“Disaster of The Century” | What Can We Learn From This Tragedy | Turkey Earthquake

A 7.8 scale earthquake struck South Eastern Turkey Monday and has so far claimed 23,000 lives and that number is expected to climb even further. What lessons on disaster preparedness and SHTF planning can we take away from this situation to better help us to survive a disaster where we live.

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Hey everyone welcome back to the Poplar Report it has been almost a week not Quite a week five days since the massive Uh disaster in southeast Turkey Um this has happened up against the Syrian Border in the gaziantep areas the Epicenter of this earthquake we're going To be talking about kind of some of the Updates of what's going on in that area I haven't dealt with it at depth but We're also going to be talking about Some of the response that we've seen and How people are handling it and some of The biggest Issues that they're seeing on the ground Some lessons that we can learn from a Disaster this is winter time over there And that is proving to be a real big Issue a lot of people's homes have been Destroyed people who were able to escape From their Apartments there was an Aftershock that took down a lot of Buildings but by that time a lot of People had gotten out of their homes and Were afraid to go back in because there Were some structural damage and stuff Like that and some of those houses came Down after that or The homes that they've uh that they were Living in they are structurally damaged Even though they may not be toppled so They're not able to go back in so There's a lot of people living on the Streets right now a lot of people in the

Dead of winter outside uh trying to Survive and so this is just going to Bring up a lot of things uh that you Need to be thinking about it may not be An earthquake in your area but thinking Through disasters and what can happen And what has happened to other people is A way for you to to be more prepared Mentally but then also to start testing Your preps in your mind say if a Situation is similar to that happen how Would you fare how would you fear if it Was a house fire at your house or Flooding at your house do you have all Of your preparations do you have all of Your necessities and things stocked up At your home do you have other friends And family members that you could go to To get assistance let's start walking Through What's Happening Here 7.8 eight Richter Scale earthquake that hit and Then I believe it was a seven low sevens That was the Aftershock that really just Did a lot of damage there too Where the numbers are continuing to Climb every hour every day we're getting A higher number but the highest number I've seen so far has been 23 000 Confirmed dead and that does take into Account about three thousand in Syria That have perished as well as about Twenty thousand that have perished north Of the Border in the turkey areas this Is from gazian tep if you want to get

Your map out I'm all the way over to DIA Backer this whole area has been affected All along the Syrian border The response in Syria has been very Underwhelming because of the Civil War That's been going on there they don't Have nearly the amount of resources that Turkey is mobilizing for this turkey is Also a NATO member so they are calling On a lot of assistance from foreign Countries there are search and rescue Teams that have been on site for days And days from all sorts of countries That have come in with dogs and uh and Yet we see that this is such a massive Area 1.3 uh sorry 13.5 million people in Turkey in this area and an unknown Number of people that have been in the Affected areas uh in Syria 13.5 million People that's that's a comparable size Uh population to New York City so that But then you spread it out over a very Large area a distance between Philadelphia and Boston if you want to Put it in the United States terms a Distance between Philadelphia and Boston That's how far we're spread out and when We start talking about trying to do Rescues in all these cities the Government response is just they cannot Possibly deploy enough resources for This they deployed over 50 000 Vehicles They've deployed lots of heavy equipment But it's still just a drop in the bucket

Much of the search and rescue that's Been happening much of the uh the Assistance that has been coming have Been local people in that City that are Going out and and Doing their best to move as much Rubble As possible trying to hear voices from Underneath the rubble There are a lot of people that have Survived within these buildings when They collapsed there was little pockets Air pockets that people some people Survived in some people having to be Having to have amputations in order to Get them out of the rubble the experts Are saying that approximately seven days Is kind of what someone could be Surviving underneath the rubble in of Course it depends on how much air you Have how much water and then that's Going to be really the limiting factor Is if they don't have access to water You just can't survive past seven days So that's the real thing that they're Seeing here but it's even worse than That because like I said it's winter Time there and the cold is just really Really awful Um for people who have been injured and Are buried This is a an awful situation and you can Also put yourself into the minds of the People who who have loved ones that were Living in this building and they they're

Trying to get assistance to to help them Sort through the rubble and the Government is prioritizing different Projects where they think that they'll Be able to find the most uh most Survivors and so they take a look at a Building and they may have just made a Snap judgment we've seen reports like This where a government surveyor came Out and and declared the building to be A loss that there just probably isn't Anyone alive in there and so the locals Are then being forced to to I mean what Would you do if your loved one was in This building and uh and you're being Told that there's no government Resources to help you to get through the Rubble they're having to go in and They're they're moving as much as they Can in the hopes of being able to save Someone and there's a lot of that going On out there there's limited government Resources limited search and rescue Teams they can only focus on so many Areas when you have a natural disaster Like this you realize how small Government resources really are and how It really needs to be a community effort This is what I say time and time again That that you being tied into a local Community of people that that have your Back is just so so critical because These are the people that you'll be able To call up on the phone or get in

Contact with and say I need you here There's someone uh one of my family Members is in this building and I need To get them out we're not getting any Help from anywhere else I really need Your help and them making sure they can Prioritize any kind of resources that You can have to help with that now once Again we're trying to back out a little Bit from seeing the particulars of What's happening in This Disaster and Then trying to see how that applies to Disasters or an shtf situation in your Area whether it's forest fires coming Through a massive hurricane or whatever People who have hurricane experienced Know just how limited government Resources are when it comes down to it Everyone expects FEMA their first rodeo With a hurricane everyone expects FEMA To come in and do everything and they Realize FEMA does practically nothing if they Come in and they they write checks I've Done uh At least half a dozen deployments for Disaster relief for hurricanes and Storms and such like that I don't know if it's a dozen yet Somewhere around there I've deployed for Numerous storms the flooding in Eastern Kentucky just recently last summer and Then down to Florida for this past Hurricane and you know it's volunteers

It's volunteers that really turn out the Numbers that really actually do the the Boots on the ground type work that that Is needed to be done so you organizing And being in a community of people Around you that cares about you and you Care about them will allow you to Accomplish a whole lot more than waiting For the government to show up to help You uh one of the other things that We're seeing there is that there are so Many people who have perished that uh That they're not able to process the Debt Um that's that's something that's really Catastrophic in the area and the they Have makeshift morgues all over the Place but even with the cold they are Saying that the stench of death in the Around the buildings and everything like That is is getting to be pretty severe And we're they're not able to bury the Bodies as fast as as they need to in Order to prevent the spread of diseases And such so they are starting to get Rather concerned about that and this is The type situation where at some point The government needs to step in and Start doing Mass Graves and that is a Traumatic thing for uh for people but When when they start needing to do that It's like they just need to get the Bodies in the ground because they cannot Leave them out and unless they have

Enough Refrigeration enough freezing They can't do that and so this is a Situation that it comes up again and Again in mass casualty events where you See really big casualty counts what do You do with all the dead bodies and That's something that a lot of people You know they talk about like you know 90 of people will perish from an EMP Attack and it's like well what's going To happen to all the bodies because That's going to be really really bad in Turkey particularly because it is winter Time and a lot of people have suddenly Been forced outside you're seeing lots Of pictures of people outside on Cardboard with blankets or or on Blankets with blankets or with little With little tents all this kind of stuff Like that it really gets to the fact That they're not prepared with uh they Need clothing Coats and such like that temporary Housing there's a lot of people out There that are living on the streets Right now and a lot of them Don't even have tents So thinking through that Are all of your Um do you do you have clothes somewhere Else or do you have do you have clothes At your your house that could be used For other people if they're if their Homes are affected or anything like that

Are there more clothes because winter Clothes are not just oh it'd be nice to Have clothes it's winter clothes are Between the life and death kind of thing Especially if you don't have nearly as Much shelter and that that's follows up Right in the next one is what about Temporary shelters Um Southern pepper one has done a lot of Experimenting on his grounds with with Using cattle panels with tarps stretched Over the cattle panels he's done stuff With uh I believe galvanized a pipe Tubing and stuff like that he's done a Lot of thought thinking through process On his uh on his property about how he's Going to House people who have been you Know having to flee who have lost their Homes that type of thing and so he's got Some good stuff on his channel there About that but just thinking through are There materials supplies that you could Maybe have in an out building that you Could use very quickly if you needed to To construct uh housing if your house is Destroyed or if people have to flee to Your home and you need to house them and You need to get them out of the cold Uh how how has that worked right Um blankets and sleeping bags needing More blankets and sleeping bags over in Turkey right now they're There there are You know this is one of those things

Where a lot of people will start Thinking like well we need to send them Blankets and and sleeping bags let's all Have a collection of them and really uh What needs to happen is money needs to Go over there so they can buy blankets There's plenty of blankets in turkey and In that region they just need to buy Them all up there and move them very Quickly to the area it's really a money Issue it's really a logistics issue it's Not really a there's no blankets over There kind of thing there's no blankets Where they need to be but they need to Buy them up and move them into that area And so um with as with a lot of these Things Their needs are now not you know a month Or two months from now which is what it Would take to to package up stuff from The United States and ship it all the Way over there and not to mention their Port is on fire so uh getting it through The port is difficult with a natural Disaster there are a lot of people on The ground trying to figure out these Logistics you know good organizations Over there you know donating money to Them is actually the best thing you can Really do like I'm sure Samaritan's Purse is on the ground by now Um I know the Baptist Global Response Which I've worked with Um I think it's actually send relief now

I think they've renamed it but there's Other organizations too just partner up With an organization that you like Doctors Without Borders is always in Places like this And then also uh just just understanding That this is too big for a government Response the government cannot do Everything and what kind of work might Need to be done so thinking through the Disasters that can happen in your area And realizing that if a major Large-scale disaster happened in your Area maybe the government won't be able To help as much as you hope that they Would be if it's flooding that your area Is prone to or fires What kind of equipment would it be good For you to have on hand in a place that That is you know protected from that Type of disaster in your area if it's a Fire making sure that you have a place Where you have fire equipment stored That would not be subject to being Burned down right making sure that your House is protected from fire but also Having equipment to help other people With with that type of disaster as well Equipment to recover people's homes if There's flooding knowing how to do that Having those tools if it's earthquake Prone area potentially having the Resources to help shift Rubble so that You can sort through Rubble so you can

Get in there with car jacks or You know lifting equipment straps to to Pull blocks down stuff like that Demolition equipment like sledgehammers Those type of things that's all kind of Stuff that you need for In This Disaster And if you have the equipment then you Can actually be more of use to help your Community and also so that your Community can help you right so these Are some things to think about if you Guys are seeing uh some of these things Are happening in turkey and you're Having other thoughts other thoughts About how we can be more prepared for a Situation like this please do be sharing Those things please do be if you're not Already praying for them if you're not a Praying person Um you know maybe for this instance Maybe consider praying for the people of Turkey they're going through a really Hard time right now a lot of them are Lost loved ones this the devastation is Just immense there for Northern Syria as Well as turkey be praying for the people There and And and if you find an opportunity to Help if there's partner organizations That you can partner with and you can Spare some money uh to help them over There this this is a this isn't people Just trying to take your money this is a Real a disaster with a lot of real needs

Over there all right folks um hopefully You found some interesting information Off of this that has gotten you thinking Or at the very least has gotten you Thinking more about what's going on over Their whole neighborhoods leveled Um the the Drone footage the the Pictures over there are just astonishing And heart-wrenching and when you hear The stories of what people are going Through over there with loved ones They knew that they lived in that Building over there and that building is Now pancaked and uh you know what what Do you even do about that so all right Folks um if if you want to check out Another video there's one right over Here make sure you are subscribed if you Haven't already and I will see you guys Later Steve poppler out

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