Diving Near Critical EU Oil Port | Now They’ve DISAPPEARED

Extremely suspicious circumstances of unidentified foreigners diving near critical Polish Oil Terminal of Gdansk, just as EU ban on Russian tankers goes into effect.

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At 6 a.m last Sunday an event occurred Off the Polish Coast near a mission Critical infrastructure Point called the Port of Gdansk where a large amount of Oil gets offloaded off oil tankers Three Unknown foreign divers were caught Diving in the middle of the night now Their boat had been adrift for five Hours before they finally called the Coast Guard why they waited so long in The dead of night why were they diving Off the coast of the of a of a port Those are questions that have not yet Been answered but everything points to Nefarious activity most likely Sabotage activities Let's jump into it all right so uh the Premiere of Poland has requested a Secret Service uh report Reviewing the incident of what exactly Happened Three unregistered Divers they'd had not they had no Permission to be diving there in Addition to that they were in an Unregistered boat All suspicious so far only one of them Have an ID and that was a Spanish Passport the other two divers didn't Have any idea on them because why would They they said they were diving for Amber in the dead of night so they're Diving for shiny rocks

In a restricted Zone In the dead of night they got picked up At 6 00 am This is of course they were diving Overnight the gear that they had on them Was spiffy new diving gear including an Underwater scooter that most people Picking up shiny rocks don't have a Fancy super expensive underwater scooter And in addition to this all the phone Numbers that they provided the secrets Uh the police that they uh that they had All those numbers turned out to be Inactive So Clearly nefarious activity These uh men were released by police Because they didn't seem to have enough To hold them they have all fled the Country No one knows who these people are or Where they are going but they are Certainly they certainly did not hang Around They have uh not shown up anywhere else In the Schengen Zone So what's going on with that Well let's talk about the port of Gadance because this is this is critical Just before a winter offensive uh by the Russian forces in Ukraine we are seeing Potential sabotage activities outside One of the main ports bringing in diesel Fuel into Poland which is what is uh

Where a lot of the fuel going into Ukraine is going through Just as last year around February 2nd There was a massive Cyber attack against Many of the facilities uh the ports of Antwerp uh Hamburg Amsterdam Ghent and Others were targeted by the Cyber attack And took a lot of those oil terminals Offline for over a week this was three Weeks before the Russian invasion and Now as we're waiting for the winter Offensive to occur we are now seeing This event that should Maybe not raise too many suspicions but The question is what were they doing off The port of Gdansk now this port Is has been ramping up Imports Particularly to Germany Germany is about To Institute as well as the rest of the EU is about to Institute a massive ban On all Russian diesel Imports that's About five to six hundred thousand Barrels per day of diesel that refined Diesel that's coming into the EU that Will suddenly stop most of that was Coming in Via ships uh into ports like Gdonsk and other ports that is going to Be replaced by primarily Diesel from Kuwait as well as possibly turkey Uh Kuwait just brought on a 600k 600 000 Uh barrels per day Refinery that uh has Been in part commissioned in order to Supply diesel to Europe uh they're Hoping that this will replace a lot of

The supply coming out of Russia now of Course we did have this mysterious Pipeline explode not too long ago and it Was clearly sabotage activities uh Demolition charges were put on the Pipeline in several locations of course The investigation has been Regrettably lost because uh the Swedish Secret Services don't want to release Any of the information you know because That's not suspicious or anything right Uh Russia of course is pointing the Finger at the UK UK Special Forces uh Having demolished those pipelines that Belong to Russia just mysteriously as The Norwegian pipeline of natural gas Was coming online There was said to be that there would be Repercussions for this action and now We're finding divers Um only a reason why we found these Divers was because their boat broke down And they called up the coast guard Basically to come rescue them how many Other ports in that area uh Antwerp Hamburg on Amsterdam how about How many of these other ports uh had Divers scoping things out or potentially Even moving charges onto certain places Already 29 percent of the European Union's Diesel has been coming from the Russian Pipelines as well as Russian ships That is about to stop first week of

February so they've been kind of ramping Up supplies they've been buying extra Diesel from Russia I mean so they're Going to ban importing Russian diesel so Of course they've been buying more Russian diesel uh leading up to that Because you know just because but as That ban comes into play just like the Previous band uh on natural gas that Went uh sorry Russian oil went into Effect in December now the ban on Russian diesel is going to affect early February and just before the winter Offensive of course and we see uh that That these divers are targeting one of The key ports that's going to be Providing diesel to Germany as well as That is the most convenient Port uh to Take diesel cross-country down to the Ukrainian border so understandably the Polish authorities are very concerned uh Now that they uh that they've started to Connect a few dots and uh we we don't Know if this is going to lead to an Attack or if this if they were scoping Things out or if potentially they were Already setting kind of demolition Charges or something along those lines We don't know nobody seems to know the Police involved did release them they Probably shouldn't have done that all Right folks I wanted to make sure that You have this information first a lot of Issues going on as we see this diesel

Band come into play that is going to Definitely cause issues in the European Union at the very least it's going to Cause diesel prices to go up pretty Significantly All right folks um if you guys have any Reports or updates that you want to send Directly to me you can send them to uh Poplarprepairness gmail.com uh what's Happening on your store shelves use the Word update in your updates of course Um and if you found this video useful or Helpful you might want to check out this Other video right here I'll see you over There or I'll see you later Steve Poplar Out

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