China Is Humiliating The US -“Mission Accomplished” | Chinese Balloon

On February 3 a Chinese spy balloon began flying over the US possibly sucking up cell phone transmissions, taking close up pictures of sensitive sites, and all around humiliating the USA again and again.

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Hey everyone welcome to balloon weekend Yes that's right we have the Chinese Balloon over North Carolina right now That is uh threatening the United States And uh we got some six I got six hard Questions for you folks Um and uh some of these are going to Kind of wrap up some of what we know About this balloon and our response to It and some of the threats that it Definitely poses to the United States And some of it is really just a slap in The face that we're going to be kind of Getting into that as well the fact that We're all sitting here talking about Something that China did as opposed to China sitting in China talking about Something the United States uh did is Them turning the tables on the Conversations let's jump right into it First question that we need to be asking Ourselves is what is this thing carrying Now some people out there are like well There's nothing that they could possibly Be doing on a balloon that uh that you Know they couldn't be doing with the Satellite oh is that so Then why does the United States have spy Balloons over the United States The United States has plenty of Satellites then why is it using balloons The balloon is at about 60 000 feet off The ground Okay that sets a little higher than what

Uh jet airliners fly at 40 000 or so And if in case you're you're having Stupid thoughts about I'm going to take A pot shot at this thing just know that Your projectiles can actually only go up About two to three miles up that's about 15 000 feet so this thing's at sixty Thousand feet there's no way that you Can bring this thing down unless you can Get into your your little aircraft and Go up Um So sixty thousand feet low earth orbit Four satellites is 6.3 million feet That's a hundred and five times closer To the ground than a low earth orbit Satellite is now I think they have some Satellites that are a little lower than That but not much because they start Getting dragged off the atmosphere and They have to keep uh accelerating in Order to stay in orbit so what we're Going to see is uh That that you can do a lot of stuff down Low You can do a lot of RF sniffing you can Pick up radio frequencies much closer You can pick up cell phone Transmissions That's right all of your cell phones Transmissions could have been Scooped up by the set by this this blimp Flying as it flew over it could be Picking up all of your cell phone data All of your cell phone Transmissions

That's it a lot of it's not encrypted so Yeah absolutely that's something they Can't do from satellite also if they're Taking pictures of things from there 105 times closer to the ground to take Really detailed pictures of nuclear Missile silos Nuclear power plants Just mapping out all of the Infrastructure you know there's probably Some points where they're looking down Their satellites and going uh what is That thing what what is that we need a Closer picture of this and that well They can't do that naturally but uh with One swoop of the uh the the balloon Going over they probably could have had A camera zooming in on a whole bunch of Sites and a whole bunch of things that They're like we need better pictures of This we need better picture of this we Need different angles of pictures Satellites have a tendency to shoot Straight down for the most part it's Kind of hard for them to shoot sideways Because they get too much Haze but a Balloon traveling that low could get Some different angle shots on things That they want to hit or destroy or Sabotage When uh when you're looking at that kind Of stuff the questions of what kind of Payload this thing has is very very Important now as we're going to get into

It number two we're thinking that this Is going to be the United States is Trying to is trying to capture this Thing which Is really disconcerting because if it's If it's picking up RF signals and then Transmitting them out via satellite and If it's taking pictures and transmitting Those via satellite by the time you get This thing it's going to already be Useless if it doesn't self-destruct Which it very likely could if it Self-destructs then that's just oh just A double slap in the face the fact that The United States is waiting to try to Take this thing down over the Atlantic Probably means that the U.S Navy's Probably offshore getting ready and They're going to do an operation they're Going to bring this thing down capture It Relatively intact but if it Self-destructs Then it got all of its pictures got all That data swooped up and I know a lot of People are just still saying like well Satellites can do all that no they can't 105 times closer not to mention the Equipment that they put on this thing Doesn't have to be shielded against the Extreme cold doesn't have to be shielded It doesn't have to be designed all that Much this was way way cheaper and they Could put a whole lot more stuff on here

In order to really get some information From us They knew that the United States would Be curious As part of that they knew that we would Be like oh we want to really grab that So we can tickle it apart and we can Look at it the U.S military complex just Loves to take apart enemy Tech and the The idea that that that we would just Let it pass all the way over in order For us to take it apart Um is something that they could have Counted on uh anyone who is thinking About that the question is And then we're getting into that you Know what else could it have been Carrying That's that's that's question number Three this could have been an EMP now I Don't I assume I assume that we got some Really close shots of this with uh with Uh f-22s flying right past it and Getting some really good shots to know Exactly what kind of equipment is on This thing uh before before they Determine to not shoot it down Um and and they could have looked at it And determined okay that's definitely Not an EMP device Um doing some Radioactivity sniffing but but all that Stuff can be shielded so there's that Too

Um if a really well shielded box Could have been holding a EMP device How do they know how do they know that This wasn't a potential and it's right At the altitude it could have been at Sixty thousand feet it's not the optimal Altitude to to detonate an EMP device Which is basically a nuclear weapon That's optimized to just send out a Massive em pulse electromagnetic pulse To just destroy and Fry Electronics and To build up significant charges on power Lines and anything that has an antenna And just fry things This was Um if if they could do it with a balloon Full of sensors it's just very clear That they could they could have done it With a EMP device it could have even Though it was going at 60 000 feet it Could be you know programmed to just Give an extra burst to uh or drop some Counterweights or something like that to Go up to you know the decoy cameras you Know the things that look like cameras And stuff like that drop the solar Panels or whatever and then go up rise Up to 90 000 feet and then pop and uh Lights Go Out across the United States This is something that we need to be Looking at The United States Flies flies a a an airplane in International airspace just off the

Coast of of Russia and they start trying To Ram our aircraft out of the air We we sail a ship near the Chinese Waters or in disputed Waters and the Chinese come out and start trying to Ram Our ships And then they fly a balloon across the Entire United States a spy balloon right Over the United States in in violation Of every law and the United States all We do is we basically just pull back our Diplomat and say ah we're not going to Send them on a trip just yet because you Know you oh that should really sting to You Um you you don't get to talk to our Dipple man oh They're literally ramming our planes With their planes and they're ramming Our ships with their ships And then we're like we're gonna not send Our diplomat Do you sense a difference in aggression There And uh that kind of rolls in the next One which is is this them just flexing Over us Are they just I mean the news cycle this Weekend has not been what the United States is doing in the world it's what China did to the United States and Whereas we're going to get into it There's another balloon flying over South America

China just stole all the headlines Are is this just them flexing on us Are they showing us that we don't have The will to fight That they have the will to win and Dominate And we we're just you know too focused In on the getting the rainbow into the Military than actually using the Military to actually Um Fight back In addition to that flexing question let Me just ask you this How much money did the United States Spend On extremely expensive fighter aircraft Radar aircraft command and control we Spent Millions and millions if not 10 I would Say by now it's at least tens of Millions of dollars if not hundreds of Millions of dollars Observing This weather balloon Which probably only costs them Maybe a couple hundred thousand dollars To make depending on how much equipment They have stashed on that thing if they Have some really high quality cameras I Mean that's what really the balloon Doesn't cost anything Uh the solar panels don't really cost Anything the metal structure to hold the

Solar panels and the gear doesn't cost Anything the computer and the the the The the the antennas and stuff like that Um don't really cost anything except for The time that was put into it uh Programming this thing Maybe a hundred thousand dollars And we just spent Tens of millions if not hundreds of Millions of dollars observing this thing Who just won this who won It sure seems like they won And they know it and they've just Slapped us across the face and shown us Our absurdity just as Bear Country over There is flying these you know sixty Thousand dollar You know Aircraft remote controlled aircraft and They're getting shot out of the sky by Like million dollar missiles Every time we win our guy wins and Shoots a million dollar missile at this Sixty thousand dollar airplane remote Controlled aircraft Who wins who wins oh well we just won Again those are the kind of wins that we Can't win with Next one The Chinese have said that this is a Steering And and it's evident that that this Balloon can steer itself So the question is is they say it's off

Course well what course was it supposed To be on because this isn't remotely Anywhere near where it really should be Okay how did it get all the way over Here And why does it seem to be on a perfect Course across the United States Following the air currents perfectly to Go right over Directly over Our nuclear missile silos in the Midwest And go right across the East Coast Over some critical military bases Why does it seem to be on a perfect path And it's steerable if they say it's off Course and then why is there a second One that just happens to be going over South America Why is this why why do they have two That are suddenly off course in such a Perfect way That's a question for you as well Next one here's my question and we're Getting to the end here we're getting to The end here What happens When 50 to 100 at once happen What happens when they send 50 or 100 of These at us Some of them are just decoys Can we handle them because The United States Air Force lost it they Were tracking it then they lost it And then it was reacquired by get this

An airline pilot Spotted it and reported it And that's when the U.S Air Force Reacquired It And honed in on it as it approached the Northern border of the United States Uh so this was it was lost over Canada Even though we have air defense uh Stations we have radar stations we have Aircraft that have full right to use uh Canadian airspace uh for tracking things Like this We lost it we weren't able to track the Thing and I think that's very Disconcerting especially if what happens Next time if they send 50 or 100 of These things while they're taking Taiwan And they're just launching you know Dozens and dozens and dozens of these Balloons if they cost a hundred thousand Dollars a piece they can afford to put a Whole ton downfield on us And our air force will be busy shooting These things down ones if there are Differing altitudes and some of them are Have stealth capabilities where they're Pods underneath of them are actually Stealth so that I mean it's hard to spot The balloon itself because it doesn't Have all that much substance to it but The uh The Pod underneath is you usually will Probably detect and if we have those Things stealth

Friends They very well could have been testing The air currents testing maneuvering Through this so that they could launch An attack on the United States last time Somebody used balloons like this Japan And World War II attacked us with Balloons setting fire things because They had incandescentury devices on them But now that we have nuclear weapons and EMP devices One balloon coming through our defenses Could cause catastrophic damages And this these balloons don't need to be Launched from China they don't need to Be launched from over in Asia they can Be launched at sea By ships Think that one through a ship could sit There and inflate balloon after balloon After balloon after balloon to barrage a Coastline We always think about missiles but what About Stealth balloons friends we have a Lot to think about a lot of questions That have not been answered and a lot of The answers we're getting are not making Us feel very safe they're not really Making us feel like we are Really as dominant as people in Washington DC would tell us that we are All right folks share your thoughts and Comments down below about this and you Know there were reports that this was

Shot down over Montana of course those Have been disemproven it is now over North Carolina and heading out to sea All right folks if you found this video To be useful helpful interesting you Might want to check out another video From you right here I'll see you over There or I'll see you later Steve Poplar Out

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