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I headed out to say goodbye to Jess and my favorite campsite in the world. It is eroding into the ocean and doesn’t look like it will reopen again. It was just a normal relaxing camping trip without too much excitement but that’s ok sometimes. Crazy neighbor towed me out to the campground in the brave little toaster with their nice big fancy motorhome.

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Hey everybody Welcome to camping with Steve and crazy neighbor you don't have To do the salute when you're driving Um We're out here with a couple of campers Uh what's better than one camper Camper hauling another camper behind it Uh crazy neighbor is out here with his Lady friend and they have her motor home Out here they've been visiting and Traveling around so they're bringing me And I actually feel like a guest on a Trip I feel like uh I don't have to do a Whole lot because I've got crazy Neighbor driving and it's hauling behind My little camper Brave love toaster and Uh today I'm going to be a Brave Little Toaster and head back to uh justinoy's Favorite Campground uh I think this will Be good and I have good friends with me Okay you want to do your GPS thing with Your drone there Made it uh Gonna see what we got for a campsite There's a few different things we could Do Uh side over here they're wide open There's not a whole lot of trees or Privacy but it is right on the beach and Up ahead there's some other spots in the Woods that we're gonna check out and uh This will be interesting to back up into One of these sites but there's plenty of Room we just have to kind of back it in

Straight so I'm gonna Check up ahead and see what we got for Sites obviously a much less stressful Video than last week probably a lot less Exciting but uh we've got an interesting Vehicle consist of campers that we're Going to try out and in a really great Place there's going to be good food just A normal relaxing camping trip where Nothing goes wrong Crazy neighbors an awesome guy but the Worst thing you ever have to do is help Them back in a trailer Without really a permanent base here This thing has been storage and I Finally have a chance to go through and Kind of organize it a bit long overdue I'm very happy about this finally Getting things organized that's a relief A lot of the campgrounds here have no Garbage cans in the winter so you got to Pack it in pack it out there's not the Staff on hand to empty garbages so you End up bringing it with you and trying To slowly get rid of it at gas stations Here and there stuff like that but uh They actually have some here so that's That's really good today's internet is Going to be starlink if I can untangle This this mess here and uh We got some trees here but there's Enough exposed Sky I think we can get This to work Okay

We got out to the campground a little Later than anticipated Uh we had a issue with the hitch for the Trailer and the RV so we had to go pick Up another part Oh great this is how it's gonna go Foreign The rain started I love that sound the Fire's gone out so we're kind of Hunkered down in here for now And uh gonna get some casual food put Together to eat for tonight and tomorrow We make fancy meal but uh just a nice Night of getting settled in you uh Feel it nice and warm and cozy in this Uh Brave Little Toaster I love that Little inner patter of the rain it Sounds like little fairies dancing on The roof It's an interesting way to put it um Vidalia Bam myself if you had to do a bunch of These in a row this would be the good Way to do it yeah without crying all day Long Moving directly from steamed hams to Steamed hot dogs steamed Smokies Around these parts How many dogs would you like crazy Neighbor Two all right I'll cook them all okay Custom-made lid fits every single pot or Pan And get that down to a simmer

Full-blown hunkering down right now Time for grab This one There we go Pro with this Foreign Yeah Cheers Cheers Good morning it is blustery out there The wind really whipped up this morning It blew the door actually open on the Camper because it was a jar a little bit And it kind of broke the door so it Seems to be closed for now but I'm gonna Have to repair that should be just a Minor adjustment I hope And there's bouts of rain coming in then Little Sun little rain so I've been Hunkering down there's gonna be a lot of Hunkering down today Uh and we'll try to get out and explore In between shots of course and crazy Neighbor made me a coffee Irish but that's okay Thank you I'm heading to Jess's favorite spot on Earth This was our favorite camping spot we Camped here Actually in April I think of last year And uh Aha Oh boy I know they were having some Trouble with this like for erosion off The beach

And here it is This is where we had the happiest night Of basically Our Lives Sitting here dance store wedding song And Uh glad I didn't film that we just Enjoyed it as a camping trip for us But look at this I'm extremely thankful that we got to Camp here one last time and that we were Probably among the last of the people on Earth that got to use this campsite Before it was closed off And just a matter of time until this all Just turns into a part of the ocean uh The way things are eroding here so it's Uh kind of poignant and beautiful Let's get back to camping and do Something happy Foreign We got about 20 minutes until the next Bad terrain comes so we got to get this Uh gazebo set up we are deep frying Tonight on a big deep fryer and deep Frying and rain does not mix I'm not going to do that in the Camper Obviously this is not good for Sterling This actually has kind of a foil Reflective coating on it which is extra Bad but it still works so I'm just going To run a quick speed test out of Curiosity to see what happens when you Cover up starlink with uh something

Above Actually still reasonably acceptable Results but this is like deep fryer Territory now and we're gonna have to Move this the only reason it was here Was kind of the Bush was in the way the Other day and there's not really another Good spot so we're gonna Tuck it over there somewhere and Hopefully it'll keep working This almost seems a bit much We're gonna fry these fries three times Uh at ever increasing temperatures I'm using for these three separate times I fry the fries are 325 360 and finally 370. And we're right at 350 so You really don't want the oil this full Uh my mistake there this is where you See those turkey deep fryer explosion Things and it also doesn't give you Enough room to really shake the basket To make sure they're separated Yeah we just brims the pot here this is Not the way to do it but You know actually they might have a mark On here and it seems to be hailing so Even a better thing we're under here Wow this is so dangerous I can't even Believe it Really bad timing Wow Trying to keep an eye on these fries and We we almost had a little bit of a

Flare-up just from the wind and uh we Don't need we don't need a flashbacks Wow This is very bad very very bad I'm ready to run and grab the camera Things go the way I think they might There we go that Is french fries Crazy neighbor and his lady friend Who've taken their fish and chips to go Back to their glamping mansion and I'm Just going to keep it real here and Enjoy some fish and chips with you uh Vinegar And uh I've even got some tartar sauce Some Beaver brand tartar sauce I Normally don't put that on fish unless It's really really questionable fish so Uh this should be pretty good I hope I Don't need the tartar sauce that's the Ketchup of the seafood world of Awesome Oh yeah Took almost no effort whatsoever to cook This This is actually a pretty good tartar Sauce Sure beats uh fine I'm gonna pig out and gain 10 pounds Here and I'll see you guys a little bit Well a good time was had by all I'm Pooped um I don't know how this is camping but it Sure is fun and relaxing and nothing

Even exploded so uh successful trip in My book so far uh we'll get out of here In the morning head back to civilization And start planning for the next video oh It should be of this stealthy persuasion So Um thank you all for watching and we'll See you guys in the morning Aha good morning it is time to pack up Uh the funnest part of any camping trip Of course Thanks everybody for uh watching this Week's Adventure get hit the road here Take off up Island for a few days that's Where I filmed something stealthy uh and We all have fun with those so uh thanks For putting up with what we did this Week uh and uh also thanks to the folks That have directly supported the channel You guys cannot be making enough and Again I don't appreciate it of course I'm just happy with you to want to Follow along and uh subscribe if they're Feeling uh sympathy or if I get a if I Get a Pity subscription that's great Um so cheers everybody uh Again If you do this right you know which way You're going that way uh you just want To go oh yeah there's a camera there and There's a pillows in there okay So uh well we're still going we can't Really go there uh yeah so uh All right so uh thanks everybody

Um and we'll see you on something Stealthy next week

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