Don’t Prep, Just Take From Others! #apexpredator #shtf #prepping

Predators will be out in force when the #collapse happens!
Prepare yourselves accordingly, don’t be a victim!

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Why should I prep I'll just take from others Hey everybody this is Michael with Asymmetrical preparedness in this video We're going to talk about That topic I hear it every now and then People bring it up Well I don't really feel the need to you know Stockpile all this food and stuff like That because I have all this tactical Gear training defensive tools all this Kind of stuff and a group of people and We'll just go out there and just take What we need Well is that the answer if you know me At all I'm sure you already know the Answer to that There's a lot of things wrong with that Whole idea that whole thought process That whole plan of action Morality Goodness Lawfulness All those kind of things is it okay to Take from others No it's not that's theft Almost all crimes against humanity Against people That exist You can boil down to theft Even murder is the theft of that Person's life So theft to me is a no-go there's a lot

Of other aspects to this also that we're Going to get into this video this video Is gonna be a really good video Um please stay watch the whole thing I Really appreciate it also hit that Subscribe button ring that notification Bell for all the thumbs up thumbs down Share the videos comment of the videos Have a good conversation in there what Are your thoughts about this with Everybody else that's kind of like a Little mini Community section all the Commenting back and forth talking to Each other discussing this whole topic Very very good so please do that Um Yeah the most of the more the moral Thing is And taking the moral High Ground being a Good person being a follower of our Heavenly father and of our Lord and Savior That is easy to answer that for me is Just uh cut and dry no go but we're Going to talk about a lot of other Things also pluses and minuses about This idea during this video so let's Start off with some pluses what could be Some possible pluses to this whole idea Of taking from others Um well one is that you don't have to Stockpile a bunch of food you don't have To find places to put it all uh you Don't need to worry about you know

Gardening and you know setting Yourselves up for long-term success the Whole self-reliance self-sustainability Thing as well as the cost of all the Food and water and all the other Preps But There's the flip side to all that also Which we'll cover But It is The whole idea of looting And or stealing really just doesn't make Sense honestly you know even you know Throw the whole morality part out and Just talk about common sense let's talk About common sense The Common Sense part of it is that If you have this idea that you're going To go out there and take others Preps Um You're not going to live That's the short of it You may be successful in the short term You might be because if it's a long-term Event In the beginning there are a lot of soft Targets out there there are a lot of People out there that aren't strong that May be weak targets but as an event like This talking about a long-term event a Collapse whatever it may be As it progresses those weaker softer not As well prepared or entrained and Equipped people will be eliminated

Leaving stronger and harder targets Eventually you're going to run out of Luck And you may run out of luck day one Because you don't know whose house that Is necessarily that you're going into You know maybe it's a former SF operator That uh you know just got out and he's All set up and stuff like that and boom You has a team in there and you're just Done day one Um that is a likely scenario or it could Just be that people get lucky For one thing Old Farmers there's been instances of this Old farmer with a ancient bolt action Defensive tool you know the long type Um in the mountains Over there in the sandbox that have just Gotten lucky and taking it taken out Very highly trained Special Forces operators You're like how would they do that you Know old guy with a moising Nagant you Know how is he going to go up against SF Well he's not really but if they're over There in that Ridge line or somewhere Not they're not on the ridge line unless They're stupid Um military Crest or the patrolling Along a trail and old dude with noise Just happens to see him first and is a Good shot and eliminates one or several

Of them Hey you know it can happen because no Matter how highly trained you are how Well equipped you are if this is your Idea of how you're going to procure Supplies in an shtf scenario There is luck there's also Murphy's Law What can go wrong will go wrong and if You're going into structures to take Things that means CQB Close Quarter Battle CQC close quarter combat Those are very very dangerous situations To be in unless you are way massively Overwhelming Force highly trained highly Very well equipped and your adversary Isn't and you're still going to take Casualties it's just one of those things You do not want to place yourself in a CQB situation unless you have to Especially as a prepper or as a mutual Assistance group I get it it's your SF Team or a SWAT team or something like That and that's your job then that's What you got to do you got to do what You got to do but we are not that So Anybody's idea that this is going to Happen well they may be successful in The long run but they're going to lose People how many people were you willing To lose there are just a lot of holes in This flawed logic I mean it's it's one thing to Have this mindset uh anyway that really

Makes I feel makes you a bad person And um people are gonna tribe up they're Gonna gather together and they're not Gonna play these games Even Preppers Um I know I've heard comments in the past about oh You know uh sh Chef happens I'll just go To Utah where all the Mormons are and All their food storage and I'll just Take it from them Well that's another flawed logic every Mormon I've ever met Um Remember everyone but most of them I've Met are also very well armed it's not Just they're not the kind of people and Most people I don't know of anybody that Just relies on the good grace of God and Say you know he'll take care of us he'll Protect us we don't need to do that all We need to do is you know just stockpile Food and water and stuff like that we Don't need to worry about defensive Insecurity because you know God will Take care of us Preppers don't think like that Most Mormons don't think like that that I know of Most people in general don't think like That so don't think please don't think That there are going to be too many soft Targets out there there may be soft Targets

Um but those are the people that aren't Going to have anything anyway because They're not Preppers They may have a little bit here and There but you're not going to get much From them the juicy targets are us as Preppers And maybe warehouses and stuff like that That's probably where people that have This mindset will start off grocery Stores you know food warehouses food Distribution centers Um things like that because uh in the Very especially in the beginning those May or may not be very well defended Probably won't be very well defended Because Um it'll take time to catch on and then The people that are associated with Those businesses and or own those Businesses or whatever will go Um secure those goods Um they'll either move them to newark's Alternate location which is what I would Do if it was my business or my stuff or You know if say somebody worked at Costco like all the Costco employees or Something I don't know but yes there Will be looting Um be aware of it and this video is also Applies to everyone else not just those People that think they're going to go Take from others this is why we talk About security and defense this is why

That aspect of preparedness is very Important it's one of my Um top areas it's one of the areas that I'm very well equipped in security Defensive tools gear tactical training Equipment group all that kind of stuff This is why we need to take security and Defense very seriously as Preppers Because there will be people out there That will be doing this some of them Will be other quote unquote that call Themselves Preppers I call them Predators some will be you know Some bad gang of people you know Footbound motorcycle bound vehicular Bound whatever there will be there may Be depending on how things work there May be Parts of military units that also do This because that's what they know and They don't have the other preparedness Stuff to back up there are other skill Sets their militaristic skill sets so That will happen and then sometimes it Will be people that there's good people That their families are starving and They don't know what to do they need to Provide for their family they need to Have get food and they will resort to Who unfortunately trying to take from Others but like I said that is not a Long-term solution Um they will take casualties and in the Long run they'll be eliminated and

Replacing their personnel And then all the training and stuff like That the core even if you start off with A core group of people that is highly Trained They're going to get eliminated pretty Soon you're going to be dwindling at That Core group and more new people Coming in that aren't as highly trained Maybe not as well equipped Etc so it'll be like diluting your Proficiencies and eventually you'll run Out and you'll be completely eliminated So with all that said I hope you guys understand the gravity Of the situation if you're one of the People that thinks that they're going to Be out there taking from others Think about it you will die you will not Last long If you're one of the people out there That's preparing stockpiling food you Know you're being a good prepper you're Growing your Gardens all the stuff Around you Have the ability to defend them I talk About security and defense a lot on Patreon check it out links in the Description below Um it's a dollar a month good stuff There We need to be serious about our security And our safety people Um as turmoil and as threats all this

Stuff increases and things start getting Really bad It's gonna get really ugly Take a page from history and look at Venezuela For one example of many examples When Society falls apart Does Venezuela still exist yeah People are managing But think about how spoiled we are as Americans because we're so blessed Americans will not deal with this as Well as probably most people on most Other countries They're gonna freak out so make sure you Have the ability to protect and defend You yours and what you have Have a wonderful day and blessings to You and yours

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