We should definitely live our lives Based on uh how people live who Inspire Us rather than how people tell us uh Point of view you are the Chinese Weather balloon and this is going over Go on get Coming over the United States a bunch of People throwing stuff uh someone someone Asked me they said I wonder how many People actually did take pot shots at The balloon

Um and uh fully understanding that That's that's definitely not uh wasn't Wasn't Within Reach of anyone's uh boom Sticks but how many people tried anyway Just just because America you know I Don't know you had to get into your uh I Was surprised nobody got into their uh Their lawn chair put a bunch of uh Helium balloons on it and chased after It or something This is a friendly reminder that silver Is the only asset in the world down 50 Percent now this is from me from Wall Street Silver right they they have a lot Of stuff but they obviously want to talk About silver too it's the only asset in The world down 50 since its peak 43 Years ago if that wasn't enough silver Is now at an annual deficit demand is Outweighing Supply we're consuming more Silver than we're actually producing so Manufacturers are dipping into giant Stockpiles meant for investment enough Said Yeah I'm a big believer in silver but uh Um for for those reasons as well as Others this video is brought to you by Genesis Gold group and uh they believe In silver and gold as well uh for your Retirement portfolio so if you still Have your portfolio of retirement plans In uh stocks bonds or risky assets and You want to get them into something Stable give Genesis Gold group a call

Jonathan s team would love to talk to You answer any questions you have of Course you might want to just pull that Money out of retirement funds and spend It on food preps or uh or invest it in Physical silver and gold at home which Is always a great idea too Is it time to cancel congress's credit Card What do you mean we've reached our limit Yeah both parties in the United States Are sitting there at the ATM that's That's exactly right both parties it's Ridiculous everyone we send to Washington D.C suddenly gets this desire To spend money that isn't theirs Chinese spy balloon America I am inside you Uh a red spy balloon Uh it would be if it wasn't so Infuriating and the fact that we've that China's been doing this for years and Years to us as well as everyone around The world Um with no consequences just Very sneaky Chinese spy agents in the White House be like [Laughter] Not not hiding very well not hiding very Well Inflation must be kicking in again this Dollar says best if spent before December 31st 2005. Yeah

Whenever you see the coinage that you Have stops having the print date and Starts having a Best Best Buy date That's when you know that's when you Know Biden orders fighter jets to fire on the State of Montana to protect the Chinese Spy balloon Uh Uh Edwards it hurts Nestle to hike food prices further in 2023 That's not funny but um it was also over On their threat over on Reddit so I want To pass that along too New new Chinese spy balloon spotted I always recognize that guy don't you Yeah he's uh he's kind of earning Earning all that money that he's been Given earning all that money he's been Given This is from Matt Gates uh the Department of Defense would like to know The balloons pronouns well folks if you Wondered why it took him so long to Shoot down the balloon this may be the Answer this may be the answer with the New touchy feely Um because they wouldn't know how to Release the press release right You know should they call it an it or Does it want to use other pronouns if You don't know the pronouns and you

Can't do the press release well then you Can't shoot down the balloon So um hopefully if China invades Taiwan They will issue a press releases on Everyone's pronouns before they before They attack Taiwan you know so the United States can get invade get Involved Meanwhile in China Downloading 100 percent Okay time to take out the balloon time To take out the balloon we're ready now Chinese spy balloon over Montana Hold Chinese balloon spy balloon over Missouri hold Chinese spy balloon completes Mission And exits the United States now Maybe our president with uh with some Face paint on Um when you're trying to cut back on Posting memes but the government won't Stop doing crazy stuff It's it's tough folks it's it's hard Being green you know what I mean it's Hard it's hard They're their little Kermit And uh there's another close-up picture Of the Spy balloon with uh with uh Winnie the Pooh folks I imagine you all Know the inside joke on that right uh That uh people say that uh president XI Looks a lot like Winnie the Pooh and so In China you're banned from using the Image of Winnie the Pooh because it's

Considered insulting to the president so Uh of course that's why we keep seeing Winnie the Pooh used uh for uh for all These things Chinese spy balloon over The United States nope nope we're not Gonna put up with that nope nope give All your personal data to tick tock yeah Sure okay yeah just click on that uh That uh upload yeah we'll do that Citizens of Taiwan after watching that Balloon just Glide across the lower 48 States unchallenged Yeah If the United States doesn't have the Will to defend itself will we have the Will and the wherewithal to defend Anyone else We have our troops all over the world Threatening to defend and attack and Whatever but do we have the the moral Strength the Courage the the Steadiness of purpose to actually fight A large-scale war anymore I mean unless it's against each other No wonder they shot it down here's a Close-up here I think it says something Right up there on the balloon Epstein Didn't kill himself Yeah We gotta take that thing out Take that thing out all right folks this Has been a Wall Street Silver meme Review Um and uh or rather a balloon meme

Review Thanks so much for watching There's a video up on the screen I'll See you over there or I'll see you guys Later God bless you all

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