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What do you EDC Hey everybody it's Michael with Asymmetrical preparedness today we're Talking about EDC everyday carry And I have a little twist on it so I'm Not going to talk about like what I Carry in my pockets on my you know in my Pat in my on my pants all that kind of Stuff in my pot you know in my coat Whatever I'm gonna go a little different route This video talk about an EDC Pouch Like this Just have something like this in your Vehicle or in your bag wherever you're Going something simple like this little Pouch here pick this pouch up at Goodwill it is a uh sector seven brand Seems to be pretty well sewn and stuff Like that but I'm not really talking About the pouch itself talking about the Idea having a little pouch like this What do I have in here well you can see Right there a magazine Reload a Sharpie that's on the outside Then on the first compartment here you Open it up I have a tourniquet because You gotta EDC a tourniquet always gotta Have a tourniquet on this one's normally In my cargo pocket But I put in here show you the video I'll stalk this with a different Different tourniquet

And then It's nice to have ways to start a fire If you need to so I got these little Homemade fire starters that a buddy of Mine made Um good option and a lighter to go along With it little Bic lighter so that is The fire Good to have that In your EDC and this is just a little Pouch there's not like a ton of stuff in Here so don't get all like oh these Gotta have everything in here because This doesn't meet all the needs this Works for me and what my needs are Another thing that's good to have in Here would be a multi-tool this is a Leatherman Wave One of my favorite multi-tools so the Leatherman Wave is a good thing to have In here I like having extra rolled gauze With me because you never know when You're gonna need it Um I also want to have a pair of nitrile Gloves in case I need to work in or Around blood you know it's questionable Stuff Um sewage you know you never know it's Just good to have Water purification tablets Because a water filter doesn't fit in Here and then a right in the rain Notebook which I will throw in a right In the rain pen in here

Um I just need to find where one is Laying around I just couldn't find it But I got the Sharpie on here also so That is pretty much what I have in here Uh why did I select the items I selected Because like I said Um I always like having rolled gauze Because in a sticky situation Um tourniquet and Gauze you know that's Not going to do everything but what it Will do is it'll give you some me some Capability Water purification tablets that's always A good thing to have and um it fits Together in this nice little pouch and There may be other stuff I might add Over time you know who knows but you Know a little clip here on the outside Releases that you know those are one of Those kind of things we're not supposed To talk about here because they don't Like that kind of stuff here so I'm not Going to really go into detail about That but you know it's Molly I have it Set up right now just to go throw on my Belt so when I'm out and about like Camping or hiking or out in the outdoors You know I can just have this on my on My on my belt on this side and then I Would have my um my defensive tool on This side so I would have both it's a Good little option so you little cheap Little pal I mean little pouches like This are not much money

Um and I like this one I don't like Black Tactical Gear I don't like black Pouches at all but this one helps it Remain a little more like uh less Obvious less tactical looking when I'm Out and about just you know hiking or Camping or whatever somewhere so I like That option you could choose whatever Color you want I don't care whatever but Get a little pouch set it up like this And just keep it in your vehicle just Take it with you whatever vehicle you're Going in keep it in there along with Everything else you should have in there Already your bet your get home bag your Ifac your food your water stuff like That makes sense but anyway I just Wanted to tell you guys about this Little idea I came up with I know it's Not a new idea but I found the pouch at Goodwill recently for five bucks I think It was and I wanted to make use of it And we do a lot of camping and stuff Getting out and about so this is the use I found for it so think about doing Something like this I think it's a good Idea Please Subscribe hit that like button Comment below and share the videos Please help grow the community it's all About sticking together as a tribe as a Team and as a community and helping each Other I love you guys have a wonderful Day and blessings to you and yours

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