FBI Charges Florida Couple With Conspiracy | National News & World REPORTS

Planned attack on city, Turkey earthquake updates, 75,000 more hens killed, and a large food recall on the east coast of the USA.

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Brandon and Sarah were a normal ordinary Florida couple when they started Plotting last month to destroy an American city Charges filed against them on Monday Yesterday and uh they're pretty serious You're going to want to hear that as Well as a bunch of other news stories we Got uh updates on the earthquake over in Turkey we got a food recall and of Course we got another fire out there on The food system let's jump right into it Folks this video is brought to you by Genesis Gold group if you'd like to Transfer some of your money out of your Retirement funds and stocks and bonds And get them over into physical gold Silver Platinum you probably want to Talk with Jonathan and his team to get Some questions answered about how to do That you can find them down in the Description down below So yesterday the Department of Justice Announced charges against Brandon and Sarah for planning a tax on power Substations surrounding Baltimore Maryland Now there are some questions here that I Have to ask Um they they had the intention allegedly Of permanently and completely laying the City to waste Planning has apparently included looking At open source Maps

And they wrote some sort of Manifesto or Something that quoted all sorts of bad People So Um I I Hope if we're talking about federal Charges here the FBI is involved now my Math isn't too great but um Baltimore is Not near Florida so the fact that the Feds got involved and are charging some People in Florida who looked at some Open source maps and said some things Was it an actual plot they were planning On using uh boomsticks to take out power Substations Multiple substations in the Baltimore Maryland area the question is is how far Did that go and uh I'm looking at you Guys out there Um be careful about what you're looking At on the internet because Um if you typed up some sort of Manifesto that sounds not so great and You were looking at the wrong kind of Documents out there on the internet Uh could they possibly come for you I Don't know I don't know it remains to be Seen as this unfolds as to what exactly They did And to trigger this investigation but I Want to give you guys a little warning Out there because I've seen some YouTube Videos and stuff like that and they're

Like oh you can look at this on online And I'll just say like That's a trap that's a trap I'm not Clicking on that link I'm not getting on That database uh because uh they're Going to start thinking I'm up to Something and uh we all kind of need to Keep keep our heads down a little bit Don't we so be careful about what you're Looking out out there because you have Zero privacy on the internet and if you Don't know that by now and if you think A VPN is saving you it's not it's not Trust me massive earthquake in Turkey You by now probably heard about this but We're now getting Harder Faster numbers And that is that over 3 000 buildings Collapsed Uh they already have close to 13 000 People in hospitals for treatment uh Injured and it is estimates are now over 5 000 people killed This is affecting the Turkish uh the South east Turkish area up against the Syrian Border in the ghaziantep area and Also affecting also Northern Syria Many countries are mobilizing Aid such As the United States and Bear Country Because why wouldn't Bear Country be Sending Aid Um In addition to that um you know please Keep them in your prayers there's a lot Going on over there I know some folks

Over there and uh by God's grace they're They're doing all right they weren't in One of the major cities in that area but Uh in the outlying areas and they they Were okay Um Uh I can't talk about why I know people There can I Um 75 000 egg-laying hens killed in another Coincidence fire in New Zealand This is uh I saw Southern prepper one Pop this up uh yesterday he he is he is Fast at that Um but uh They're already in shortage egg shortage Over there in New Zealand because you Know a lot of the world is having an egg Shortage and this isn't just the United States thing a lot of countries all went In on the whole let's kill a whole bunch Of our poultry uh because uh we're Scared of our our poultry getting sick And This has created a vast egg shortage Across the the world the United States UK Australia New Zealand many other Places but those are the places that we Can see all the news stories very easily In English 75 000 Killed Food recall for lysteria Potential lysteria

Exposure 400 products recalled now this Is from a massachusetts-based company But they sell their products to nine States and in and also the District of Columbia so basically Northeastern States this is a whole bunch of Sandwiches fruit cups yogurt muffins so It's probably not going to affect your Long-term food stash but if you bought Some food between January 24th and January 30th that was those type of Things you might want to check in on That I imagine most of those things Would have been eaten already but hey we Got the government here watching out for Us and doing a recall after everyone's Already eaten all the products that are Being recalled but uh all right folks That's what we got for you today of Course more news coming your way lots of More stuff happening out there there's a Lot going on right now if you have Things you want to report in to me uh Shoot me an email at poplarprepareness Gmail.com and uh thanks so much for Watching the Poplar report You can click here to subscribe I'll see you on a future video or I'll See you sometime in the future thanks so Much for watching

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