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These will be essential in shtf hey Everybody this is Michael with Asymmetrical preparedness What am I talking about good question There's a lot of stuff too prepping but One thing is very important is the Gathering of knowledge intelligence and The ability to talk with communicate With other people so we're talking about Calms today and having a variety of Calms A lot of Preppers have these baofeng U5rs handheld Ham radios good option Limited in distance which may or may not Be a good thing if you don't want to be Heard and or triangulated short distance Is actually better if you're using this For like inner team Communications or Shorter ranges they work great they do Make extended battery packs for them Longer antennas for them like this one Right here longer antenna this is the One that I use on my plate carrier it's Mounted right over my shoulder here and I have an ear com Line running up Earpiece and mic Good option I highly recommend A better antenna Better reception Better ability transmit like I said These are still Limited in range but This is just one option this is a ham Radio what are some other things you can

Use you can use CB radios I have a CB in My truck I also have a handheld CB Um that I'm just I'm not showing you on The video today but it's an option also FRS I'm also not showing you in the Video today but that's Family Radio Service I think it is Um those are like the little Walkie-talkies you can buy in the toy Section at Walmart or other places you Can get the lower end ones you get the Higher end ones those are very short Range only good for a couple miles maybe But they're an option but those are not Encrypted at all neither are ham radios There's just a lot more frequencies out There but what's another option another Option is recently acquired Um gmrs radio this is also a baofang They also have extended battery packs I Believe Um I need to look into it uh this oh First off this ham radio requires a ham License to legally use yes very true you Can listen in though without a license You just can't push that talk button and Transmit without a license so be careful Don't get in trouble this also requires A license but all this one you have to Do is just pay for and they send it to You this one you have to take a test for And pass it and pay for it stuff like That a lot more difficult to get into But a lot better option for longer range

Stuff and a lot more flexibility in what You can do with it but gmrs very simple All you got to do is you can go online Yeah you can go online and just pay for It they'll ship you out the license and Then you can hit transmit or you can Just have these to listen on I like Keeping options like this with me Like I said I have ham gmrs FRS and CB All handhelds all give me different Capabilities and I can listen on Different frequencies I can talk to People in different frequencies and uh Because you never know when you're out And about who has what so the more Options you have the more the better Ability you will have to communicate With whoever you need to so have options Don't limit yourselves It's always good to have options just Like we talk about in preps and Everything like that so short video but I want you guys to think about this very Good Communications is very important at Shtf these also have built-in like Weather radio where you can listen in to The weather other things maybe emergency Alerts stuff like that there's a lot of Stuff you can learn about them But get out there get these things but Use them practice with them if you don't Have a license don't do that but get a License get licenses get everything you Need get all the com gear practice use

It Do the things I love you guys have a Wonderful day and blessings to you and Yours

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