Everything Is Crashing Except For Stocks… So Far

Investments in stocks and bonds are extremely risky right now given how the market is mispricing risks and the Federal Reserve hiking interest rates.

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So I've had a number of you guys reach Out to me and and asking this basically Variations of this question why am I so Down on the stock market why am I so Against stocks and bonds I talk about Genesis gold who are sponsor of this Channel they do a fantastic job moving People out of stocks and bonds into uh Into silver gold Platinum coins that in Your retirement account are yours that You'll take distribution of those at Jonathan's team do a fantastic job I Keep hearing from those of you who've Worked with him about how very Non-pressure and just extremely helpful And informative he he and his team has You can find them down in the Description down below but why do I keep Saying get out of stocks and bonds why Do I keep saying it's more risky than You imagine it is Stocks Are not really down that much now they Are down from their high of 17 percent Down So if you bought at the top you're You've lost 17 percent now if you failed To sell your stocks at the top In general uh the s p is down 17 and the Nasdaq's even more than that But everything else is crashing like Stocks are down a little bit but they're Just wobbling back and forth Stocks and the market haven't yet gotten

The message how bad things are now I Understand that this channel we do kind Of look for and focus in on the news That's a little more negative whereas we Have a lot of the the mainstream Financial markets out there all being Like it's so wonderful everything's fine And nothing's going to go wrong we can Keep doing whatever we want to do and We'll never actually provoke World War III we can go out and we can abuse as Many countries we want as we want to and It'll be fine we can keep printing money Until the ponies come home and it'll be Fine and I keep telling you no no it's Not and I show you the evidence of why It's not we try to sell tell the truth Here unlike a lot of People on the internet said a lot of People on the televisions and all that Kind of stuff like that and I know That's why a lot of you watch this Channel I try to bring you real Information actionable information so That you can kind of be ahead of the Curve when we showed up at Asbury University uh for the Revival there a Lot of you are kind of like why are you There Was day four that was day four of um we We beat Tucker Carlson to uh to Interviewing the student uh president There we spoke with faculty members Which other organizations were not able

To even do by the time that they got There we beat Tucker Carlson by like What three or four days to the scoop we Scooped them that's going to be a uh That's going to be something that I'm Gonna wear as a badge of Pride for a While just uh scooping Tucker Carlson And and Glenn Beck Uh they're they're good guys um they put Out a lot of good information and but Just seeing those Trends and and this Channel has a bit of a reputation for Doing that of breaking news stories Rather quickly and uh getting out in Front of things and recognizing things That are going to be a big deal By connecting the dots But the markets the markets are Literally teetering on the edge Of falling and and people have become so Acclimated to when the stock market is Down you just buy it you buy the dip and It's just going to go back up again Because stocks only go up and friends That's not true Now if you look at the U.S stock market Back for a long ways and you're like Yeah it is true but look at other Countries stock markets And look at other countries stock Markets in relation to the strength of Their currency Because that's that's where you really Get I mean one of the best uh stock

Markets out there was Venezuela The Zimbabwe stock market did awesome as Well Until you realize How badly their currencies crashed so Even though they made a killing They put in tens of thousands of dollars Maybe and in the end even though they Made a killing they could only buy a Loaf of bread with it And that's the kind of situation you Need to be aware of but profits out There corporate profits are down Housing housing sales are just crashing Houses are not retail Retails not buying houses Office offices commercial real estate is Is is coming down hard fast Insiders you know like CEOs CFOs people Actually look at the balance sheet of Those companies they're not buying their Company's stock They're selling their company's stock More and more Why is that The people that actually can see the Numbers for themselves don't like the Numbers That should scare you institutional Purchases so the banks the banks that Can kind of look at the numbers from the Back end and who really know what They're doing and they're really looking Out for

Making money They are getting out of the markets like It's a piece of dung on fire that's That's how they're treating it Every time it goes back up a little bit They're they're the ones selling the Smart money the bankers The ones who Are ready to Sell their own grandmothers for a uh for A an angle and make more money Bankruptcies are up corporate Bankruptcies and personal bankruptcies We're having defaults on car loans we're Having foreclosures on houses it's all Picking up significantly And yet we keep getting told that Everything's fine out there the layoffs Are picking up dramatically Countries and central banks are finding Themselves painted into a corner where If they print more money the inflation Rate is going to spike even higher and So they don't want to print more money But how do they pay for things if they Don't print more money The United States is up against its debt Ceiling so it's playing all sorts of Fiduciary games out there in order to But they're not borrowing more money And because of that Because of that we're seeing inflation Kind of hold it held in check just a Little bit from that

But if you think that they're exercising Any sort of discipline whatsoever out There financially you're absolutely Wrong Everything in the markets is going down Bonds are interest rates are going up Which means the value of bonds is going Down I know it's one of those inverse Things that's kind of weird whereas Stocks go up when their value goes up Right But Stocks are holding steady bonds are Crashing All the institutional investors are just Freaking out the banks are upset and Worried That people that actually look at the Numbers are worried Should you be worried about the markets Um You should talk to a financial advisor And find out Um I'm not a certified financial advisor And I can't give you an advice but I'll Tell you what I'm doing The only money I have in the stock Market is actually in gold and silver Streaming companies They produce gold and silver And they own a lot of Assets in the Ground that are gold and silver Those are extremely good protection Against inflation

It's it's a it's leveraged basically Against inflation so if inflation goes Up those gold and silver rocks And they don't go up in value at all Um against the dollar My investment goes up significantly Against the dollar because It's not about having X number of gold And silver it's about having access to a Lot more gold and silver that as the Price goes up more of that's going to Come out it's It's one of the best inflation Hedges That I that I know of so I'm betting on Inflation taking off and and potentially Even the stock market Crashing Down And my my uh my streaming stocks may go Down a bit but the thing is that they're Backed up by so much gold and silver That's in the ground that's coming out Of the ground that it's just It's uh the intrinsic value of it is Pretty significant but Still have more money that's actually in Physical Silver Which is where I think the the best Place to be is so I can only tell you What I'm doing I'm an accountant by Trade I look at the markets and I spend A lot of the time looking at news and Reading through financial reports and Stuff like that because I'm weird like That and I try to try to clue you guys

In as best I can on that I I'm extremely Skeptical and extremely worried about The stock market and I say worried as in Um I don't trust it not that like I stab It and I can go oh the stock market this Time I'm not in it so I don't care I don't really care Now I care because other people are going to Be impacted significantly by it but I've positioned myself out of it just Like a lot of us are positioning Ourselves so that we're stable and Secure regardless of what happens out There with a lot of things So that's my two cents on it that's why I mean I think that if you are in stocks And bonds in your retirement account I Think you would do well to move it over To physical gold physical silver Um I know there's there's ETFs and stuff Like that like SLV and um GLD which is The silver and the gold ETFs but I don't Trust them I don't trust them Um you're basically just getting a piece Of paper from a company saying a bank Saying that you own this Um So I I'm I think it's better actually Having the the physical metal itself as Opposed to uh that now I I do have the Streaming companies but uh they Literally have contracts in their hands

With all these mining companies and Those mining companies will do quite Well And uh they'll be able to fulfill their Obligations so and it's Diversified so Anyway that's my two cents on things if You found this video useful or helpful You can always check out another video From me right here I'll see you over There or I'll see you later Steve Poplar Out

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