Civil War Is ON! What Are We Going To Do About It?

We are being pushed into this, and it seems to be all but inevitable. #civilwar #revolution #minuteman

GET READY to do your part!

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The Civil War has started Hey everybody this is Michael with Asymmetrical preparedness Hot Topic today Been so recently Why is it and why do I say That it started I say this Because We have really been In a civil war for a long time now And I'll tell you what one side has been Winning Because the other side Hasn't really been doing much About it Silent majority type stuff well I'll Tell you what it's time to be the silent Majority no more it's time to be the Vocal majority The the agenda of division Dividing us The attacks on our freedoms on our Liberties The moral degradation of society this is All part of the war It just hasn't become a Shooting War yet But it might well soon become We hear and we don't know if it's part Of this leading up to this or if it has Some other agendas ramifications reasons The tax on our power grid That may be people on one side or the

Other Trying to step it up a notch trying to Push us in a certain direction Or This one what about if they are false Flags Performed by Agencies To get people spun up and or cause Problems so that it pushes Us in that Direction So that they can further distract us get Us fighting each other And then step in and try to end it If it goes kinetic meaning Two-way range opens up things are not Going to be pretty Things will get really ugly fast I've Heard a lot of discussion Um From both sides Of the equation pretty much meaning the Left and the right About who would win A civil war Since those are the predominant two Sides The left and the right I've heard compelling arguments from Both sides But what it comes down to is no matter What it wouldn't be pretty it would not Be fun it would not be Call of Duty out There running around being cool guy

It would not be it would be ugly it Would be horrible and we'd probably Lose our nation in the process Maybe it would lead to balkanization Which is the splitting up the United States so it wouldn't be one big country Anymore it would be multiple smaller Countries which I've kind of gone back and forth about That whether I feel that's a positive or A negative Because our country is so big That it's really hard for a governing Body way on one Coast determine Everything for everybody else Yes we're supposed to have a Representative government That's supposed to represent the people But even they you know they where do They come from they come from the big Cities they don't represent the little Guy they don't represent the farmers They don't represent the Preppers the Homesteaders All the people that live rural Farmers Ranchers all that stuff They represent the city people So City people get representation the Rest of us don't Uh and that's that's a fact whether They're Democrat Republican it really Doesn't matter uh they're neither one of Them are doing really much good anyway Um so yes I see

This potential for dfdevolving Into an armed conflict I don't want it I don't advocate for it Nothing of the sort before I go any Further talking about this more in depth I would like to ask you guys to please Subscribe hit that Thumbs Up Ring the Notification Bell for all share the Videos comment below if you want to be Part of the solution I recommend you be Gathering acquiring ordering all these Freedom seeds that you can And like I mentioned I think I mentioned getting your gear Squared away Any gear you might need we're headed Into winter so think about that do you Have adequate boots and socks and Layering systems all the things that Will help you enable you to get out in That stuff in the dead of winter in the Worst weather conditions and actually Um function to a level Where you can be an asset to this whole Thing Not a liability You can't get out in that stuff and Realize then that your Footwear is not Adequate that you're cold and you're Freezing And your gear is falling apart because You bought cheap gear or you brought too Much because you thought you needed all This stuff when actually you didn't

Ounces equal pounds pounds equal pain It's a very important thing to remember Oh here's another thing I forgot to Mention If you See that you might be in this role if You think you might if you plan on being In a roll Minuteman type stuff Um fighting the good fight if and or When it ever comes then you need to have A group of people around you you can't Do it alone you can't be out there all Run around the Woods by yourself you Know saying I'm gonna fight a civil war Or revolution 2.0 whatever no you can't You have to have your group you need to Be training with your group regularly You need to be getting to know each Other how each other moves how each Other operates communicates all that Stuff shoot move communicate you need to Be training on all these skill sets Um like hit and run tactics um reaction To contact patrolling all this stuff you Need to be practicing it and training it Out in the stuff In the bad weather with your gear Hopefully doing maybe even overnighters So that you can Learn how much food to bring how much Water to bring Your layering systems like I mentioned Your sleep systems Are they effective or not

You don't want to be getting out there And finding out when things are really Bad That they're not effective You got to get that stuff hammered away And figured out now before the need Arrives just like training you can't Wait to start training until the war Starts soldiers don't start training When the war starts they train for years And years and years and years before it Starts And they do it full time so remember That we don't have full time to do it We're Preppers we're husbands we're Fathers we're wives we're mothers we're Gardeners we're homesteaders we work Jobs all these different things We need to make it a priority though to Get in good quality training and to form Good quality groups with good people One thing I like to talk about is the Delusion I feel that both sides have That people on both sides suffer from They think you know along the lines of Call of Duty they watch tactical videos They have all this cool gear and cool You know defensive tools and stuff and They think it's just going to be like Going for a Sunday walk you know and uh You know popping bad guys and nothing Everything is going to go the way they Want it to nothing's gonna go wrong and All that stuff like that

Um these people have never experienced Fighting on their own soil Fighting for their how their homes their Houses their neighborhoods They haven't thought about the fact that They may have to be They may be an engagement with their Neighbors With the people around them They don't think about that They don't think of the furthering uh The the ramifications and the Repercussions from such an action Like I said I do feel that we might be Headed in that direction I hope not But I really the way things are going I Really don't see Um any other way I'm not saying it's Gonna be imminent Um it may take a while but it's building Up it's been building up for a long time A lot a lot of people are getting fed up Um and mad and angry and sick of the System and disgusted with a lot of Things Um with that said We don't we shouldn't want this to Happen we shouldn't look forward to it We shouldn't desire it to happen because It won't be pretty people But we need to be aware of what's going On around us we still need to prepare For it because if we don't and it

Happens we'll be Sol if we do and Nothing happens so what we enjoyed Ourselves we've got some good quality Training enjoyed ourselves and um Hopefully became more proficient at our Birthright which is the second And defensive tools That's very important we need to be we Need to return to the fact of every American a Rifleman We need to get training now we need to Get our gear squared away we need to Actually use our gear And be ready and willing and able To make A positive difference To bring morality back to our country To be their win and or if needed like I Said I hope not But I want to be on the right side of Things I want to be A power for good and for him I think our country needs people of that Mindset That are trained and are ready and Willing to make a stand when and or if Necessary Get your Fitness Better be working out If you think you're going to go into Some kind of tactical environment not Fit well you're not going to last long So get your Fitness down

Your physical fitness Your mental Fitness and your spiritual Fitness you get all three of those Squared away you'll be much more likely To survive the fight Anyway stay strong stay frosty keep your Heads in a swivel I love you guys have a Wonderful day and blessings to you and Yours

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