Empty Shelves & Missing Products Walmart & Aldi | Food Shortage Report

Boots on the ground report from grocery stores here in Pittsburgh to show you how things are looking here. Food shortage and empty shelves all over the store this week… let us know what you are seeing in your area.

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Always come here for the latest news on all prepper related food shortage. Prepper news similar to other channels like Canadian prepper, alaska prepper, full spectrum survival, pinball preparedness, the economic ninja, and goshen prepping. As the europe drought, energy crisis europe, and financial crisis 2023 get worse we need to be prepping for 2023. Having a prepared homestead so you can be ready for the empty shelves 2023, inflation, recession, walmart food shortages, and aldi empty shelves 2023.

Hey everyone welcome back to the Poplar Report this is a store shelves update For here in Pittsburgh you're going to Be able to see what the store shelves Look like here in Pittsburgh I'm going To be talking about the shortages also Kind of talking a little bit along the Lines too what I'm hearing from you guys Shortages and area as we walk through The store we're going to get right to The pictures let's jump right into it Over here at Aldi the spice section is Drawn down pretty significantly as you Can see plastic as well as glass jars McCormick has come out and said that They're short on the spices because they Can't get enough glass jars but we're Seeing that across the board here not Just glass jars and we're not seeing it Just McCormick we're seeing all sorts of Spices out there not able to restock and We just see these gaping holes all over The shells in the spice section you're Probably seeing this as well This is kind of an area that we're going To really be hammering home on on this Episode is the vegetable oils vegetable Oils are very very important part of the Ecosystem of food now I'm not saying It's healthy I'm just saying that's what A lot of Americans as well as westerners As well as people all around the world Eat a lot of and we're seeing issues With the soybean oil and the canola oil

And even the corn oil out there now this Doesn't look quite so bad here at Aldi But you're going to see over at Walmart It's like a lot worse and I'm hearing That this is an issue that is going out There so When it comes to the mashed potatoes Aldi only has one variety now the butter And even the Box itself says that There's multi varieties but they're not Able to restock that restocking is an Issue on the generic instant mashed Potatoes we're seeing instant mashed Potatoes by large being an issue at Multiple different stores the meat Section at Aldi looked fairly good we Have the chicken we have the the sloppy Joe sauce we have the chili with beans We got the corned beef hash and we got Even the hams and everything like that And lunch and meat of course that is the Generic spam and I know some of you just Got a little upset just because I Mentioned generic spam hopefully you Weren't eating anyway so we got uh pork Products seem to be coming back fairly Well pork prices have dropped in China As well as the United States kind of Pointing to a supply Equalization so the Shortage in bacon seems to be moving in The right direction so we still haven't Seen prices come down on that but Availability should be better and who Knows maybe prices will come down in the

Next little bit on pork so keep an eye On that if you're looking to restock Your freezers on that wait for this Price to kind of come down a little bit All the yogurt section all of the the Creams are going to be continuing issue Here we're having issues obviously here We have multiple different yogurts out Of stock and they just can't seem to Keep them in stock that's a story that We're seeing across retailers And of course chicken chicken seems to Be more and more of an issue out there Now that may be just a Pittsburgh issue That may be just a restocking issue here Right now but last week having the Canned chicken issue and then this week Just seeing a lot of the stores Walmart And ALDI particularly having a lot less Fresh chicken out that just kind of kind Of clue me in that maybe maybe there's An issue with that if you guys are Seeing something similar along the lines Of that where supplies of fresh chicken Or frozen chicken is kind of dwindling Let us know about that of course you can Always email that directly to me at Poplarprepairness gmail.com you can also Put things down in the comments down Below of any video use the word update And use some sort of geographical Location unless know kind of where you Are approximately Frozen potatoes continue to be an issue

But here at Aldi there is one variety Out the rest seem to be fairly well Stocked of course you can get the Generally what you want but you may have To go for a different kind of variety Here at Aldi and then at Walmart we're Seeing that things continue to be fairly Good there this video is brought to you By Genesis Gold group I was just reading A card from one of you that you sent me Letting me know about how you you got on To Genesis Gold group after losing a Fair bit of your retirement and the Stocks and bond markets and that just Was pretty devastating and getting over To Silver and Gold you had a great Experience moving over with Jonathan and You're just thanking me for that and Just want to pass that along to everyone Else that that I'm just getting good Report after good report of folks who Will work with Genesis Gold group if you Want to move out stocks and bonds for Your retirement into physical gold Silver coins that are yours they do have To be held in trust because it is a Retirement account but um there's the Phone number there give them a call they Can answer all your questions Cool whip and whip toppings anything Cream related seems to be having issues Uh being in stock ice cream Whipped cream Heavy cream and all that kind of stuff

Just seemed to be an issue all over the Place it seems to be getting a little Bit worse actually ice cream has not Been this bad so far I haven't seen this This bad since um since back when I Started kind of a year and a half ago Now with the Frozen breakfast foods that That just continues to be an issue I Don't know why their factories aren't Able to catch up but they just can't Catch up on the sausages the biscuits The pancakes the waffles and the Whatevers They just keep having issues they keep Having gaps in the store shelves all Over the place the Frozen potatoes at Walmart looked better here of course We're over at Walmart and that's a lot Better than what I've seen in the last Couple weeks so that's a that's a step In the right direction it looks like so Kudos to that but of course we would Like to see a little more on the Shelf But most of those bins have at least Something in them so hopefully they're The right things but it looks fairly Good We'll see if that continues to move in The right direction for Walmart all These seem to be fairly well stocked Frozen pizzas continue to be an issue And seem to be accelerating a little bit As an issue a number of you reached out And said that you're having issues with

Frozen pizzas out there you're seeing a Lot less of them We probably all would be better off not Having quite as many frozen pizzas and Make it more fruit making more pizzas Fresh at home but I know they are Awfully convenient Peanut butter continuing to have issues With certain varieties not sure why that Is but uh Pretty well stocked if you if you are Going in to get what you need so you may Have to get a different size jar than What you're looking for but Canned fruit Fairly well stocked that doesn't look to Be too bad there so that's that's good News there but it is it is a little Worse than what it looked like last week So particularly applesauces out there so Keep an eye on those and we will too Coffee looked worse than I've seen it in Quite a while Now this may just be a restocking issue Here I'll keep an eye on it here and you Guys let me know if you're seeing Something similar out there as well but Coffee seems to be Not looking the greatest It's drawn down pretty significantly so We'll see if that's just they just need To run some more out from the back or Whether they just don't have any more in The back right now with those cardboard

Lids there all over the place it looks Like There is just a surge in buying of Coffee not sure why that would happen Maybe people are just tired of the Winter but the coffee creamer this is Drawn down low pretty low we're not used To seeing it get drawn down quite so Fast I don't think these get stocked Very often because they're not a high Turnover item but the fact that they're That there's so little left Kenner Really points to the fact that this Hasn't been restocked in a bit or maybe There's some reason why people are just Buying a whole ton of it I don't know Maybe there's something going around on Tick Tock that you can use that stuff For but with the other creamer issues Out there I would think that it's Probably that people are more people are Switching it over to powdered creamer Because they just don't want to deal With the hassle of getting a half and Half anymore Canned tuna Less than what we're used to but you Know everything that you need is there So not too bad Vienna sausages Just about gone All the multi-packs were were just gone Except for there's a couple Smoky ones Up there But those are like six packs

All the 12 packs all the big packs of of Vienna sausages Just wiped out there's a few flavored Ones up at the top individual serving Ones And then a couple six pack of the Smoky Ones but other than that Vienna sausages Just kind of wiped out of course Vienna Sausages most made up of the the Mechanically separated chicken which is The the chicken scraps left over after They harvest the other chicken off of The carcass so Um it's chicken it's just it's just Little scraps of chicken that they kind Of mush all together and and and turn Into sausages so hopefully you guys Weren't eating that I give you a fair Warning on that before instant mashed Potatoes instant mashed potatoes in the Box form we're having a lot of issues at Walmart we haven't been seeing that for Weeks they just can't seem to get them Stocked over at Aldi they seem to be Able to keep them a little bit better in Stock But uh that's an issue here we're Completely wiped out the boxes except For that one hiding in that back corner There uh that's kind of like a uh Where's Waldo I guess but um if you if You hunch down far enough you can see That one in the back This camera uh was taken from a little

Bit of a low angle so uh you'd have to Be relatively short to kind of see that On the instant mashed potatoes in the Bag form there's a lot less in bag form Than what we're used to seeing And the definitely not none and generic Bag form and the bag form for the the Name brand is a lot less options what We're used to as well so just potatoes Potatoes that are on shelf stable form Are hard to find that's just what we're Seeing across the board mac and cheese They continue to have these big gaping Holes across the mac and cheese section Just nothing in there people are Somebody is paying Big Top dollars for These shelves and they're just going to Waste there's nothing on there except What random people have dumped there Because they don't want to buy whatever That's just kind of indicating that There's something going on with the the Mac and cheese Canned corn I haven't seen it this low In a while usually they're able to keep That stocked up full because people Don't buy very much of it at a at a time And it's super cheap when they just kind Of always seem to have more and more not More than enough there so seeing it Drawn down is kind of a little Concerning there vinegar continues to be Low There's a

Low amount of vinegar that stuff keeps Virtually forever so if you want to grab A couple of jugs and and put it in your Storage that's a great thing to do That's a great thing to if you think you Have enough of everything just grab a Couple more bottles of white vinegar It's great for canning great for pickles Great for You know pickling all sorts of stuff In the rice and beans section there were No 20 Pounders of generic rice that is Concerning there were some smaller bags Of generic rice but no 20 Pounders and If you're looking to stock up you need The 20 Pounders right we're also hearing Reports that prices are going up of rice Around the world Thailand has uh had a 23 percent increase in the cost of their Rice and they're one of the big rice Exporters out there so United States Mostly grows its own rice and exports Some rice but you know prices may be Going up on Rice so if you haven't Gotten your rice and beans yet and you Haven't been listening it It may get a little harder to do that All right plenty of pinto beans though So you can definitely get stocked up on Those that's the harder one to get rice Is a little bit easier usually there are Other options for getting rice out there You can get some on Amazon you can get Them at like Asian stores and stuff like

That international stores when it comes To barbecue sauces we're seeing a lot Less than what we're used to it does Seem to be in certain brands so I'm not Sure if that's that much of an issue We've been seeing issues with With uh tomato sauces out there tomato Bases of everything I don't know how Much actual tomato goes into this Barbecue but I think it's mostly sugar but Just want to point that out because I Saw that uh some of the packaged rice Dishes like Rice-A-Roni and these snore Sides Some of the varieties were kind of wiped Out from that too all the ones at eye Level that's the prime zone right there People not really wanting to stoop down But people seem to be stocking up on the Easy to reach ones The meat section at Walmart looked Fairly good and I say fairly good Because last week there was no canned Chicken the fact that there was no Canned chicken makes this week's low can Chicken look really really good They're low on canned chicken here Certain varieties are out and some of The other varieties they're they're some But you have to reach all the way in the Back for it but that's like I said a lot Better than last week Other things like spam we're seeing spam

Coming off the shelf at an accelerated Rate There's no Keystone beef There's some Keystone chicken there but You know we're seeing some of these Things disappearing on the shelf and of Course all the Vienna sausages went poof I don't know if that's uh after they ran Out of canned chicken last week people Started grabbing the canned sausages the Canviana sausages maybe that's what Happened and they just haven't been able To fully restock from that something Happened and Uh definitely some Oddities right there Pasta actually looked pretty good Generic pasta pretty much all varieties Are back on the Shelf so that's actually Pretty good Some of the name brand had some holes But Generally speaking if you wanted a Variety you could get it right here so That's actually kind of looking pretty Good Spaghetti sauces Still certain products out Certain varieties gone And a lot of the varieties really low on Product Big big bags of sugar all gone That could be just a stocking issue I Don't know brown sugar seems to be in Stock someone was talking about how they

Were seeing brown sugar disappearing Where they were so I was particularly Checking that and it seems to be fairly Well stocked here Um that palette was almost empty of the Little bags of sugar but you know that's Probably I'm guessing that they probably Just had another one in the back there's Waiting for that one to get empty to Bring out the other one but We'll keep an eye on that to make sure But flour seems to be fairly well Stocked You have your variety there and there's Great Value generic brands as well as Name brands So flour looked fairly well stocked This is the concerning section right the Vegetable oils canola soybean and corn Particularly soybean and corn these are Really important to the to what people Eat out there and especially around the World And the fact that they're running that Low on and this is the second week that They were really low on soybean and Canola oil are you guys seeing the same Thing that I'm seeing here because I'm Also seeing it carry over to the butter And the margarine section as well There just seems to be a lot less oil Coming out I don't know if there's some Factories that are down or what we Shouldn't really be seeing this canola

And soybean harvests have been down a Bit but there are plenty of soybeans and Canola out there for people to put into Their manufacturing plants but it's not It's not coming out and arriving on the Store shelves for some reason There is shortening generic shortening As well as a Crisco if you take the Generic shortening and you throw that in Your fridge it basically lasts Indefinitely you can make a candle out Of it of course you can do all sorts of Stuff with it and of course eat it of Course too though some people I know in Comment section will say you shouldn't Eat it because it'll kill you and all That kind of stuff like that It'll kill you eventually But You'll live first So when we come to the spice section We're seeing that the tens of Pepper generic pepper are gone So metal tins and then we see other Areas where it's the glass bottles are Out then we see a whole bunch down the Bottom shelf there where where the Plastic bottles are are out of spices it It's hard not to just see that as just The spices themselves are not getting to The shelves they they Don't seem to have enough spices because How can you be short on the tins the Glass bottles and the plastic bottles

All simultaneously that just seems a Little bit far-fetched it seems to be Something more than just a packaging Issue and we don't know quite what that Is it's not just one brand it's not just McCormick it's not generic brands it's It's all of the brands seem to be having An issue with that Maple syrup and fake maple syrup are Having issues too at least here at this Store not sure what's going on with that Suddenly everyone wants to have pancakes Or something I don't know or or more likely they just Didn't restock it they uh missed a Restock on that maybe that's kind of What it looks like for a lot of these Things they just missed a restock This rack got put up last week and it Was fully loaded with water bottles Water jugs and this week it's a lot less Loaded water jugs that top shelf up There is well Out Of Reach of even Um the the tallest Mortals you need a Ladder to get up there and even that Shelf below that is uh for taller people Um like yours truly but uh People seem to be grabbing the water Bottles at eye level and seeming that The the top shelves are kind of Out Of Reach for them there's a lot less Options there than what we would expect So we're going to keep an eye on that I'm hearing from a lot of you guys that

You're having issues with distilled Water especially but also other gallon Jugs of water out there Gallon jugs of of tea and stuff like That also seem to be Noticeably in short supply so that does Make me think it is more of a packaging Issue which of course running out of Water is probably not what's happened uh So probably packaging issues on that When we look at the generic and the Synthetic Milk products here some of them are fake Milk some of them are supposedly creamer Or heavily processed or whatever They seem to be Fairly well stocked there's some issues Here and there but generally speaking You have what you need but when we start Looking at the more pure half and half Heavy cream that kind of stuff that that Seems to be really really an issue they Can't keep the fresh stuff on the Shelf The stuff that's laced with the Chemicals they seem to be able to do That a little bit better but when we Talk about half and half and heavy cream We're having issues there Butter is disappearing at a record pace And then consequently also the margarine Is getting hit the super cheap stuff Like the Imperial margarine seems to be The The sticks of it seem to be doing fairly

Well but the tubs are kind of drawing Down pretty fast there Generally in milk milk in general is Just struggling all the milk products Milk fat stuff as well as milk in General is is not being restocked well Here at least in Pittsburgh 378 for eggs here I saw basically about the same thing Over at Aldi and I was able to get this Down to about 370 per dozen by buying Three dozens wrapped up together in in Shrink wrap I wasn't able to inspect the Eggs but you know stated eight cents per Dozen that felt like a small victory for Me so that's kind of what I've been Doing for eggs obviously you're better Off if you have chickens and they're Laying eggs for you but We all do what we can right let me know What you guys are seeing on your area Are you seeing empty shelves what are You missing Put them in the comments down below use The word update and give some sort of Geographical location and if you want to Check out another video there's one Right up on the screen I'll see you over There or I'll see you later Steve Poplar Out

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