China’s Flood and Locust Problems Worsen (1023)


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China's flood #4 is going to peak over the next 12 days and with most of the country flooded, the water can only get higher creating more infrastructure, city and farmland losses. Citizens are now actively calling for CCP ruler-ship change in the country from so vast and all encompassing floods with almost no relief help. A new China is emerging from beneath the flood waters, the old China we knew is beginning anew.

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43 thoughts on “China’s Flood and Locust Problems Worsen (1023)

  1. When the water recedes, the mold begins. All those flooded buildings will need to be demolished and rebuilt. Disease. No food. This is going to be a humanitarian catastrophe that lasts for years.

  2. The social contract. Breached like one of their dams. The central powers didn’t deliver and all trust is gone. I wonder, if China will see itself partitioned?

    1. No one see that clip with Steven Bannon and that Chinese guy in front of the Statue of Liberty reading the “New federal state of China declaration ” ???

  3. The weird thing is if millions upon millions get utterly desperate they are hardly likely to care about their social credit score anymore. And unless the CCP shows the means and the ability to actually provide for them, something which there has been little indication of so far, they will inevitably not only lose all faith in the CCP, but will likely turn against it in order to provide for themselves.

  4. COME ON CHINA!! HOW MUCH MORE CAN YOU TAKE ?? RISE UP!!! This is your chance for freedom. It only comes once every 400 years. The world needs to see just one country breaking free to set off a chain reaction. My heart goes out to all of you that are affected by this. Much love to you all in China ❤❤❤ I wish I could do more.

    1. I don’t wish bad things on people from any country . The government’s different feeling . . I have a feeling CCP will try to go to war for one last stand

    2. That is what will happen. Every solar minimum a Chinese dynasty has fallen.
      When they can’t feed the people the Emperor loses the mandate of Heaven and the people rise up and take them out.

    1. I must add to that I have noticed every time a god reference is made or a scripture references made people tend to shy away from giving you a thumbs up. I think many of those who are on the side of the grand solar minimum , right wing politics and the belief the world basically going in the s****** are not necessarily of the Christian religion and the predictions made in the Christian Bible, or at a minimum not supportive or openly supportive of those beliefs. In other words, sadly the left has totally abandoned God and the right has somewhat abandoned God

    2. @HowManyFingersWinston? Oh he was punishing everyone, and pharaoh.

      If you create something, you have the right to break it, who cares if ants have feelings, there still ants

    3. @Jerri Croft or.. the people who truly see the science behind these events don’t believe in made up stories that are simply regurgitations of previous religious stories that people concocted to explain events that they could not understand.

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