Evacuations CONTINUE & Balloon Shot Down | US Weekend News & World Report | Sunday, February 5th

Major Protests in Israel, Chinese Spy Balloon destroyed, and many other news stories for today’s Weekend News Report.

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Hey everyone welcome back to the Poplar Report this is your weekend news Um we're going to be going over kind of What's been going on the last couple of Days uh today and yesterday of course we Need to start where else but with the Balloon issue right Um so the Chinese spy balloon that has Been floating across U.S airspace was uh As you can see deflated Um now I'm gonna get you uh the video Here uh pop that right on up Um this is let's make that nice and big For you this is fighter jet that Launched the missile and as you can see In there There it goes down Too bad so sad I'm sure you guys are all On board with me feeling just so Terribly terrible for that um for that Uh That Downing of the balloon So now we are getting now that happened At 2 38 Saturday and uh that was uh a Missile from potentially an F-16 we did Get a report of f-16s being scrambled From a nearby Air Base Um that may have been different Jets Those may have just been observers we Don't know but it was definitely a Missile as you can see in the video that Was not used guns they didn't use lasers Or anything like that now we are Tracking another

Blimp from China going across Latin America and there is word now that there Is a third uh Airship that is on its way To the United States possibly as well Um we'll it remains to be seen whether That makes it into the United States Airspace unlike this one right here okay Moving on in the news uh we have um Protests in Israel a hundred thousand People have hit the streets for the Fifth week in a row 100 000 people Protesting the the conservative Government the government that is uh uh More religious more religiously Conservative than any since the founding Of Israel there have been provocations Uh uh from the outside as well as uh Potentially from the inside as well There have been multiple raids on the West Bank there has been uh you know all Those things that went kablooey over in Iran just a couple days ago as we've Covered so there's a lot of concerns Within some of the folks within Israel That the government is too conservative Of course there's a lot of people voted For him then uh one of these very things And uh are very happy with things but Can't ignore a hundred thousand people Especially in a small country like Israel hitting the streets they're also Protesting in other places YouTuber uh Tiba Al Ali was killed by Her family in Iraq she went home to

Visit in Iraq and on January 31st due to Disagreement with her father about her Living in Turkey by herself Her father killed her Since it was a domestic killing and Honor killing as they call it there will Not be any charges because Parents are allowed to kill their kids At home This is the Iraq that we have gotten and Uh I don't know about you but I That is not okay with me Um the fact that we have spent so much Time so much treasure so much Uh lives of Aid workers soldiers in Iraq We have we have poured out our country Into that place and and then you see Things like this where honor killings Are still happening uh what what for What did she do again she moved to Turkey and was living by herself and They didn't agree with her lifestyle and Therefore they killed her she was a YouTuber And uh that that's that's just super Frustrating and and just I I don't know Injustices like that the fact that there Will not even be any charges pressed is Uh infuriating and there's a lot of People around the world as well as in Iraq who uh followed her that uh that Are upset as well and are making an Issue of this this may have uh things to Happen in the future

Um in Uh Palestine not Palestine where you're Thinking Palestine Ohio Northwest of Pittsburgh there was a massive train Derailment and uh let's blow that up for You It had a hundred cars of chemicals So as you can see massive fires massive Flames uh 50 cars derailed and 100 cars Of chemicals and just they had to Evacuate within a whole mile some of the The tankers actually were carrying Chlorine gas which of course is uh Poisonous to inhale Very disturbing And I mean we're not talking about a Small wreck here not a couple couple Cars but as you can see the whole Whole train is on fire there Crazy stuff to behold Crazy stuff to be home And uh Moving on over to Pakistan of course They've had massive flooding this year Make myself a little bigger so you can See me again uh massive flooding this Year and they are uh Just really struggling with Hunger Issues they had the power grid collapse Just a week or two ago Um for for a couple of days they they Didn't have power across the whole Country and some I saw some comments out There about this was due to their their

Uh trying to Um run on Lower power and so they kind Of triggered this themselves because They're trying to conserve fuel uh They're trying to lower the voltage and Obviously you can't really do that Without triggering some of the fail Safes and that's kind of what happened Supposedly I I didn't see any follow-up On that so I didn't really want to Speculate about that but we are seeing That uh indeed their oil and energy Systems in the country are in crisis Mode quite frankly because the rupee Their uh currency is in full free fall They cannot get enough foreign reserves In order to purchase oil and other and Coal and those type of things from out Of the country so they're they're having Trouble buying buying enough oil in Order to keep the lights on and that is Causing problems at the uh at the pump Stations and everything else like that So let's keep an eye on that of course Pakistan is a major major uh country out There We're going to talk a little bit about Eastern Europe here we're not going to Say the name of the country but one of The things I just was kind of hit by was As as you hear all this reporting on Eastern Europe you hear like Ad nauseam Reporting how often do you actually see How often do you see

A map Of what's actually going on how often do You see a map like that This is what's happening because Um I think that they're really Suppressing a lot of this because they Don't want you to see how badly the People were supporting are losing uh the The bad guys uh Bear country is continuing to invade and They're continuing to gain ground They're taking a lot of ground and it's Uh it's not looking good particularly That fighting is the heaviest up here in The Northeast uh around bakmut I think I Pronounced that semi-rightly uh Bak moot Uh and and some of these other cities Around here they're trying to encircle Uh bakmut and uh get around behind it And cut it off uh they are continuing to Make advances there we're getting Reports of hundreds of Eastern European Soldiers are perishing per day uh just In that City the fighting is very Intense Um it is it is a massive war machine is Grinding down uh That people are fighting with the Weapons that we're sending In addition to that I want to point out Pete Reed he was a Former Marine and uh he perished uh just The other day in uh In Eastern Europe now he was not a

Soldier uh when he was over there he was A humanitarian Aid worker and he was Helping evacuate civilians out of the Fighting Zone when he was killed so Um hats off to a hero who was there you Know not furthering agenda but just Trying to limit the human casualties out There we've seen similar uh things in War zones and you know in Afghanistan And Iraq I was an aid worker for a while In some of those zones and the fact that People are going out there unarmed and Actually trying to save lives is is uh You know beyond heroic he was with Global Outreach doctors uh when he was Killed And uh he was right in the bakmut area From what I gather and he was helping Evacuate civilians when he was killed All right folks uh that is your weekend News uh thank you so much for joining if You have uh news tips you want to point Uh out to us uh we appreciate that and Trying to give you the best quality Experience uh video wise if you found This video useful or helpful you might Want to check out another video from me Right over here I'll see you over there Or I'll see you later Steve poppler from The popular report out

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