Crops & Power Output Threatened Across The Continent

The drought in Europe stretches from Ireland to Turkey and is having severe impacts on food shortages, food rationing, transportation, and power generation.

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Always come here for the latest news on all prepper related food shortage. Prepper news similar to other channels like Canadian prepper, alaska prepper, full spectrum survival, pinball preparedness, the economic ninja, and goshen prepping. As the europe drought, energy crisis europe, and financial crisis 2023 get worse we need to be prepping for 2023. Having a prepared homestead so you can be ready for the empty shelves 2023, inflation, recession, walmart food shortages, and aldi empty shelves 2023.

Hey everyone welcome back to the Poplar Report so good to see you I am still in Kenya but we're going to be talking About the European drought this drought Is a slow-moving freight train that is Just clobbering the economies and the Food Systems in Europe now when I say Drought I'm talking about the drought That started in 2018. it is getting more and more severe Today but this is not something new this Has been coming for a long time and it Has been getting worse and worse and Worse and as the grind is happening this Is why we're seeing fruit shortages Vegetable shortages in the UK as well as Around Europe because Spanish Fruit Production Spanish vegetable production Is down significantly we're also seeing Issues in North Africa a little bit Where some of this fruit and vegetables Come from as well but we're going to be Talking about the drought that's Happening from Ireland all the way over To Turkey That's right Ireland all the way over to Turkey that's the entire continent Basically particularly along the Southern band of the continent but also It is particularly hitting Western Europe France the UK to a lesser extent And Ireland to a lesser extent Spain Really bad also uh the Swiss Alps Germany these areas are being hit hard

The snowpack and the Alps is half the Historical average Half as much water up in snow waiting in The Alps to melt this summer to come Down and water everything the Rhine Which is Europe's most important Waterway for transportation is at record Low levels we're seeing big issues out There with barge traffic Catalonia in Can I say it's in Spain I'll probably Get stuff thrown at me Catalonia which Is in the region of where Spain is is Already enacting some serious water Rules six million people have been put On water restrictions uh 27 of the the Water that they usually have In the rivers and in the lakes and Everything like that 27 of what it Usually is one-fourth of where it is They have banned use of water for public Parks and they are putting restrictions On Um people's water usage across the board Uh this is going to impact agriculture As well of course uh this this drought Began in 2018 like I said which means That the water table in a lot of these Areas is already depleted significantly Farmers are drilling deeper and deeper In order to find water and they are Depleting those water tables uh in Completely in some areas and this is Going to get a lot worse France just uh

Came through February and they had the Longest stretch of rainless days 32 days With no rain in France Okay 32 days with no rain in France That's the the longest that's the Longest it's been since 1959. Just to give you an impression on how Big of a drought this is this is not Some concoction this is not some hypey News story out there they're they're Kind of not really reporting a lot of it But they're starting to report it as They're putting these water restrictions In place As they're starting to be like hey we Can't get barges up the Rhine we were Talking about this this fall they Couldn't get the barges up the Rhine Which they normally could which means uh That's causing some serious logistical Issues in uh Germany uh as well as uh The Belgium area and all that kind of Stuff so they're having issues with Barge traffic Ireland is not getting grasped like they Need to in order to do the beef and the Sheep and all the all the animals grass Is their most important Agricultural Product for the animals and it's not Coming up like it needs to because There's just not enough water the UK Britain is also short on water it's Impacting their vegetation Particularly farmers and everything like

That are being forced to irrigate where They don't they're not used to Irrigating a lot of these places and so Some of the farmers are not equipped for This we're seeing this is impacting Significantly the the the food Production across Western Europe but Then also think about this with less Water means a lot less hydroelectric Electricity If there's a lot less hydroelectric Electricity they're going to have to Burn more coal they're gonna have to Burn more oil more natural gas friends Aren't they having an energy shortage in Europe as it is and then this Hydroelectric issue is going to be Because hydroelectric is the cheapest Form of electricity out there and They're not going to be having that this Year they they really had a lot less Last year than what they were used to And it looks like that's going to keep Dropping friends there's a lot going on In Europe I just did a video talking About the protest in France there's a Lot going on there politically uh Everything everyone's on edge and I'm Sure the weather is not helping The food production around the world is Dropping off and we're seeing that Particularly in the Europe area We're having some issues with fertilizer So if you can't get water you can't get

Fertilizer you can't get Parts and Equipment you're having trouble getting Energy like Oil natural gas for your for your Farms It's just everything is setting up for Farmers not to be able to produce the Food that they need to produce and that Is going to impact all of us the prices On fruits and vegetables the ration That's already started in Europe in Numerous places particularly the UK Where we're seeing it most uh in your Face These things are going to accelerate as They get forward are you getting more Prepared that's the question are you Getting more prepared for these things Uh here in Kenya it has been extremely Dry in Northern Kenya and off to the uh The Horn of Africa Ethiopia and Somalia We have millions of people refugees Within the countries so they're Technically internally displaced people Until they cross the border but we have Millions of people on the Move in Somalia and Ethiopia because they cannot Grow food they can't they don't have Water in their Villages they are going To seeking water seeking food elsewhere And they're going into camps because They can't have those things at home Conflicts are getting stirred up again As all these people are moving around The situation around the world is

Getting uh scary then you have like Places like California where it's just Getting just dumped on water is just Dumping from the sky on California and They're just getting pounded by it other Places in the world we're seeing massive Droughts the Midwest of the United States is is in drought mode they There's not enough rain in the middle of The United States there's tons of it out West now but uh that's kind of what We're seeing out there folks so keep Your keep your eyes out there to look For what's going on and make sure you're Preparing for it if you like this video You might want to check out this other Video right here I'll see you over there Or I'll see you later Steve Poplar out

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