Economic Collapse Preppers on the Decline, Has a Financial Crisis Been Avoided?


Hey everybody, JJ here, you’re watching bull boom, bear bust. Thank you for joining me. So what in the world is going on with these preppers? So even with all the negative economic news, according to a recent report and a recent survey, doomsday preppers are thinking that everything is fine. Is it true? Well, doomsday preppers are thinning out across the u s and the conclusion out of this report here, it’s because they think that Trump has things handled and that the economy is going to stay in just fine shape going forward. So we’re going to get into, you know why these preppers may be at ease now, so to speak, especially with all the craziness going on with the economy and all the unrest that we’re seeing around the globe. And when it comes to prepping, there’s several different scenarios that people are prepping for. Some people are preparing for extreme worst case scenario where they have underground bunkers and we’re going to talk about that, right?

On the other hand, there’s people that just don’t trust the banking system and they have a lot of money out of the bank as opposed to trusting the bank with their money, right? So more of an economic collapse or a collapse of the Fiat currency, which could also lead to massive civil unrest, especially when people can’t get their money out of their checking or savings account or their credit cards quit working. But see, that can also come with a power outage or a catastrophe. Like we see the hurricanes right now in Florida. So let’s get into it. Can I first of all, back in 2014 a British criminologist named Michael Mills, he traveled across the u s did interviews and investigated people that were preparing for an event, a doomsday event, and economic collapse, social unrest, Marshall Law, right? All of those bad scenarios that have happened so far, you know, in different pockets of the world, in different pockets of the country, but have never really happened on a major scale across the entire United States.

So in his trip across the country, of course, he found out people were stockpiling supplies like toilet paper ready to eat food, canned goods, right? Water filtration systems, bottled water. In the responses that he got from all these different interviews and people that he encountered were they’re going to be ready for war, uh, deadly pandemic diseases, major power system failures, right? A freezing of the financial system, economic collapse in. What they’re finding now is as of Trump’s election in 2016, there are fewer preppers now across the United States and that has been identified by a lot fewer prepper conventions now that are held across the u s also the interviews that were conducted by this gentleman, Mr. Mills, along with business insider, his own investigative research, found out that prepping is not as active as it was just three years ago before Trump was elected. So for some reason, and we’re going to talk about that in a minute, Trump relieves these many of these worst-case fears that a lot of these preppers had right now.

In reality. I don’t think that’s a good idea because we’re seeing Trump do a lot of the same things Obama did, and also same things that Bush did prior to Obama, but even to a larger degree, we have bigger deficits now, right? Spending has not increased or spending has not decreased. It has increased in a lot more animosity amongst Americans, not just at the government, but left versus right type of animosity. Right? We also see some deals that are made with other countries, right? Peace talks, but we also see in some cases even larger threats from other countries, right? There’s talk out there amongst different circles that there’s going to be some sort of attack here, a power grid, a compromise that could bring darkness to the entire nation, which it’s possible, but I find that much less likely than just a social or civil unrest situation or even a bank.

A failure of the banking system is much more likely in my opinion, but it’s just my opinion. Anything is possible. Now, one of these interviews was conducted with a man named Rick Austin. He runs a prepper camp in the hills of North Carolina every year. And typically he has about 1400 attendees to these camps each year. But he has said that attendance to these is significantly down since the elections in 2016 and he is quoted here as saying quote, Oh you know, Trump’s in office, we don’t have anything to worry about unquote. Right. So I’ve got my opinion on this, but let me know what you think down in comments because it seems to me a lot of what Trump is doing is just smoke and mirrors. He’s trying to appease people by looking at the stock market, right? Saying that unemployment is at 50 year lows and if you look at the official statistics and the way these calculations are done, well it’s true.

I mean unemployment is at 50 year lows using the manipulated statistics. Right. And of course the stock market, if you’ve been watching this channel, you know there’s a lot of manipulation going on there. So yes, looking at the official numbers that are put out by the press, by the media out of the White House. Right. Statistically number wise, things are better, but when you look behind the scenes beyond just these false formulas that are used to come up with these numbers, you see a lot of things are a lot worse. We have record deficits, we have record debt by the consumer, we have more people working second and third jobs and still about 70% of the population living paycheck to paycheck. We never really recovered from the financial crisis as far as the underlying factors. Debt is still there. Banks are still overleveraged. Banks are still in solvent based on the fractional reserve banking system.

So if you see people taking out their money all at once out of the bank, uh, there’s going to be trouble. If you have too many people defaulting on their loans all at once, there’s also going to be trouble. Okay. Home ownership still hasn’t recovered. You had a lot of corporations and investors come in and buy when home prices took a dive and home ownership is still many percentage points below where it was in the peak prior to the financial crisis. So if you want to look at the stock market or if you want to look at home prices, yes, the s there was a recovery. If you wanted to find a recovery is higher prices in stocks and in homes, then go ahead and say there’s a recovery. But otherwise the underlying fundamentals are all much worse now than they were prior to that crash.

Okay. Also, the number of Americans on government assistance and food stamps really hasn’t dropped off that much. We see this chart here, it’s been continuing to drop for the last few years, but it’s still astonishingly high. And when you add in the factor of a calamity or a natural disaster or financial system collapse, you’re going to have millions of more Americans that are going to be scrambling for food and water and shelter. And then people say, well, Trump, he’s already a billionaire and he’s not a politician. Why would he lie? And that’s a very short sighted way of looking at things. Now he is a politician and instead of draining the swamp and now he has become the swamp, right? He’s joined the swamp. Right. So I don’t know what happens after presidents get elected to get into the White House. Maybe they’re sat down and maybe they’re told how things really run because as you probably know, presidents do not call the shots.

It is the central bankers that run everything, and I know there’s theories out there. Old Trump’s going to revamp the system. He’s going to take over the Fed, right? He’s going to bring back the gold standard. I don’t see any real evidence of that, so I’m not counting on that at all, and in fact, I’m more fearful now under Trump than I was under Obama. Now, that’s just my opinion. I’m not trying to knock the current president. Right. That’s just my jaded view on politics. I mean, let me know what you think. Are you more confident now or are you less confident? Do you think that, oh, everything’s fine. No need to prepare. It’s under control. There’s a big plan happening behind the scenes that none of us can see yet, but it’s being worked on, or should we be more cautious than we should.

We prepare even harder and take extra precautions while I’m erring on the side of caution right now, I wouldn’t call myself, I wouldn’t call myself an extreme prepper, but some things that I have done is I’ve taken most of my money out of my checking and savings account. I have it just there in case there is some sort of financial collapse. I know some people are not even taking that level of a precautions. Right. I also have a very small plot of land up in the mountains of San Diego County in a nearby a city called Julian. And I hope and pray that I never have to go there and have to use it, but it is there in case we have to bug out for some reason. Um, again, I hope I never have to go there. It snows up there. It’s very cold, especially in the winter and it’s also a two lane road that goes up there.

So you’re probably going to see major congestion if everybody tries to leave the city at once. Right. But also, let’s just look at natural disasters. In California. Here we have earthquakes and fires. Of course in Florida right now they’re stockpiling goods and you see a lot of bare shelves because of the hurricane that’s coming through there, right? If you have land with your own source of water, you’re going to be one big step ahead of a lot of people. Just see the bottled waters about cleared out here off the shelves. Now prepping is alive here, even in California. There’s a report here out of the Daily Mail where preppers up in Menifee. Now that said, I believe in Riverside county a ways north of here in st from San Diego, they have the right to build bunkers under their homes and sales are booming of these doomsday escape hatches here or tubes.

And this is a shelter made of galvanized corrugated pipe and it’s being called a survival bunker. And people are burying these under their homes. So you have to check your local ordinances, but some cities do allow this, right? Here’s an inside shot here of one of these bunkers that’s been, uh, completed there and finished with countertops and everything. See a little warning sign right here? Here’s another one here. You’ve got a couple of bunk beds. Okay. Here’s an outside shot here of one of the bunkers. These are manufactured by Atlas survival shelters. As you can see, it’s got the air pipe and everything going up there. So I’m not to this level of prepping, I don’t have an underground bunker. And when things like this happen, many people find that they are unprepared. Even people that thought they were prepared. So right. Also, a lot of people are asking, who’s gonna buy the gold and silver in case of an economic collapse?

Well, you may not find a buyer. That’s the thing about golden silver. I’m a depends on who you’re trying to sell it to. You might find somebody who wants food and water, but has no use for any gold or silver, right? And if you have a deflationary depression or recession, the value of these, what’s considered luxury items can go down. But if you see a collapse of the currency, such as we see in Venezuela now also recently, major inflation taking place in Argentina, then hyperinflation can make the cost of goods and items skyrocket. Especially precious metals and property and land and food and water, right? So there’s no guarantees. It depends on what type of calamity hits, but it is interest in the lookout. I thought, you know, let me know what you’re doing. Are you prepping? Do you think we should be more cautious or less cautious with the current political environment right now? And that’s about all for this report. Thanks for watching. Hope you will and hope to see you here again next time. Bye for now.

Prepping for economic collapse, doomsday scenario, civil unrest, martial law, and natural disasters has decline in the past few years since the 2016 election. Are preppers thinking that an economic collapse has been avoided?
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    1. @Tom Lee Yessir… to hold off a revolution for a few more years while they lock down their plan…. And the plan is the Bolshevik Revolution 2.0… DO NOT TRUST THE PLAN!

  1. i think that the impending collapse of GE is going to start the ball rolling. there’s no escape from the coming event, it may be a year 2 at most. america should have never used it’s currency to bully the world. we are screwed now. add 5G to the mix and future is not looking good for humans. unless you’re rich, and connected.

  2. It’s a trick to try and make people think they shouldn’t be getting prepared . I know more preppers then ever . Just at work and in the community.



  3. It makes no difference to me who is in the White House. I think it is always a good practice to prepare for hard times. Someone could lose a job and be very glad they have extra supplies on hand to decrease the hardship. It doesn’t have to be a doomsday event driving being prepared – it’s common sense.

  4. Preppers are still very active….the smart ones are not showing up on the radar with some stupid public display at a convention or running their mouths about what they’re doing. It seems a lot more are getting wise to the grey man mode.

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