Concrete & Salad Shortages | Food Shortage & Empty Shelves Report

Boots on the ground reports from viewers on the food shortages and empty shelves at Walmart, Aldi, and grocery stores in their areas.

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Always come here for the latest news on all prepper related food shortage. Prepper news similar to other channels like Canadian prepper, alaska prepper, full spectrum survival, pinball preparedness, the economic ninja, and goshen prepping. As the europe drought, energy crisis europe, and financial crisis 2023 get worse we need to be prepping for 2023. Having a prepared homestead so you can be ready for the empty shelves 2023, inflation, recession, walmart food shortages, and aldi empty shelves 2023.

Hey everyone welcome back to the Poplar Report these are going to be reports Coming from you guys from around the World and we're going to be uh starting With the nursery fire in Kissimmee Florida Uh this was uh sent in by one of you Guys uh William and it is uh as they say These are hauntingly close images to What's happening in Ohio however this is A nursery Supply Company uh so a Warehouse caught fire and it at least Was reported at 2 A.M yesterday morning And this spread to about two acres of Planters Just the whole Horizon on fire Crazy pictures coming out of there of Course also lots of smoke lots of heavy Black smoke Potentially a lot of plastic on fire so Toxic stuff coming off there was a loud Bang also That could have been Some sort of Something Going Up in Flames but uh but you see uh pictures of The Flames going up stories tall All right um this is another uh tip off From you guys uh this is uh basically Kind of explaining some of what might be Going on with the um with the chicken Feed we may uh we may be it may just be This uh Roberta said this briefly put The corn which is being grown is Purposefully low protein because it is

Being used for ethanol production as Well not only that but the protein level Differs greatly from year to year due to Drought lack of fertilizer Um this is uh per the Ohio Agricultural department so Um and that's uh that's that's a good Point out there and perhaps they as I Said Tractor Supply can truthfully state That they did not change the recipe However If they change the corn or the corn Changed on them the protein change could Be significant which could be what the Chickens are lacking so if they used a A Supplier of corn that normally produces Uh protein counts of this just the fact That this happened a little after Harvest kind of actually makes that line Up a little bit because we had some bad Harvests and a lot of the corn in the United States with subpar and so a Different protein count in that might Mean that they didn't make a change on Their end but that the corns Supply Coming in had a different protein level That's an interesting Theory out there Whether that is nefarious like they knew What they were doing or whether that is Just something that they overlooked Possibly so if that may be something We're going to be looking at going Forward whether it might just be a Protein deficiency and you may need to

Just give a protein supplement it to Your chickens in order to get them Laying again but we're still awaiting Mike Adams and his report on the Chemical composition of the Tractor Supply chicken feed This is from WB says I worked for a Grocery store my boss showed me an email Detailing how Dole salad company were Victims of a Cyber attack anyone else Hear of this haven't been able to find Any news articles on it so I have not Been able to verify that myself but I'm Going to throw that out to you guys in Case any of you have any information on That or to at least just put it in the Back your mind that maybe something Might be going on with Dole salad and a Hack if you're seeing shortages of Dole Salad out there I definitely was seeing A whole bunch of different salads not on The shelves like the pre-packaged stuff Um this is jerfs says in an in another Front in New England in the U.S Commercial construction work still seems To be booming work booked out two years Uh in advance still But we're seeing a problem in anything Concrete related people not bidding the Work So they're putting out jobs but no one's Bidding on it minimal amount of Manufacturers and suppliers a lot of Plants that were making block and stuff

Are now closed So we got uh we've been we've been kind Of covering the concrete shortage which Is due to this cement shortage which is Due to some of these uh plants being Closed down and there's just not nothing United States in order to supply the Need and there's issues going on in Other countries as well with regard to That as well turkey exports a lot of Cement to the United States and they Have not been exporting as much D D's s says Northern Illinois Aldi was completely out of tomato paste And frozen broccoli Chicken was sparse Walmart's canned Fruit section is now one-fourth the size With holes in all varieties Freedom sassy says limit on pasta at Meyer Ground beef is 4.99 sale is regular 6.99 And sugar 25 pound bag went up over two Dollars at Walmart Bread is ridiculous at 378 to 489 a loaf Making my own uh making my own and Refusing to pay the price That's wise anything you can make at Home remember that's tax-free income a Penny saved is not a penny earned Because uh depending on your tax rate it Is more than a penny earned Freedom uh we already read that one Ronnie in Tuscaloosa Alabama says went To pain management doctor today I've

Went to for many years now and was told I should only take half doses if at all Possible as their other patients are Having problems getting refills or not Getting refills at all I've been Disabled with a back injury for 15 years Now I still work but if no meds I will Be unable to do much of anything Hats off to you for working through the Pain and you know just trying to get out There and be productive and you know be A contributor and that's uh but without The medication it's understandable That's Hard stuff Anonymous says I work at a feed store in North Georgia we recently just got Massively inundated with dog food cat Food dry or canned it is uh is still Incredibly light and no one knows why Uh small packs pouches seem to be okay Fancy Feast Purina One Etc goat Pig and horse feed seems to be Tapering off chicken feed is about the Only consistent thing Yeah well is it consistent what's inside There we don't know Uh Rose C Aldi in north Texas lots of veggies and At good prices they finally have organic Romaine lettuce Eggs down from 4.99 down to 449 they'll Probably still continue to drop all Items in was purchasing uh where

Available on it uh In abundance we need to get our ones and Inns uh in order folks uh it's it's Confusing me I'm trying I'm trying I Shopped at 10 A.M and the shelves were Fully stocked So um Mary says uh Arizona authorities issued A shelter in place order after tanker Spills nitric acid on freeway you've Probably seen pictures of that or video Of that the nitric acid was just you Could see the the orange reddish cloud And extremely hazardous for anyone Breathing it in it can kill you even Getting on your skin can uh can cause Burns Trisha in Omaha I ordered six of those Two pack Keystone beef a week ago I Received nine instead of 12. the last Three have no delivery date Yeah I got my Replacements and I I got Two packs I returned three two packs and I got three cans as Replacements which They seem to have some issue in their System where they they don't see the two Packs as two a two pack they can Sometimes just give you the one So that you're not the first person for That happened to it happened to me too Uh in a limited extent so Friends if you're if you're ordering the Keystone two packs out there get ready To fight uh Walmart if they uh what you

Can do there is you can refund you can Return the whole order uh if you need to Do that you can just return the whole Order and get all your cash back Because yeah them shorting you is I'm Not sure how you do it have these on That and keep the three cans and try to Get the other three cans Um Linda says I had to go to Walmart for Something quick I noticed there was Absolutely no vacuum packed coffee Bricks of any brand the canisters were Very low with very few choices mostly Regular coffee and Folgers and Maxwell House not many Brands and varieties they Did have plenty of Starbucks and it took Up most of the space this is in Northeast Georgia yeah that's why I've Been keeping my eye right on that coffee Section because we are having issues With that the Brazilian Harvest last Year was bad and so we're still seeing If that's going to trickle down to our Stores Loser on cruise control says uh got a Letter from the VA there is a national Shortage of fish oil and the VA will no Longer fill my prescription So Um I'm not sure if it's a Fish oil is not usually prescribed so I'm assuming that that's two separate Things that they're they're not filling

A prescription and fish oil or possibly That is the same thing and one last Thing here in southeast Virginia due to Adverse harvesting conditions in key Growing areas product availability for Carrots is limited at this time we Apologize for the inconvenience this is At Food Lion in southeast Virginia if You have reports that you want to send In of things that you're seeing empty Shelves or things that you're seeing at Your workplace you'd like to share you Can either email them directly to me at Poplarprepairness or you can Pop them in the comments down below make Sure you use the word update somewhere In there and give some some sort of Geographical location thanks so much for Watching here's another video right here You might want to check out I'll see you Over there or I'll see you guys later Steve Poplar out

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