Explosive Potential Of Hiroshima | Chemical Nightmare In Ohio

The East Palestine train derailment with 100 cars of toxic and explosive chemicals continues to be burned off and the fallout in the region is affecting pets, birds, and fish as far as 10 miles away.

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We basically nuked a town with chemicals Just to get a railroad open said Silverado caggiano he is a hazardous Material specialist that is helping uh With the cleanup in uh East Palestine Ohio I reported on last week where we Had this massive train wreck a hundred Cars carrying hazardous chemicals we're Now getting more word on what was on Those uh train cars and the situation Still is not resolved They decided that in order to limit the Damage and in order to clean up the Tracks more quickly they were going to Vent and burn off some of these Chemicals now to give you an idea when He says nuke to town with chemicals he Wasn't kidding 22 of those cars Were carrying liquefied natural gas so Compressed natural gas it had the same Explosive energy approximately as the Hiroshima bomb That's how much explosive power we're Talking about so when you see these Mushroom clouds over uh Eastern Ohio you Can understand That the comparison is not too far off Now 22 of these cars carrying liquefied Natural gas is not considered toxic that Could be vented off from the atmosphere And causes you know potential explosive Issues but they were able to flare that Off but the problem is the other 78 cars

Are carrying some really nasty stuff Some of the chemicals used on those car That are on those cars Were used as chemical weapons during World War one that's how bad they are They were intentionally using them to Try to kill people in World War One Uh some of these things that were Hearing out here vinyl chloride Uh hydrogen chloride phos Gene phosgene Was what was used during World War One As a chemical weapon and has been banned By the Geneva Convention for use on the Battlefield All this is uh is bad I mean we're Venting off these toxic gases burning Off these toxic gas and it's all raining Down on that whole area and we're Getting reports of animals dying within 10 miles One family lost their dog the dog went Out into the backyard and died When we were talking about other animals That are showing up dead lots of dead Fish in in stream after stream after Stream uh we're seeing uh other animals Like foxes chickens people's chickens Are dying out behind their homes All this toxic chemicals are just Raining down all over the whole region Now this is not that far from where I am I live south-ish of the city of Pittsburgh and this is out Northwest of The city of Pittsburgh

A fair bit past the airport and Everything like that but that's all kind Of coming into just over the Pennsylvania line and 5 000 residents in That area are being dramatically Affected by this of course the railroad Norfolk Southern is uh is giving twenty Five thousand dollars to the uh the town It's raining down toxic chemicals that Are killing chickens and people's pets And people are being forced to evacuate And a lot more people probably should be Evacuating than are being evacuated they Put out a one one mile evacuation uh Area and we're seeing animals dying 10 Miles out If animals are dying probably not a good Place to have human beings and yet They're just venting off these chemicals And burning them off in order to clear Off those tracks so they can get the Trains through Um at least according to this hazardous Materials specialist he's saying that What they're doing is inherently Dangerous and downright Criminal Just so they can get the rail line back Open again The scope of this train wreck is off the Charge we've seen plenty of train wrecks Over the years but what we haven't seen Is a train that has so much toxic Junk on it it combined with the Explosive potential of these natural gas

Liquefied natural gas cars it's just a Nightmare scenario for the people there And for the Emergency workers there And they're having to make some really Tough calls but it sounds like they're Being heavily pressured by the rail Executives to make calls that are in Line with business principles first and Not so much protecting the health of the People in the area and protecting the Plants and wildlife in the area Uh you can't just rain toxic chemicals All over the place and they're not be Lingering health issues for years to Come some of these chemicals are Extremely carcinogenic carcinogenic That Known to cause cancer for people who are Exposed to it and this is the kind of Stuff that's raining down all over the Place the fact that animals are dying With brief contact from what they're Coming in contact with tells you how Awful this stuff is it's not like They're dying over weeks and weeks and Weeks they've been dying over days and Some of these instances in a matter of Minutes so Please do keep the people of of East Palestine and that area in your prayers Realize that when really when push comes To shove and there is a disaster in your Area Businesses are going to get first

Priority and citizens and US slowly People out there if we're inconvenienced Or I don't know endangered When it comes to the profits of these These larger Businesses that are overseen by these Agencies that cross-pollinate people That work in for the the transportation Boards tend to be people that work used To work in railroads or plan to work in The railroads uh in the future and this Is just Once another example of what's going on The United States of just corruption Rampant corruption between agencies and The businesses that they're supposed to Be overseeing and supposed to be giving Oversight to they tend to be very very Not oversighty because they're actually Hoping to get jobs with those very same Companies tragic Do want to give you guys an update on What's going on out there and let you Know all of that all right folks um If you found this video useful or Helpful you might want to check out this Other video right here I'll see you over There or I'll see you later Steve Poppler out

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