Every Day Carry: Footwear for Preppers


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17 thoughts on “Every Day Carry: Footwear for Preppers

  1. Merrell’s.
    I typed in Merrell’s before watching the video. I have a pair of Merrell’s, wear them almost everyday and love them. I’ve walked, ran and hiked in them.

  2. Great topic! Working in the footwear industry I think footwear is an under appreciated aspect of preparing. Two pairs of good boots and wearing them both in rotation to allow each to dry out the sweat will make them last longer. Also the heat in a car trunk can cause glue to fail in boots stored inside. Keep up the great work!

  3. Same opinion on Hitec for me. I bought a pair about 3 years ago and they got cut open on sides within a year of part time use !!!
    Salomon is a no go for me as I have wide feet.
    I found Haix about 2 years ago and they are rock solid. German brand not on the cheap side. However a brand I use now everyday with no regret. They have different product types for your info (sneakers, police, firefighters, military, …).

  4. It happened to me thrice that water-resistant shoes were soaked until I managed to get home. It´s really a weird feeling. If I was out for longer, my main concern would be hypothermia, especially since also my water-repellant coat became soaked as well… Seriously, when I undressed myself two layers underneath I was still soaked. So much about the advertisement of water-repellant…
    Maybe, these things last 1h in very light rain, but 5min of heavy rain is a different story, let alone 15min…
    PS: I was worried about my smartphone and USB stick etc. but all these things were in a belt pouch, which wasn´t marketed as water-resistant, but they remained dry enough.

  5. Most shoes fail to fulfil the basic criteria:
    1) no abrasion during extended hikes (sure, socks play a role too)
    2) good profile and not slipping inside the shoe
    3) sole protects from thorns, etc.
    4) shoes don´t get soaked in 15min of heavy rain.

  6. I like your Chuck Tailors! They were made in Cambridge Mass. for many years, now in China I’m sure. The Solomon boots I had fell apart in no time, maybe I just got a bad pair. I agree footwear is an important thing, our neighbor works in an ER and said one of the most common issues they see is people injured by wearing flip-flops.

    1. Thanks. Couldnt agree more. Flip flops are just terrible. Very popular in tropical regions though, you see guys in the tihrd world working in plantations with a machete all day long, wearing nothing but flip flops. That still doesnt make it good footwear, it just means that they are cheap and porbably the only thing they can afford. They cause a pile of accidents every day, from falls do car accidents.

  7. My favorite for three seasons are still USGI jungle boots. I’m wearing thru my last pair now. But in the winter, when we can get 25 below zero temps here by Lake Superior, I wear my Steger Mukluks. Great video on an important and often overlooked topic.

  8. I got into Salomon footware a year ago with trail running shoes and bought the Quest 4D Forces last month. They are not cheap but worth their money. Highly recommended!

  9. You can use shoegoo to repair the soles.
    Keep in mind that runningshoes and even light boots might not be what you want to wear if you walk longer distances (let`s say 20 km<, 50 km< in the wrong shoes is really torture, with and without backpack). Dry feet (yerka helped me a lot with getting my very sweaty feet dry), the right socks and insoles make a night and day difference.

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