Defense Researchers Say DANGEROUSLY Low On Precision Guided Munitions (US Army & US Airforce)

With the prospect of a large scale war with Russia or China in the near future we are rapidly depleting our weapons stockpiles that are there for such a large scale conflict.

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The U.S military is running low on Certain weapon systems and Munitions Because we're sending so much over to Eastern Europe we're going to kind of Walk through some of these weapon Systems and some of these uh missile Systems that we are running low on so You can kind of see that for yourselves In the video a little bit more of a deep Dive but we'll move to it relatively Quickly and walk you through kind of What we're missing and what we're going To be really short on if we get into a Major power struggle with someone like China less than a week's worth of Precision guided missiles is the top Line item that is really really scary Let's jump into it now this video is Sponsored by Genesis gold and in these Times of uncertainty if you want to move Your money out of stocks and bonds which Is probably a good idea over into Something more physical like physical Gold physical silver or physical Platinum you can talk Jonathan and his Team over at Genesis gold Their information is down in the Description down below give them a free Call and right now if you uh get on Board in January you actually get some Free silver along with a eligible Transfer So In a study that was just produced this

Week by the center for strategic and International Studies uh csis They determined that the United States Is not adequately prepared for a Protracted a conventional war with a Major power like China Basically what they did was they did Some War gaming but then they also Um were taking statistics directly from The ground in Eastern Europe seeing like What kind of Munitions are being used How much they're being used how many uh They're going through per hour per day You know they have so many launchers and So many artillery systems and how much Ammo they use to to destroy how many Tanks and how many infantry and all that Kind of stuff like that and then just Kind of crunching those numbers and like If we got to a major power struggle with China what would that look like Ammunition Wise logistically Wise and They are determining that we are Significantly under prepared for this Particularly as I mentioned before Precision guided long-range missiles So these would be the missiles that we Would be using to attack Landing ships uh in the Taiwanese Strait If they were to attack Taiwan we would Be using long-range missiles and so We've seen Russia basically just running Out of long-range missiles and uh They've been buying Iranian drones and

That kind of stuff but if the United States doesn't have the ability to Rapidly produce these things which it Doesn't we have an industrial base That's that's designed to support like a Low intensity conflict like Afghanistan Or Iraq where we use some weapons but We're not using like constant and tons Of weapons as much as we can get our Hands on uh we don't have in a Manufacturing system designed for that Whereas we're seeing China is developing That exact type of manufacturing system They have thousands of ballistic Missiles positioned directly across the Uh the Taiwanese Strait that thousands And I I think we're a little short of Saying tens of thousands at this point But it's uh last I checked it was Something like eight or nine thousand Missile uh missiles pointed at Taiwan Directly across the street and of course They have their uh Anti-ship missiles uh ballistic missiles That they have positioned all over the Country that can launch up in the air And then come down on an aircraft Carrier or other large ships that are Semi-guided to bring them in to take out Uh ships so they're they've been Building up their missile systems Whereas the United States does not have Nearly as many uh ballistic missiles Does not have that capability

Um we have of course nuclear weapons but You know whether we use those in a Conventional War at the outset Um is is really the question so uh using These war games using these Logistics And saying well how many launchers and How many how much ammunition are they Going through in in a day They determined that we have less than a Week worth of long-range Precision Guided missiles to attack Targets in the Taiwanese Strait or in the uh in that Theater basically so that's our biggest Weak point where we're giving too much To Eastern Europe right now of those Those type of weapons including the high Mars system We're also having a shortage of 155 Millimeter artillery shells so they're Already starting to ramp up production Uh they're going to 5x the production of 155 millimeter artillery shells in the Next coming years but will that be too Soon or too late that's a whole question But we're sending a whole lot of those 155 millimeter shells over to Eastern Europe basically what's happening is the United States is providing the weapon Systems and from the weapons stockpiles That we have because Europe They've been so under uh budget On beefing up their their weapon systems And their stockpiles that they don't Have any excess weapon systems to give

To Eastern Europe really Um they're they're giving some high Profile weapon systems but when it comes To ammunition and when it comes to Missile stockpiles and stuff like that The European countries have been cutting Their defense budgets so so severely and Just basically waiting for the United States to protect them that that they Just don't have any to give and so the United States has basically been giving For the United States as well as the Rest of Europe the rest of Europe's like Uh yeah we'll give some money So we'll buy the weapon systems off of The United States and then give them to Eastern Europe and so that's kind of What's been going on and so the U.S Stockpiles of Munitions has been Dropping rapidly Stinger anti-aircraft missiles so these Are the hand mounted uh shoulder mounted Uh personal Anti-missile systems that were used so Effectively of course in Afghanistan Against Russian helicopters they were Designed kind of for that and they were Used effectively there of course they've Been upgraded upgraded upgraded upgraded Into where we are right now but those Missiles shoulder mounted missiles we're Running low on those anti-radiation Missiles now I know that sounds like It's used to take out a nuclear power

Plant but radiation of course is any Kind of emitted radiation light is Radiation and particularly radar is Radiation so basically these missiles Are actually designed to hone in on Radar signatures so when they have radar Installations and stuff like that you Fire these missiles they go in and they Seek out Uh any kind of radar installations uh Whether they be usually they're ground Mounted ones so they're attacking ground Mounted uh so when you're taking out air Defense systems you really need these to Kind of hone in on those uh radar Signatures or once they get a radar Signature it locks in on that location So even if they turn off the radar the Missile still knows where that was and Goes in and destroys it so those are Extremely important when dealing with a Near Pier like China where they're going To have all these air defense systems in The zone that we're trying to attack we Need to take out those radar systems in Order to attack those uh grounds grounds Installations and such also we're Running out of surface to surface Missiles now these are like the high Mars systems where we're just providing A lot of these Munitions to Eastern Europe and we just aren't manufacturing Them quickly enough These are usually GPS guided so targeted

And then They're not just dumb 155 millimeter Artillery shells they are guided Munitions Javelin anti-tank missiles we've been Talking a lot about those over in Eastern Europe using these to take out Tanks and everything they're the Shoulder mounted anti-tank missiles well We're running low on the javelin Anti-tank missiles which our soldiers Would absolutely need a whole bunch of Those in order to get into especially When you talk about someone like China Where they have all these cheap tanks They have lots and lots of cheap tanks You would need lots and lots of Anti-tank missiles to take out those Lots and lots of tanks and so we're Seeing across the board that this is Um We're depleting our stockpiles now Defense department folks are like oh There's no problem you know we're not Actually giving more than what we need To but of course these are the same People that kind of make all sorts of uh Judgment calls you know these are the People that that when we get into a Major conflict with someone else they Would go oh who could know who could Have known Well we have the experts who actually Did the studies and they're saying we're

Super low we're super low on a lot of Things particularly guided Munitions we Don't have enough in the defense Department of course they're just being Pressured from above politically we need More weapons to give to Eastern Europe We need more weapons uh well we could Give those weapons over there and other People like we shouldn't give that Because that's our strategic stockpile Who's going to get promoted and who's Going to get fired The person who says Let's just give all Those weapons and oh yeah yeah we have Plenty we have plenty we have enough That's fine Um versus the people who are you know Actually trying to protect American Interests because how does that go on The southern border people trying to Protect the U.S interests tend to get Fired demoted whereas the people are Like oh there's no problem at the border No problem whatsoever we're fine those Are the people that get promoted because They're politically saying what the Politicians above them want them to say And so it's super scary that that the Defense Department's getting so Politicized and they're basically Emptying the vaults of of weapon systems And you can't help but see Russia Smiling from ear to ear and China doing The same thing watching the United

States bleed itself dry of Munitions Before a major campaign like in uh Around the Taiwan area this this just Puts us in a really bad place Friends uh Um I I don't I don't really believe in US meddling everywhere in the world I I Believe that you know Taiwan should be Required to stand on its own Um I think that you know Taiwan has has Not spent nearly enough money on defense They've been relying on the United States up until recently just recently They've started to take a threat more Seriously and they've started to invest In defense Um and uh up till now it's just been one Big pork barrel project there they've Been basically buying whatever excess Stuff the United States doesn't want and Buying that stuff to use and just to Make the United States happy so that the United States will come defend them and Europe's been doing the same thing They've just been like not spending Money on defense because they're like Yeah the United States will protect us Everyone in the world just seems to Think that the United States is going to Protect them and what they don't realize Is that at the end of the day our Adversaries realize that much the world Is dependent upon the United States to Protect them and while the United States

Is super powerful and has a lot of Military do we have enough military to Protect the entire world And shield the entire world from all Threats out there and the answer is no No I mean policing works as long as the Population is like generally on board With the policing but once the world Starts turning once a neighborhood Starts turning where they're against the Police there's just not enough police Once you start doing the numbers on how Many police officers there are versus How many citizens there are You realize real fast that there are not Enough police to govern an ungovernable People and the same thing in the world As we're seeing more and more countries These brics countries are saying the United States we're kind of done with This whole thing and we are going to go Our own way and you're not going to be Able to stop us and if we want to take Over that country next to us we're just Going to take over them and you can't do Anything to stop us and uh The world just kind of needs to figure That out for themselves that they need To protect themselves that the United States may be able to help but the United States is not going to come and Protect everybody Um I've always just kind of said we Should just give Taiwan nuclear weapons

That would kind of solve that I think I Don't think That Taiwan would ever use those Offensively but the fact is that if they Had some nuclear weapons to hide under And to use as a last resort I think of that China would have a very long serious Consideration before attacking Taiwan But uh United States really should be Protecting the United States just like Other countries should be protecting Themselves and uh you know that's that's Kind of my opinion and Anti-interventionalist I believe that You know we should be sending Humanitarian relief we should be sending Missionaries and and Aid workers to most Places and uh if they want to engage in Warfare with other countries or if they Need to they should be buying their own Weapon systems they should be protecting Themselves and they should be forming Alliances with nearby countries but why The United States has a has a vested Interest in Eastern Europe is kind of Beyond me because We're all the way on the other side of The world and uh you know we can't Protect our Southern border why in the World are we protecting other countries Borders that's my thoughts on the thing You can let me know what you think I

Know everyone has different opinions on Everything but it's scary to see that The United States is is Not going to have enough weapons and Munitions to protect ourselves from a Major war that we seem to be so dead set On dragging ourselves into All right folks if you found this video Useful helpful Um informative maybe not encouraging you Might want to check out another video From me right over here I'll see you Over there or I'll see you later Steve Poppler out

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