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Patreon So it's about 34 degrees out here right Now snow is melting it's all slushy it's That nasty time Um i don't know if we're going to get Some more snow but around here piping Hot biscuit oh yeah I love me some good biscuits These are pop from a can they're not Homemade i cheated Um So let me pause this for a sec Finish eating this so don't talk my Mouth full And we'll talk about what today's video Is Um yum Huh so Today's video Is about Off-grid System Slash economy Talking about like a parallel System a parallel economy for people That don't want to be part of the system But first off i put on these gloves and I just i just thought about them Talk to you guys about them Nothing to do with the topic at hand These gloves are my favorite tactical Gloves ever Blackhawks so lag gloves i don't even Know if they make this style anymore the

Ones i've seen that you can get are all Like Way more like Modernized They look more like Robotic or High-tech i guess But these gloves Full grain leather I've used these things For I've had this pair of about 10 11 years ish Use them for years and years of tactical Training every other weekend with my Use boys In the garden i've used them all around I've used them pulling blackberries i've Used them for almost everything and They're in awesome shape still as you Might have noticed though one little Thing right there one little tiny tear That i gotta sew up Blackhawks so lag gloves You can buy A lot of people like mechanics gloves Okay mechanics gloves last me about Maybe a month or two And they fall apart they're good while They last But at 25 bucks a pop I'm going i i go through probably five Six pairs of those before i wear out one Of these and these are about like 80

Bucks i think so Way more value here and they're still Going They're still going strong like i said Sew up that little thing and i can't Find anything else wrong with them they Are Perfect they're worn they're used but Let me tell you and you see all those Things that's why you have knuckle Protectors not for fighting for Protecting your knuckles but anyway a Parallel system A lot of people Don't want to be part of the system the Way it is the way it works Control They don't like Corrupt politicians running everything They don't like big pharma they don't Like you know Fauci and all his bs And i don't know if i mentioned it here But If you haven't got it or read it Read it buy it get it however The real fouchy It's by I forget what's his first name but Kennedy He's a total liberal Which i'm not But i'll tell you what he unveils a lot Of good stuff in there

The truth about all this bs Yeah you want to read it trust me Um anyway so The parallel Kind of economy Supporting Businesses With Our dollars We're coming to the point in time where We're gonna have to make some tough Destroy tough choices We're gonna have to have to stop or be Forced to stop by outside influences Going to places That are more mainstream That are Owned by people That aren't necessarily of a mindset The whole vax port is what i call it you Know what i'm talking about The chips The social credit stuff We're gonna have to figure out a way to Exist coexist Outside of the system There's things we can do of course we Can grow our own food raise our own Animals Be as self-sufficient as possible But we still have to interface with Others This is why group is so important This is why and i'm going to talk more

About this in a different video The whole idea of a prepper compound Slash prepper commune slash Prepper whatever you want to call it Community Would be very important and not just Prepper but like-minded people I feel i have a feeling i hope i'm wrong That this is coming to A point Where The two-way range may open up And tools like this Will be necessary I hope not I don't want to ever have to flip that Switch back on And do those kind of things But We have to be ready To do those kind of things For ourselves for our family For our neighborhoods for our groups for Our communities That's why i talk about a lot Tactical training Tactically proficient And finding every Little way To Add that tiny little bit That'll help you be more effective Like that 60 rounds before my first reload

And i don't know if this parallel Economy Is going to be Like me living here my buddy living over There My other buddies over there another One's over here another couple are over Here If it's gonna be like that situation or If it's gonna be a we come together we All live somewhere together on a Property maybe not i'm not saying in the Same house i'm not saying Commune socialist type thing i'm talking About like on a property where Maybe people own the individual land This is all that's all stuff i'll talk About another video Um and what people need to work out and Then they figure that on their own i Can't tell people what to do But Bartering finding ways to barter find Finding alternate sources For Things Through Businesses That support your right to your free Will That's important So some food for thought Oh a little one slipped or something is She okay

All right i guess she's okay She just slipped she may need a hug from Daddy We'll see Yeah i don't know how we're gonna do This I don't know how like how It'll work its way out but i know that If something a situation like this Is to come about I have feelings can be forced on us It's not gonna be something we will Choose to do necessarily It will be We have to do it So we have to start thinking about Things like that setting ourselves up For success prior to [Music] Just sec [Music] And this is why i take my gloves on and Off i can't pause with these gloves You okay Baby are you okay I love you Yes i'm still filming All right i love you baby girl Sorry about that i would have paused the Video but like i said Yeah i could take my gloves off she's Fine Her and her brother just She fell down when she's playing with

Her brother Wargaming and thinking through things Like this like what i'm talking about And trying to figure out how things Would work what direction would we have To go Who can we who we can rely on who who Can we talk to about this Now To start setting up This system Like i said i don't know exactly how It's going to work i don't I don't really know how to get started Other than groups And Bartering and Building community Within Your area so that you can provide for Each other But food for thought think about it Think about what would have to happen Think about things you can do to be Proactive In case this is forced upon us Have a wonderful day Blessings to you and yours

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