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Always come here for the latest news on all prepper related food shortage. Prepper news similar to other channels like Canadian prepper, alaska prepper, full spectrum survival, pinball preparedness, the economic ninja, and goshen prepping. As the europe drought, energy crisis europe, and financial crisis 2023 get worse we need to be prepping for 2023. Having a prepared homestead so you can be ready for the empty shelves 2023, inflation, recession, walmart food shortages, and aldi empty shelves 2023.

Hey everyone welcome back to the Poplar Report I'm uh being joined by Mike at Prepernerd and we're going to be talking About long-term food storage so Mike Thanks for joining us Hey Steve thanks for having me Um now we're not here to sell you some Food buckets or anything like that Um uh I think it's safe to say Mike You're probably on on the side of Packing your own food for long-term food Storage is that safe to say Yeah most of my Supply is uh you know Not long-term stored you know buckets of Food I I did have I did buy a little bit Of that when I first got started Actually many years ago before I started Becoming or getting involved with a more Preparedness mindset it was just more Like a Um I guess a purchase out of fear at the Time but yeah most of my Supply is Um Is canned food and uh you know not Buckets of food Yeah so we're gonna be we're going to be Talking a little bit about that and uh You know Why why is food the best uh investment Out there Um I imagine you have some pretty strong Feelings about that Well for me you know I can just speak From my experience my own personal

Perspective on it when I was Um you know becoming more educated about Preparedness back in 2019 and watching Channels like Alaska prep or pinball Preparedness when he got started uh Private and prepper and so forth Um you know it's learning a lot and Learning about the importance of being Prepared and you know when things Started happening in early 2020 in January I was kind of ahead of the curve So to speak you know I was sensitive to Uh what was the current events of the Time what was going on and I realized You know I got to get out to the stores Before Um you know the the masses that start Emptying the shelves so I was kind of Ahead of uh ahead of that happening by a Couple of weeks and you know you know Really it boils down to just having Sustenance for my family in case of uh You know a major breakdown on the supply Chain and there's lots of different ways That that can happen and we don't Realize how fragile the system is when We're when it's running smoothly Obviously but it was a big wake-up call I think for everybody back a couple of Years ago and I'm glad that I was Prepared it gave me a sense of Confidence that I had uh you know food On hand that could last my my family you Know however many number of months and I

Didn't have to I didn't have to leave if I didn't you know have to for another Reason right if there was a dangerous Situation or there's you know rioting And you know in unpredictable uh areas Or if there's you know just Um kind of chaotic uh things going on With regard to you know people trying to Get access to food I didn't have to Worry about any of that Um and I had the confidence because I Had I was prepared right I was prepared in a Number of ways not and and not just food Right food is one element of it I think The first thing I focused on was water Making sure that I had a sustainable Water supply that didn't depend on the System uh and then it was definitely Food and then from there I you know I Started focusing on making sure I had The right supplies on hand and Um and and that's really how this the System that I built was born was out of My own My own needs Um because as I started adding to my Supply I quickly realized you know it Was beyond my Um my mental capacity if you will to Remember where everything is Um you know how how much do I actually Have on hand right I bought a bunch of Stuff but how much do I really have how

Long will that last my family and I just Didn't want to have to remember Um you know what exactly I needed well You know uh like I said where everything Was so you know I was having trouble Like finding things quickly if I needed Them Um and I have a a background and um Project management and um software Development so to me organization is Really the cure for for that stress Right we all have so many things going On in our daily lives Um you know and I'm no no exception and And then you layer preparedness on top Of that and all of these different Supplies that you may have on hand Um and it becomes kind of a burden Um you know thinking about everything That you know you need to Um Uh that you need to be thinking about in Terms of you know your plans for what You would do in a disaster situation as Well as you know like I said where Everything is finding things quickly so It was really born out of just my own Need Um to to feel con the confidence of Being organized Yeah we've all had that experience where We're either uh eating through some Things too fast and not restocking them Or we're eating through things too

Slowly and that we really need to rotate And uh you know it it is it's hard to Kind of keep track all that mentally and In your mind Um and I'll confess that my Organizational system here uh at my Place has not been the best Um and uh getting things rotated and Stuff like that is part of the reason Why uh why we start chatting uh together About that is that uh you know I I have A need to get more organized and I know A lot of other folks out there are Having that problem too where as you get More prepared you start getting a little Overwhelmed with uh with trying to track Everything and all that kind of thing What are some um You know what are some pitfalls with With long-term food storage that you've Seen out there you've seen a whole bunch Of people and you've had a lot of Contact with people what are people kind Of messing up uh out there well uh I Think the number one thing that I would Say that maybe a pitfall for people or Has been a pitfall for people that I've Uh had the pleasure of interacting with As customers of what I'm offering is That they don't accurately estimate what They actually have and how long it would Last them I I've had customers Uh an extreme example uh this person had Been preparing for many years

Thought that they had five years worth Of food on hand uh it was just you know Him and his wife Um but it turned out that he had a Fraction of that I think it was some Something around a year so five years Versus a year I mean you know a lot of Us would would be happy with a year but You know in this case he thought he had Five right so yeah that's a huge Stark Difference and if you apply that to you Know your own thinking uh about how much You think you have Um you don't want to be wrong right and You don't want to be wrong when it Counts the most right when you've done All of this work you've invested all This money you know into Uh preparing for your family so that Your family can survive or or even Thrive through really challenging Situations that may be ahead of us are Likely are ahead of us Um you don't want to be wrong when the Time comes that it matters most and so So that's a big one there's also people On the flip side of that Um honestly you know it's just a matter Of just being interact inaccurate in Their estimation of how how long the Food will last so there's people that Say you know they're so happy you know Because they use the system they realize That you know they thought they had

Three months of food they actually have Five months of food right so that's That's Um similar in that it's a problem it's a Different type of problem though because Right if they if their goal was to have Five months of food on him but they only Thought they had three they would Continue adding to their stockpile how Much money would they spend how much Time would they spend you know Continuing to add to their to their Prepper Pantry right when they didn't Really need to because they were already At their goal right so the amount of Money and time that they saved uh Because of that they were really happy About yeah um and then obviously you Know I think the obvious one for most Preppers is just you know keeping on Track on top of rotating your food so You don't end up with waste right food Waste is a big problem just generally Speaking not just with peppers but when You add prepping to the mix uh it's a Lot more volume of food that could Potentially spoil if it's not Um you know obviously packaged and Stored properly Um or if it's just out of sight out of Mind and you know the uh the food spoils Or or goes bad and and it's no longer Usable I mean uh there's a difference Between safe food to consume versus food

You'd want to consume even you know even If it's not a disaster right Um so there's there's a lot of potential For waste and you know that was one of The reasons why or kind of a side Benefit for me at the time because I was Thinking more short term but at the time But Um that's definitely An advantage of uh inventorying whether Use you know what I'm offering or not Um you got an inventory you gotta You gotta have an effective way one way Or another of rotating through the food Being accurate about what you have and How much you have and you know you'll Save a ton of time if you know if you Have a system for knowing exactly where Everything is that you would need Yeah um and I believe you can uh you can Share a screen here it kind of shows Kind of what your system is and kind of What what's going on with it now uh You're not some Fly by Night uh uh Person who just came up with an idea uh You've been you've partnered up with uh Alaska prepper as well as uh pinball Prepper and preparedness and uh some Other channels and stuff like that too Uh to kind of show some of your stuff Let me uh just pop you up up here on the Screen here I got your screen up so all right just Kind of walk us through what what am I

Looking at right here Yeah Um just real quick uh regarding Alaska Uh prepper and pinball preparedness you Know they were actually Um very early proponents of Um you know what I was building I like I Said I built this for myself initially And then I was just proud of what I had Built so I shared it with you know I Shared with each of them separately that You know I had built the system and They've expressed some interest in that And then we had a call and they took a Look at it they they said that they were Really uh excited about the potential Value that this could bring to the Preparedness community and they were Really big a big reason why I even Started offering this to the Preparedness community and at first Honestly it was uh You know I started offering it for free To folks in the in the prepping Community just because I wanted to give Back to the community and and it was a Community that I really Um Had a a real fondness for a lot of great People in the community and I just Wanted to you know uh help people and Help Um you know reduce people's stress about Prepping there's just so much you know

In terms of like current events Happening that cause people a lot of Stress especially you know people in the Preparedness Community who uh I think Are more in tune with those things and Uh you know I didn't want the process of Prepping to be an additional stress to That so started giving away for free I Gave away about 100 systems until I Realized you know I I really do need to Start charging for it um uh just from This just from a sustainability Perspective you know being able to Support Um you know many more customers because The demand was was so high and uh and Being able to enhance it over time I Wanted to be able to invest in uh Continued enhancement of the system Which which I've done so just quick Overview you know total uh food stored Is up here got a way to track against Your preparedness goal Um so that in this case right I think The goal is 12 months and I'm 90 there Uh you know it tracks how much food You've added in the last 7 30 or 90 days You know how much food you have on hand That based on Um their best by date range so for Example you know there's 133 days on Hand that's oh you know the best by Dave Is more than three years away and so you Don't want to see this you know really

Heavy on the front you know on the short Term side you want to see a distribution Like this and especially uh you know a Large amount of your food should be You know shelf stable for for a long Time and then this was a was really Valuable for me when I added it just for Myself in terms of like I didn't want to Make I didn't want all my calories Coming from a couple of categories I Want Um some variety in my food so it was you Know this is actually I'm really happy With the distribution of where my Calories are coming from you know on a Category by category basis I'm not Getting all my you know I'm not Depending on Um you know 11 months of preparedness Food preparedness from just beans and Rice for example right so sometimes People will comment to me that they they Entered their inventory and they looked At this graph and they realized you know They really need to start focusing on The uh on variety and adding more Variety to their to their pepper Pantry So Um down here is days of servings you Know so my goal is you know up here this Is what I have on hand it's almost a Year so this is uh by category Uh how many days on hand I have for each Category so basically anything above a

Year right 350 days would be right here You know I'm I'm in good shape but it What this does is at a glance shows me You know where my gaps are right and This isn't necessarily Um accurate by the way there's a sample System but like you know and so I'm not Sure why rice is low because in my own Stockpile rice is pretty high but um You know ground beef is a category that I like to track and I you know based on My own preferences of how many servings Per day I want my family to eat of you Know ground beef I want you know in this Case a serving per person every five Days and that's what that equates to you Know if I if I stick to that plan a Serving per person every five days I'm Still only you know my ground beef is Only going to last about 200 days it's Not going to last anywhere near the the 11 months that I have so the goal would Be to get uh all categories as close to You know in alignment or lined up as Possible and this basically just shows Me that I've got this is where I want to Focus these are my gaps so to speak And then you know based on customer Demand uh some people like to Track their food preparedness by weight Of the food so instead of calories or by Servings it's based on weight so that You know you can indicate how much Weight you want of each category and

Then as you track your inventory it'll It'll show you where you know your Progress toward that on this graph this Is just a summary of supplies and Equipment And then you've got your menu here that Gives you access to all of the sheets That you need for the system to work There's a food inventory supplies Inventory And so on there's a lot more detail on All of this information on my YouTube Channel Um Dozens of videos going into a lot more Detail on each of these aspects of the System Yeah so uh now you're licensing the Software right so I mean you built this In a system that uh that that you have To license I believe right Yeah that's that's correct this is based On an online platform called smartsheet So uh you know I get to take advantage Of all of the capabilities of smartsheet And configure the system to in the best Way for the specific preparedness Mindset right my favorite thing about That is being able to scan the barcodes Of products that's just that's just Powerful Um if you have canned goods folks that You need to log in that's going to save You so much time it's it's it's

Ridiculous right that's something that Uh that you can do without smartsheets I Think right yeah customers definitely Love the barcode feature I also want to Mention just real quick you know also Based on a lot of uh customer demand Customers were asking for and even Um people who had not bought the Ultimate prep system and but because the Reason that they hadn't was because it Was only available online well we also Have an offline version now so this Version is the offline version so it's a Little bit different in the way it looks And feels but mostly this the same Features Um and so if though if there's people That uh love the convenience of having Your prep system available anytime Anywhere on any device you would go with The online system if if you're more Focused on opsec or operational security And really Um want to ensure that you know there's Never even a remote possibility of any Kind of um you know just just not Wanting your data online then the Offline system is is perfect for you Because this this system can actually be Used without ever touching the internet So your data can be on a computer that Never even connects to the internet Yeah yeah lots of features and just Sounds like you've just been kind of

Adding uh features along the way that Have been found useful to you and be Useful to other people things um and and It sounds like you're uh continue you're Committing to kind of continue adapting And evolving this system as you go too Uh yeah absolutely the the offline Version came out uh mid-year last year So that was a big accomplishment for us There was a lot of um a lot of interest In that you know these these tools in This other tools section are are you Know relatively newer enhancements since I originally came out with a system that Focused mostly on the food and supplies Inventory so there's a way to track your Insurance information and warranty so if A disaster were to happen you can file Your claims with with ease Um shopping list uh feature where you Can you know you have you can build your Specific shopping list specific to Prepping so this allows you to you know Go into US whatever store you're going Into filter for that store in your Shopping list and see exactly what you Intended to buy in that store and like How much you're willing to pay and like That kind of thing skills assessment I Can pull this one up it's just this is Just an example but it Allows you to focus on on consistent Improvement of skills that are important To you I'm not going to prescribe to

Anybody what skills are important to you But there's a dozens of Suggested skills and you can type in you Know a custom skill whatever skill you Want you know give it a level of Importance indicate you know what the Skill level is that's available to you And who has that skill and then it will Give you a an overall skills Preparedness level in this case is 52 And that's somewhat arbitrary but what It does is it gives you a baseline so That as you start focusing on some of These things like for example you know This is a highest importance but it's Relatively low and skill level you know I know that that's where I need to focus And as I improve in that area right the Skill My overall skill level will Continue to improve as well and so you Know you can basically set goals on that Right I want my skill I want to work on My skills so that I take my skill level From 60 this month to 65 five percent or Seventy percent or whatever you're so it Allows you to measure your focus on Skills and Improvement and then in a Newer version this is actually one Version old of the system but I did some Collaboration with Provident prepper and They were suggesting that I come out With a way for people to Um basically plan their recipes uh and Their use of those recipes in a disaster

Or shtf situations so what it does is You know you're able to Um indicate what the specific Ingredients are for each recipe you can Have as many recipes as you want as many Ingredients for each recipe as you want And then you tell it how much of each Ingredient The recipe needs and then you say how Off how often you want to have that Recipe for your family available and Then it calculates it tells you exactly How much of in each ingredient you'll Need over 30 days 90 days 180 days to Have you know to be able to Carry out that plan So this sounds like it's um invaluable For people who value their time for one Absolutely people who who want to Actually really know what they have Um and uh it's also great for sounds Like for beginners who kind of want to Be able to kind of be pointed in the Right direction a bit but kind of still Figuring out themselves you know highly Customizable but then also for for more Experience preparedness people who are Uh who may have quite a bit of stuff but May not know exactly what they have or May need help rotating some of the stuff They have Um so I mean it's just there's a lot of Value here Um now there there is a sticker price on

This and uh and you got to keep the System updated and You're adding new uh new things to it if You could just kind of give us a little Ballpark of kind of what we're looking At here currently Um uh we know that that could change in The future but um What's the sticker value-ish and kind of How could we recoup that uh relatively Quickly So yeah there's a few versions of the Ultimate prep system available there's Uh there's the online version which is 97 per year there's the offline version That's 97 per year so it's just you know Choose one or the other it's the same Price Um there's a basic version available of The ultimate of the online System which is 47 a year uh and then There's a bundle option which includes The online and the offline and some People may ask well why would you want Both well if you want the convenience of The online version but you want the uh Sustainability of being able to use the Whole ultimate prep system in case of Um you know not you know not having Electricity or sorry not having access To the internet right if the internet Goes down Um then you'd want the bundle because You can transfer your information from

The online version to the offline Version just with a few clicks of the Button so Um so that's the pricing we occasionally Have uh discounts available I think We're you know Steve you and I can talk About uh making a discount available to To your audience Um for a limited time you know based on Um the you know publishing this video if You'd like to Yep Yeah and uh so I know that's that's that Sounds like a bit of money but when you Realize how valuable your your food is That you've put back Um how much money do we sync into Long-term food storage and if you're Like me and you're saving money by not Paying somebody else to do all the Organization to figure out how many Calories and how many meals of this and That I mean if you want to go out and Buy food buckets where they've done all The thinking for you you're going to be Paying out the out the nose but if You're going to do all the work yourself Um you have to be able to rotate all That kind of stuff and this can really Make uh the food storage that you have More valuable and uh and really kind of Add that value to all the food that you Have in stocks that's kind of why I Think this is uh you know for a lot of

People I think this is a really great uh Solution to a lot of problems and uh so That's why I brought this to all of you Guys out there and uh if you want to Check down below in the description to Kind of find out what what we got price Wise uh Um with the uh with the promo code and Everything like that and you can do a It's a 30-day free trial right Um people can try it out we offer 30-day Free trial and then on top of that Another 30 day of money back guarantee And once you put your information to the System you can print out your lists you Can print out all that kind of stuff Like that so Um you know it's uh your information Belongs to you I mean there isn't uh There isn't uh some kind of game going On here Um this is an extremely valuable system And it sells itself really Um so like I said I think this is a Great solution some of you guys are like Wow this is exactly what I need and some Of you are like this this isn't what I Need but um that's that's up to you guys And if you want to check them out uh Check down below try out that free trial And give it a test Spin and highly Customizable and it really is kind of Suited for you and your uses and uh and It's also not somebody you know with a

Program telling you what you need to Have and what you need don't need to Have uh you get to kind of uh put all Those numbers in how many calories how Many Um what you're actually looking at what Locations you're storing stuff in all That kind of stuff so yeah I'm I'm super Highly impressed by the whole thing and I'm super excited to bring this to you Guys and let you guys take a look at it For yourselves

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