Communism is Socialism = Total Government


Both socialism and communism are essentially economic philosophies advocating public rather than private ownership, especially of the means of production, distribution and exchange of goods (i.e., making money) in a society. Both aim to fix the problems they see as created by a free-market capitalist system, including the exploitation of workers and a widening gulf between rich and poor.

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Leah and I are two humans who no longer support the inhuman, oligarchic empire model destroying our planet and our true nature as human beings. As activists we decided to do something about it, so we opted out of our former lives to begin anew. We are currently transforming pristine alpine wilderness into a self-sustaining homestead and organic farm in preparation for the upcoming collapse. We plan on developing and executing every single step of the process in open source format for the benefit of all humanity. With our backgrounds in academia and the sciences (climatology, geology, physics, biology, chemistry, and more) we hope to uncover the lies perpetrated by the mass media.


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17 thoughts on “Communism is Socialism = Total Government

    1. No.
      Anything other than American constitution IS slavery in a government sense. Nothing is perfect, not even Islam, pun intended, but American form of government is close to it and my personal preference.

  1. Virtually every country on earth is built on the idea that the state can destroy your life if they decide it is necessary. If you become a threat to their control, they will destroy you. Political labels mean nothing. They are part of the illusion, Behind the labels is a sophisticated form of organized crime. This organized crime is being built to a more scientifically advanced form..

  2. Diamond, it’s off topic but I just went through a storm with more lightning than I have ever seen. I counted 61 flashes in 60 seconds. It lasted for over 1 hour. It was incredible! It was in central south Dakota about 2 hours ago. It was like a poporatsi photo shoot. Why do you think there was so much lightning?

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