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Always come here for the latest news on all prepper related food shortage. Prepper news similar to other channels like Canadian prepper, alaska prepper, full spectrum survival, pinball preparedness, the economic ninja, and goshen prepping. As the europe drought, energy crisis europe, and financial crisis 2023 get worse we need to be prepping for 2023. Having a prepared homestead so you can be ready for the empty shelves 2023, inflation, recession, walmart food shortages, and aldi empty shelves 2023.

Hey everyone welcome back to the Poplar Report we're going to be going over Store shortages and I get to pop them up On the screen here with you so we're Going to be walking through uh some of The stores that I've been to just Recently we're going to give you some Updates on chick pricing for uh if You're going to do some backyard hens if You're sick of paying egg prices I want To show you kind of what that will look Like and we'll give you a couple Pointers along the way about that but Let's get to the store shelves and see What we're seeing out there Um so as you can see here uh we're Looking at um this is at Walmart the Salsa section the anything tomato wise Really we're just seeing issues with That everywhere and uh the salsa just is Not being restocked the spaghetti sauces All those things having issues out there With the milk we've been continuing to See milk issues here in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania this is Walmart and when You look at the the different milk Sections there you just lots of gaps There and um I'm sorry you can't see my Finger lots of gaps there holes here and There chocolate milk has been having Trouble staying in in stock there too Particularly anything that is like a Creamer based item so half and half Um and coffee creamers coffee creamers

Looked a little bit better today but the Half and half is just continuing to have Issues there and we don't really know What to do about it but um there there Was more rice on the Shelf here and uh Pinto beans rice the 20 Pounders were Back so that's good there's a couple There there's one extra another one back There tucked up underneath if you're Looking to stock up on on Rice they're Not as plentiful as they used to be but You can definitely do it and also notice The price there uh let's get that a Little closer here for you Um you can see down there it is ten Dollars and 97 cents uh that's uh more Than what we're used to seeing out there 10.97 uh back when I started it was like 8 90 something so Um it's it's up like two dollars since Uh since Um I began this channel really a year And a half ago and talking about getting Stocked up getting stocked up with uh That's when I really start paying Attention to the prices and everything Like that to kind of keep you guys in The loop of what's going on out there But um coffee I mean still we're getting Issues out there aren't we Look at that That coffee creamer right there just um Is is Not looking good

Um coffee creamer as well as uh the The generic coffee as well as Folgers When you look at Maxwell House Maxwell House seems to be staying pretty well Stocked out there uh comparatively but But Folgers having trouble any of the Generics just issues with that uh the Oatmeal looked pretty good but the Oatmeal bars have been having issues out There and they've been having issues for A while the snack bars the the breakfast Bars if you'll call them that they seem To continue to have issues so Not sure what to say about that other Than uh frozen vegetables continuing to Have issues with not having enough not Getting restock certain varieties are Just out here and there of course a lot Of those frozen vegetables Um come from California that's where a Lot of them come from because that's Where they have a processing facility And then they harvest them and then they Bring them in so it's not just that we Don't have any carrots anywhere it's Just that we don't have any carrots near The processing center uh in time for Them to be frozen to make these products There's your coffee creamer there Um and uh [Music] Yeah Powdered coffee creamer now that's a lot More shelf stable than the liquid stuff

And so people may be moving over there In order to uh to make sure they have Enough coffee creamer I I don't know What's up but weeks on weeks we've been Seeing issues with that coffee creamer There Um and then eggs eggs at Walmart were Fairly well stocked look at that I mean Plenty of eggs the price on those eggs Actually seems to be coming down just a Little bit uh 352 so Um it was over four bucks here at least In Pittsburgh area I know some places Out there like if you're in California You're still seeing things like you know Seven bucks uh a dozen that's just crazy But uh three 352 is lower than what I've Seen uh for a bit I've actually Purchased them a little higher than that In the last couple weeks I'm still good On eggs but um this video is brought to You by Genesis Gold group so if you're Interested in moving money out of a Retirement account from stocks into Silver gold Platinum I give Jonathan and His team a call uh they they'll love to Talk to you and answer any questions you Have about that Moving on Vegetable oils actually looked pretty Good That's uh That's not how it usually is vegetable Oils usually are looking a lot worse

Than that and uh Last couple weeks to have been at least Now when we get over to Aldi you'll see That that is the same so maybe they just Got restocked I don't know Um peanut butters Not the greatest not the greatest folks We are trying a new format here on the Screen so make sure you let me know if That's big enough for you or if you need It bigger Um and uh on previous videos we've been Having that full screen so you can see It uh all but um you know we're trying To move forward with the times aren't we Peanut butter there's still holes Everywhere and and that's what's really Frustrating about us like It's there so you can go buy it but at The same time you kind of like go Looking for a variety and suddenly it's Not there and you know there's other Varieties and there's other sizes but The one you want it isn't there Canned chicken there folks canned Chicken I don't know what to say to you uh You shortage deniers out there Canned chicken Canned chicken Um also notice uh up there the Vienna Sausages we'll get that in the next one Here the Vienna sausages just gone of Course that is part of the meat recall

So hopefully we'll be seeing those Restocked in in the next bit make sure You do check your pantry make sure you Don't have any of those Vienna sausages Or potted meats that uh That were part of that recall uh Keystone beef is back on the Shelf there And for some reason they let me buy some Off their website for was it like seven Bucks a can if you buy like two pack and Then I got so they're gonna be delivered Here in the next couple days I got some More uh Keystone beef Keystone beef is Great because it's beef and salt no Added water no added nothing it's uh It's fantastic that way but uh Um All the other things seem to be fairly Well stocked but um you know still not The way we're used to seeing Vienna Sausages of course corned beef hash is There uh even some of the canned hams But the canned hams are just expensive You're gonna get canned hams make sure You get them from Aldi but uh All right so that's where the boxes of Of mashed potatoes go right the the big Boxes not just the the packets but uh The big you know unflavored kind the Cheap cheap mashed potatoes the potato Flakes that's where that goes and that's Been just a gap for the last number of Weeks I don't know if they're just not Getting those potatoes to the processing

Facility Um we're seeing potatoes out on the Store shelves pretty much everywhere Like fresh potatoes but we're not seeing Them powdered form that's uh that's an Issue Uh all the egg Products that go into baking Goods They've just all increased in price Um the availability still seems to be Pretty good on that from what I'm seeing At least here and hearing from you guys Out there They're still having issues with the With the T and the Orange juice and the I think it's just Bottles they just don't have the bottles But I'm not sure why the water bottle in Companies are able to get a hold of Water bottles because the distilled Water and the spring water seem to be Fairly decent But uh they keep having issues right Here and for the last four or five weeks They've been having issues right there Uh this is the uh Chef Boyardee kind of SpaghettiOs section there Bump that up a little bit so you can see A little better So you can see back behind there there's There's gaps there behind a lot of That's fronted There's just not enough SpaghettiOs to Go around

I don't know what to tell you there's Pasta back on the Shelf though pastas Looked pretty good last week and this Week it's looking fairly good too looks Like I missed a restock so there should Be a restock shortly Um based on this picture but hopefully That's that's looking good uh we got We got the syrup here The maple syrup and the fake maple syrup Um I'm sorry when I took that picture it Looked looked better than than what I'm Seeing here I don't know That looks worse than what I remember Seeing at the store but It's weird how that the angle of the Camera changes a little bit and you see More especially when I'm taking a Picture from down low I see I see back Into the Shelf a little more and this Back in the Shelf looks a lot worse than What I I saw from the front so And we're moving forward Um more more vegetables in the Frozen Goods section that have just missing Products There's the rest of the mashed potatoes The packets of mashed potatoes Packets of mashed potatoes I mean no no generics And the ones that are there are You know a lot more expensive Buck 44 I Mean that used to be a buck I don't know what to tell you about that

More tomato canned tomato products I'm Sorry when I uploaded all these videos It just kind of scrambled them into a Big mix and so I try to get them kind of Back in order so they've kind of made More sense but uh There's another picture of the canned Chicken down below that's a little Closer up Vet uh margarine And butter seem to be fairly well Stocked today Um I I don't know I would I was expecting it to be lower But um sometimes it's uh I went I went There um uh about three o'clock in the Afternoon so it didn't seem too bad Bagels and frozen food section frozen Bread section just has been bad for a Lot a while frozen bread I don't know Why frozen bread Frozen potatoes look a Lot better there were some varieties out But other than that the rest of them Seem to be fairly well stocked uh they Seem to be almost fully stocked actually In a lot of the other varieties so I Don't know I was looking at the floor And uh you're like Steve look at the Shelves not the floor but I was just Noticing how much wider that aisle Looked and I think I noticed it before But just was noticing it again how they Just they just shortened that aisle and This is the main aisle going up of all

The food all the food aisles were just Shortened and just noticing that once Again okay over to Aldi their water Bottles were a little low and nothing to Panic about just yet but uh I just want To point that out they also seem to be Pretty low on cooking spring Their vegetable oils were low but the Cooking spray was especially low as you Can see here Very picked over and just a couple cases There Looks like they would run out by the end Of the day unless they restocked Afterwards but uh the mashed potatoes Look fairly good you have a lot less Options on the the instant mashed Potatoes flavored packets but uh but the Big boxes it seems like whatever we have A shortage of at one store at Walmart or Aldi the other store seems to have it or Not have it and just They seem to be moving in opposite Directions a lot of times it seems like Maybe when one store gets more expensive On something like everybody goes to the Other store and just buys that store out I don't know I don't know what's going On with that Meats look pretty good Again I mean so Walmart was devastated On the chicken aisle and the meat Section and then all these like oh yeah We're fully stocked Like okay

Um still having issues with spices and That's at Walmart as well here here at Aldi uh the spice section just not good Eggs 359 so uh That's um that's a little bit cheaper Than over Walmart Um and I went to Rural King as well I Had to go get me a boom stick you know Another boom stick uh so I I made some Checking around and they had a limit of 50 Birds per customer Um I mean it's a limit That's A very reasonable limit if you know what I'm saying but then they also had uh Chicks they actually had live chicks Back here didn't take a picture of it The chicks I know I should have gotten a Picture of the chicks for for cuteness Right but 249 for a chicks uh I'm Hearing a lot of folks saying that uh Prices for for laying hands is gonna be Up now this is straight run uh the price Used to be a buck 99 for straight run For for you uh uh city Folk out there Right like me uh straight run means it's It's uh roosters and and pullets uh in The mix there so they didn't separate They didn't do a gender sorting uh it's Sort of like uh like a California Bathroom in an elementary school All right uh that's kind of what I got For you here if you guys got reports Here that you want to send in use the

Word update in a comment down below uh Put a geographical location on it and uh We'll get that into updates let us know What's missing on your store shelves What you're seeing if any of these Things are things that you're seeing out There or if you're seeing prices on Chicks going up uh around where you are All right folks thanks so much for Watching Um there is another video right Right here and you can check it out I'll See you over there or I'll see you later Steve Poplar out

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