Containment Dam FAILS | More Chemicals Released In East Palestine Ohio

Another train in Ohio derailed near Springfield Ohio and a containment dam breaks meant to hold back leaked derailment chemicals.

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Hey everyone welcome back to the Poplar Report heavy rains over this weekend Have breached a containment Dam uh meant To control some of the spread of Chemicals in East Palestine uh train Wreck area this has got a lot of local Folks really concerned about this now We're being told that the Overflow from That uh that dam is being contained at a In a pond below that they have not been Able to track any chemicals being Released into nearby streams with heavy Rains they are trying to figure out What's going on with that and trying to Get things sorted out it is more bad News out there folks I do want to reach Out and just kind of say thank you to All of you who have contributed towards Uh sending supplies to folks in East Palestine a number of you did step up About re helping relocate uh we had one Gentleman that was trying Young man Who's trying to get out of the area Because his breathing is having trouble With with the chemicals in his home that You know not able to getting help we had Several people step up and uh offer to Discuss uh possible arrangements and so Those look like they're proceeding or They have already proceeded so that is Good news out there you guys are awesome And just an amazing audience that is Focused on that now we are going to be Getting into this this new train wreck

That just happened outside Springfield Ohio again Norfolk Southern Same rail organization they had 20 cars Come off you may have seen the videos Already out there of people at the Railroad crossing actually seeing the Cars coming off the rails as as they Were four tankers four chemical tankers Came off the rails at that point No reported leaks they weren't able to Detect any leaks They did get into what chemicals were on Those uh those tankers Two empty def of course that is uh what Goes into the diesel engines right in Order to mitigate uh some of the the Um off gassing and stuff like that so Every uh diesel engine needs to have def In there if you're overseas it's adblue Essentially uh it is not a real toxic Substance because it's basically getting Emitted into the air with uh to mitigate The the exhaust but there was two uh Poly acrylic acrylamide water solution Uh tanks now this stuff is used pretty Widely in paper manufacturer uh also With regard to Um some some things with uh with oil and Gas industry they use it basically it's Like a really really efficient sponge Basically this the powdered chemical Just absorbs water like nobody's Business and so that's why it's kind of Used in different things but it's not

Particularly toxic or anything like that So it is an industrial chemical but it's Not really toxic it's it's pretty in our Just absorbs water and that's mostly What it does out there but you know we Got some questions here uh I have Questions for sure and I know a lot of You have questions as well you know why Do we keep having all these derailments Why does it keep seeming to happen right Next to water bodies this one in Springfield Ohio right next to a lake And you know is it just that there's Always water there I don't know now this Kind of hits home for me because I went To school at Cedarville University which Is about 15 miles away from there and I Went to church when I was there at School for two years I I went to this Church that was in Springfield Ohio now It's on the other side of Springfield But you know I heard Springfield Ohio And I'm like I know where that is wait There's a train derailment there a total Of 16 other box cars and such that came Off the rails there and if you've been Following the news we've been having a Rail car after rail car after rail car Train after train after train all over The United States it's I I can't even Keep track of I'm over here in Kenya Trying to uh you know keep a little bit Of a grasp on what's going on with the News all I know is just the train wrecks

Are happening with Hazmat materials Faster than I can even report them so I'm trying to keep up with them and I Know you you might be as well What is what is all this happening why Is this happening is this just Maintenance issues is this something More nefarious at heart I know a lot of You are seeing more going on here now we Are having tensions uh with Russia and China off the Wazoo and you know I I Can't I know everyone keeps thinking Well it's our government it's the Weifers it's the uh you know it's the One world government or necessarily but Uh and it could be Um I I naturally would go to you know Foreign State actors who are sabotaging Us because we're sabotaging them that Would make sense to me but honestly It's hard to say which direction this Has absolutely come from I know a bunch Of you're going to get in the comments And you you know for sure who exactly is Doing this Um and uh let's be honest we all have Suspicions but we don't Know 100 for sure for sure if you do Just tell us all in the comments how you Know for sure Um we're all trying to put bits and Pieces together so sharing information Is useful and helpful Um let's keep an eye on what's going on

There and folks you know I haven't been The most adamant supporter of the idea That people need gas masks I've always Thought they were just over the top but Nowadays it's kind of like you might I If you're going to go down that route at All I believe you should just get the 3M Half face mask with the uh with the Filters that are made for uh for sanding And for you know painting and all that Kind of stuff I got that that you use Out in the shop or something like that Instead of the full you know like you Know alien gas masks uh that they have Out there it's way cheaper to get the Commercial uh grade ones plus you can Use them for sanding you can use them For all that kind of stuff it's not Crazy to have those uh because you know Hey if you go out to a protest or Something like that where they have tear Gas you might want to have one of those If you know what I mean Um if you're going to sand you might Want to have one of those and if someone Derails a whole bunch of chemicals in Your backyard and you need to wear Something while you're getting out of Town You might want to have one of those and They're not that expensive so folks you Might want to think about that Um All we can do is just be as prepared as

We can for reasonable things that could Happen or things that could have a Traumatic very big uh impact on our Lives and I would also throw out there To Seriously consider that if there's a Disaster in your area Don't wait too long to consider the Option of leaving the area if it's Something like chemical spill or Something like that that's going to be Relatively mitigated over a relatively Short period of time leaving town for The weekend leaving town for a week Might make a whole heck of a lot of Sense if you can work from a hotel room Motel room a friend's house or something Like that that's maybe twice the Distance away from the disaster site Why not at least consider that crashing At somebody's house on their floor with Your inflatable mattress do you have an Inflatable mattress that you can go Travel a little bit That might be a really smart investment To have just a kind of a go pack that You can go crash at somebody's house Still in the same area so you can go to The go to your workplace still do things Normally but you can be further away From a chemical spill or something else Along those lines or if your house burns Down you know or there's so many things Wear a go bag some sort of Kit to kind

Of get out of town a little bit even if It is just getting to a different part Of your town might be a real good option There's a lot of folks right now in East Palestine who Maybe maybe they should have left Earlier maybe they they should leave now But It's very difficult to leave the area You're in it's very easy to accept the Situation you're in and not just Um look at Alternatives that may be a Little more difficult all right folks if You found this video to be useful Helpful you might want to check out this Other video right here on the screen I'll see you over there or I'll see you Later Steve Poplar out

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