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Here is an EDC knife option Hey everybody this is Michael with Asymmetrical preparedness we all love Our EDC everyday carry What We Carry On Us I always carry a pocket knife a Tourniquet my defensive tool and my keys My cell phone Um and that's pretty much it I keep it Minimal but what do I want to show you Today I want to show you a pocket knife You may not have ever seen before so This is by Kershaw There's the Kershaw but it has the Emerson wave technology which is this Little hook here This knife Um what do I have to say about it well I Used to say it was an awesome knife and I took it out of my rotation because I Broke this is a weak spot right here Where this little thing's drilled in I Broke one of them in half right there This one I broke the tip off of so I Just recently reground the tip it's not Perfect but uh you know it's a tip now So and if that happens to you like a Little you break a little bit of the tip Off just take a file and file it down Just kind of keep filing until you get The profile you want with your sharpener Or you know on a whetstone however you Want to do it but what I want to show You about this knife it is a quick Deploy feature which is pretty sweet if

You're in a dangerous situation or just Use the knife so what it's designed to Is depending what handed you are I'm Right-handed so the belt clip goes right Here so this would be towards the front Of my body so I will angle the camera Down here really quick and show you Disregard the mop bucket full of water The kids were playing with that But so it goes in right here And Just hooks in your pocket and then when You pull it up see how it that little Hook catches your pant And auto deploys the knife Sweet feature because you can Auto Deploy strike and Slash In one movement So you got to practice with it I haven't Practiced this one very for a while now Because I switched DDC knives like I Said but you can deploy strike in one Quick move so if you're looking for That kind of feature this is a decent Option I actually bought this at Walmart I'm sure you can get it on Amazon Um like I said it's a Kershaw Um I forget what model it is but it does Have the Emerson wave technology so the Kershaw this is like what 40 50 bucks Ish Um the actual Emerson knives are 300 Plus so if you want to buy a really good Emerson go for it if you want a cheaper

Version this works pretty well I do have To admit when I broke the blade on mine I was swinging I was hacking blackberry Bushes and we had this uh that kit one Of those cattle panel fences and I swung Past it and I hit that So it's not intended for that and when I Broke the tip off but forget what I was Doing with that probably using as a Screwdriver like I shouldn't also so I'm Not going to be too harsh on this knife It's a decent knife I like the size of It's a bigger knife although it's a Little shorter now because I broke the Tip off but this is a good option for EDC and I love that wave feature super Cool and uh yeah it's just You got to get practice doing that get Get the grab right shift your hand and Then strike but yeah if you need it Comes out quick and it's ready so the Kershaw Emerson Um like I said I'm sure you could Probably find it I've I haven't seen him At Walmart for quite a while now Um you can get them on Amazon probably Lots of other places what is a Knife HQ Or places like that but anyway I just Wanted to show you guys this and talk About because people like talking about EDC and it is something that's an Important topic it has usefulness I use My pocket knife all the time to open Amazon packages I mean that's why I need

A high speed tactical you know knife Because opening Amazon boxes You guys know we're round about doing The things you use it for so many Different things I use it for cutting 550 cord all the time as well as Camp um Stuff around Camp uh stuff around the Homestead or Homestead so yeah it's a Good knife it's a good option check it Out if you're interested like I said if You got some more money to throw at it Get her an actual Emerson but this route Will save you some money so I'll just Show you to you again it is the Kershaw Emerson Decent knife check it out I love you Guys have a wonderful day and blessings To you and yours

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