China Signals They Are Ready To Enter Ukraine Conflict

With the release of their 12 point position paper for the beginning of diplomatic negotiations to end the Ukraine crisis, China has signaled that they are finally ready to pick a side in the conflict. USA and NATO allies are wary of them getting involved as they seem to be biased towards supporting Russia.

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Things are getting tight out there folks We are getting a lot of noise out of China and this is unusual because they Have been extremely quiet about the Conflict in Eastern Europe suddenly they Have produced a 12-point position paper On basically the foundation of how a Political truce and political solution To the Eastern Europe conflict could Come about up till now China has Basically just stepped out of it and Said it's kind of not our business we Don't really have any uh points to say About this we don't have anything to say About this but now that we're actually Seeing them being drawn into the process They now are making noise about trying To help make peace and it's not being Well received out there okay basically The 12 points position paper has been Out of hand rejected By westerners and by uh the the Conflicting party in in Eastern Europe Whereas of course its Ally Bear country has received it relatively Well but At the same time bear country is also Requested Attack drones from China Chinese attack Drones are being considered apparently Uh to be shipped now previously when Asked about that uh whether China has Been giving or has been requested giving Lethal Aid to Bear Country they have

Said that that is just speculation That's not happening but just recently More specific allegations of that are Coming out and it looks like they are Seriously considering shipping weapons And Munitions to Bear countries selling Them to them China desperately needs oil And bear country has a whole bunch of Cheap oil cheap natural gas they've been Building pipelines for natural gas to go East to uh to China and that is linking These two economies Tighter and Tighter And of course we all kind of see the Riding on the wall that neither of those Countries like seeing the United States And NATO pushing people around all over The world they I do not like the fact That we've sanctioned 70 countries That's right we have put Financial Sanctions on 70 countries since the end Of World War II If that doesn't sound like I mean that's That's actually more places than we've Invaded since World War II which is Which is you know still a lot of Countries Um but The amount of Of just hubris that the United States Pride or arrogance right that the United States and its allies have shown around The world pushing people around is uh is Really kind of blowing up in our faces Two-thirds of the world's population are

Not on board with sanctions against Eastern Europe We said we're going to sanction them and We're going to block them out of the uh We're going to block out Bear Country uh From the world markets everything like That two-thirds of the world's Population said no A lot of the global South countries Um Brazil uh you get South Africa you Get most of the African countries you Get uh China India you have all these countries Out there who are just like no we're not Going to be a part of that we're going To just keep buying the oil Iran is buying uh is repackaging some of It as well Pakistan is uh facilitating The movement of oil across their Territories so it's There's a lot of countries out there a Lot of the world's population are just Completely not on board think about that We pretend that we are speaking for the World but two-thirds of the world's Population Want to have nothing to do with what We're doing they don't agree with us on It They don't agree with us on it And all these countries uh Belarus His PR the president of Belarus Lukashenko is heading to China The head of France

Is heading to China The head of the country in Eastern Europe that we're not allowed to talk About is heading to China They are appealing to China to join Their side of this conflict The fact that China is now seemingly Ready to get involved in the conflict With their position paper but then also They're making noises that they are Willing to discuss this with other People of which side so far bear country Has been like get in jump in help us and China's been kind of like yeah that's Kind of your problem over there you know We won't vote against you But you know We won't we won't get join the gang up On you but we won't actually join you in Being ganged up on Also we see that President XI is now Planning a Moscow visit He's going to be heading there and uh What are they going to be talking about What do you think they're going to be Talking about that's going to be Happening in April it looks like or Maybe very early May Macron uh from France Uh sounds like a dessert pastry of Course and he kind of acts like a Dessert pastry a lot of times he's Heading to uh heading to China in early April before President xi's trip to

Moscow If uh president XI is planning on Jumping into the conflict it's gonna Probably look good for him to be trying To talk about peace out there he's going To be talking to uh other parties to Kind of hear all sides of things before He makes a measured decision to join With his natural Ally up there in Moscow And when they start Manufacturing drones One of the big things that's been Happening in that conflict in Eastern Europe has been the manufacturing Capability of NATO the United States has Been going up against the manufacturing Capability of Iran and Bear Country If China comes in they have massive Manufacturing capabilities if they're if They're sending in weaponized drones how Many could they send they could send an Awful lot that's how many they could Send they could send a ridiculous number Of things if they stock all of our Walmarts with cheap plastic crap they Can make cheap plastic exploding crap That flies It can make a whole heck of a lot of it And that could definitely shift things Very dramatically in the conflict there In Eastern Europe this war is getting Ready to explode wider Everyone seems to be moving towards War

Nobody really seems to seriously be Talking about peace nobody's really Talking about peace Francis macron is uh like I'm gonna go To China and talk to them about peace in April Oh So it's urgent is it You're gonna wait a month over a month Before you go month and a half Sounds real urgent there doesn't it he's Got to get his hair done he's got to Take care of a lot of stuff Um Anyway so nobody seems I mean how come How come the United States hasn't sent Embassy embassaries uh to to China to Talk about peace why haven't we have Where's our uh where's our ambassadors Where's our Um SARS that are in charge of bringing Peace to Eastern Europe there aren't any They just have SARS to send more weapons So that Eastern Europeans can do the Dying for the United States Friends everybody seems to be chomping At the bit for more war It seems manageable so far and so people Are like let's have some more of it Because all of our weapons manufacturing Companies are making money this is good Stock markets are up right I mean They're down a little bit but like by And large stock markets are holding up

Around the world I mean bear countries GDP is going to expand this year because I mean of course while it has crippling Sanctions on it why wouldn't the economy Grow Think about that whereas Europe that's Putting the crippling sanctions on them Their economy looks like it's going to Contract but we won't talk about that Because we're not supposed to talk about That we're not supposed to talk about Anything meaningful we're not supposed To be talking about truth because that Is just misinformation all right folks If you found this video useful or Helpful or possibly infuriating and you Want to watch another video I got Another one right over here I'll see you Over there or I'll see you later Steve Poppler out

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