Dutch Farmers Retake Their Senate In Fight Against The Green Agenda

Regional elections in the Netherlands have the farming voting block retaking their Senate in an attempt to derail many of the hostile policies of their government.

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Hey everyone welcome back to the Poplar Report uh so we are getting some good News out of the Netherlands that's right Um the Dutch are giving us some cause For Hope out there while the United States is in a complete mess right now Uh with the whole uh Trump indictment About to come up here and the Trump Arrest we are seeing here that the Farmer citizen movement in which stands Uh which acronym is BBB Um I guess if you know Dutch that makes Sense but uh they uh they just took Over one of the regional Areas of the uh the Dutch Countryside in In election And they are now the largest party in The parliament there and so this is uh Sorry the Senate largest party in the Senate and so the the protests out there Them spraying the Poo all over Everything uh the farmers saying we've Had enough and we do not want to have Our Farms seized they have risen up Politically and uh And this is a very big deal out there We're going to see how much of this Political movement transfers over into Real legislative change The Netherlands are absolutely on board With the whole uh climate change agenda And shutting down basically 50 percent Of their Farms that's that's the goal There is to shut down 50 of their farms

And if 50 of the farmers don't want to Quit they're going to be offered cash Payouts and then they're going to be Forced to take those cash payouts and of Course that has the farmers in the Netherlands just absolutely beside Themselves and a whole bunch of people In the Dutch Countryside going yeah we Don't agree with that so over the past Two years Uh the BBB uh the the Citizen Farmers uh movement has risen to Power and has uh formed a a bit of a a Pipeline for for representatives to get Into the Senate and to start fighting Back against this this woke agenda this Green agenda of shutting down Farmers so What was this bowed for um other peoples Elsewhere we see the rise of Conservative party a conservative party In Germany as well they're not nearly to The point of being able to take control Of anything but they definitely are Gaining ground we're seeing conservative Parties uh in France Um but it's mostly even Weirder far left Parties that are actually kind of Gaining the most steam to fight back Against government overreach which is Making for some very strange bedfellows We have extreme far left and then we Have Um the the people on the right the very

Small minority of people on the right In France marching together and Protesting together against The government changes so like I said Very very strange people kind of working Together for common purpose uh in the Near term and uh we're seeing a rise of Conservative parties uh around the world Who are saying the government really Shouldn't be telling everyone what to do We shouldn't be giving our governments This much power We need to hold the governments Accountable to respecting the rights of Private ownership the the rights of free Speech you know these used to be just Regular Western Um not ideals Western freedoms and Western values and now they are Exclusively to conservatives because Apparently uh everybody else agrees that Free Speech should only be allowed for Things that we agree with Uh being said and the idea of free Speech is now a far right concept the Freedom of Boomsticks is a far right concept Um the the idea that you should not be Able to have the government snooping Through Um your location at any given time like The CDC bought up all location data on Cell phones inside the United States to Track uh how much everyone was complying

With the lockdowns that's pretty Eye-opening oh the government's not Tracking you it's actually this private Service that the government is buying up The the tracking data from Show the government's tracking everybody We we have this this concept that that The ends justify the means and The Anti-racism the anti Everything out there it seems like Justifies Doing these horrendous things these Horrendous dystopian things I mean we Used to watch these dystopian sci-fi uh Things and go like wow that's crazy you Know I can't believe they're forcing People to take medications to suppress Their emotions and then so like today It's like well it wasn't for emotions it Was just kind of like just because they Told you to take it uh and then then you Start looking at just all the things That are in these dystopian you know you Watch The Hunger Games and or read the Books and you're like those Capital People sound like the people that live In San Francisco with a pink hair or in The and they're creating they're Tattooing themselves into being looking Like animals and stuff like that it's Like you can go to San Francisco and see Those people Like

And they're the same people that are in Washington DC and New York City and These people are just like completely Unable to protect protect or provide for Themselves they they can work in offices They can work remotely at woke Corporations where they spend all their Time going to meetings talking about how To further their political agenda and Not really anything else they don't Really actually do any other work that's What uh happened when Elon Musk took Over Twitter he just basically said like None of these people were actually doing Any work all they're doing is just Sitting there censoring people And that's not A revenue generating Job right you just attending meetings And deciding on who to bash with the Sensor Hammer is is not really a Productive Um use of anyone's time And so just one dystopian future after The next uh just you know we're not Quite at Mad Max yet but uh we feel like We're kind of moving that way don't we Could we be there soon and we need to Get there soon before they ban all use Of fossil fuels because How are you going to have these racing Vehicles if there's no fossil fuels you Know so Um but all that to say some hope coming

Out of the Netherlands they are taking Back Um control of their government it seems Like to an extent we're going to see if That translates into them able to uh Push back some of this woke green uh 20 23 2030 agendas coming out of the U.N And the EU this uh the world food Program World economic Forum oh there's So many of these different Organizations that are trying to just Mess with all our lives right it's hard To keep them all straight but all this Agenda coming to being put and the Netherlands have been like oh please Let's do it here first let's let's Absolutely destroy our food production Netherlands is one of the top exporting Food countries in the world And that's because they have these Massive greenhouses massive greenhouses And they provide a lot of fruits and Vegetables that go out through Europe of Course they get very high dollar amounts On that and so they're one of the Largest exporting food countries in the World by Euros or dollars because it's Expensive per pound of what they're Exporting and they're exporting high top Quality stuff to all the the restaurants And all the chefs all over Europe but The idea of shutting down a lot of the Farms and a lot of the dairy a lot of The herds

Across The Dutch Countryside Is going to have some pretty serious Impacts on the entire availability of Food particularly fresh vegetables and Fruits it's already having an impact Inside the UK where they are rationing Fruits and vegetables Partially due to the issues down in Spain and Northern Africa of drought but Also due to high energy costs of keeping The greenhouses warm both in the UK as Well as Netherlands of course the price Of keeping those greenhouses warm would Be a lot better if the pipeline hadn't Just spontaneously exploded out in the Ocean thanks Biden [Music] Um So what are we going to do going forward Yeah keep keep voting keep praying keep Hoping But also taking practical steps to Protect you and yours as best as you can Out there all right folks if you found This video to be useful or helpful you Might want to check out this other video For me right over here I'll see you over There or I'll see you later Steve Poplar Of the Poplar report out

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