FBI Raids Chinese Police Station In NYC | National News & World Updates

Breaking news stories from the USA and around the world. Israeli raid into the West Bank goes off the rails and a 61 year old woman is killed.

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Hey everyone welcome back to the Poplar Report we've got a whole bunch of news Articles that we're going to be covering In very short fast Snappy moments uh We're going to give you up to speed on Kind of what happened yesterday and Overnight uh what's going on out there First we're going to go to um we got Over in Eastern Europe we have a new Wave of missile and drone attacks that Happened uh this is in response to the United States and Germany giving tanks To Eastern Europe Bear Country decided To send about according to Eastern Europe 55 missiles into their zoned to Attack power plants and such they were Able to shoot down 47 of them allegedly And uh it sounds like about eight got Through uh no indications on the amount Of damage that was inflicted because of That but the situation there is a Continuing and ongoing Eastern Europe is Is saying that they were able to retake Some small areas and that is kind of Going back and forth heavy fighting even In the winter there uh moving on to Denmark Denmark is now saying that they Will be drafting women So mandatory enlistment for women to to Do their service uh that is uh new so Gender equality here it is uh women have To now serve in the military whereas men Alone used to have to do that so Hopefully uh everyone over there who

Wanted equality is uh is happy with that I don't know seems like craziness to me That's not the kind of world that I want To live in where uh where women who may Be uh having children or pregnant or may Have to get dragged off to war that's That just sounds crazy to me but I don't Know I don't know where you're from uh Anal annualized GDP was released uh Supposedly for fourth quarter uh 2.9 Percent up uh over the year uh that's uh That sounds like crazy weird dumb Numbers but you know okay sure Um so we're not going to be seeing a Official recession here uh starting in Fourth quarter But once you dig into those numbers you Do see that a lot of that uh movement Came from inventories basically all These uh companies started building up a Lot of inventory but as they have to Liquidate that we may be seeing that be A negative a GDP because of that It kind of swings because of that uh Inventories that's just dead weight that They didn't make money they just built Up inventories so A lot of companies got a lot of orders That they're now going to not get orders In first quarter because the companies The retailers and such have too much Inventory on their hands now and we're Seeing that uh shipping coming in the The West Coast we see the Chinese

Factories all shut down because there's No orders coming in because everyone has Far too much stuff Uh just days moving over to Israel just Days after a hundred thousand Israelis Took to the streets in protest of the uh The some of the changes that are going On there basically the parliament wants To be able to directly appoint uh people To the Judiciary they want to directly Appoint judges and everyone's like That's the end of democracy I'm not really sure exactly all that's Going on there just there's a lot of People upset they're very upset about it Extremely conservative government in Israel that doesn't necessarily equate To conservative United States political Parties or anything like that so Um it's definitely something different It just days after that Soldiers went into the West Bank and uh In a raid they killed nine people Um seven of them were allegedly Militants but one of the people killed Was a 61 year old woman who definitely Wasn't a militant so now obviously with Those type of raids Collateral damage is bound to happen but Of course that is not optimal and that Is not supposed anything that we could Ever be uh happy about Um Moving on to the United States speaking

Of raids FBI rated a secret Chinese Police station in New York City And you say wait a minute why did the Chinese have a secret police station in New York City and that's kind of the Point of the raid so they went to the Secret police station it was unoccupied At the time but they went in and shut it Down anyway Basically we some reports have been Coming out in the last two months about These secret police stations being set Up all over the world and basically Um Foreign Chinese agents pressuring Chinese Nationals to either return so Like a couple incidences in Serbia and Spain of people being forcibly taken and Put on transports in order to be taken Back to China so they could be dealt With In in France there was one incense or Several instances sorry of where they Were being coerced they were being Blackmailed into getting on the Airplanes to go back to China with their Families being threatened So basically these secret police Stations if you are a Chinese National And you act out against the Chinese Communist Party back home they can have Someone knock on your door and say Hey You have family back in the

States you need to come into uh you need To come to this office and we need to Have a chat with you and you need to Tell us everything if you don't people Are going to get hurt back home that's The kind of stuff that's going on and This was happening inside the United States so the FBI not the New York City Police mind you but the FBI had to raid This office because well the foundation That owns this office actually made a Campaign contribution to the mayor of New York City so you know that keeps the New York City Police off your back when You give them four thousand dollars Anyway So the FBI raided the office and the Chinese government is saying that this Was just being used for these are Facilities to help Chinese Nationals Fill out paperwork and other Administrative tasks That just sounds nefarious doesn't it Other administrative tasks Like like what like threatening and Blackmailing uh Chinese Nationals Moving on in the news project Veritas uh You've probably heard of them Um secretly recorded a Pfizer executive Admitting that they were mutating the Cough cough in monkeys Or animal subjects but he specified Monkeys making new variants of the cough Cough

And admitting that it originally came From a lab in Dragon country yes exactly where we Thought it came from So they are mutating it further in order To you know get ahead of the curve and Create vaccines for that kind of stuff Um And they're just kind of hoping that it Doesn't get accidentally released They're making it more dangerous more Deadly whatever mutating the disease and Then hoping to contain it Friends yes that's exactly what they're Doing and that is exactly insane Um You may have heard out there from other Channels or you may hear about that from Other channels in the near future about A asteroid buzzing the uh the the Earth And I will tell you that that is Absolutely a nothing Burger because it's About the size of a truck and the thing Even if it were to hit the atmosphere of The United of the United States or any Other country it would just burn up the Atmosphere when you start looking at With kind of spaceships and uh fuel Tanks come in at any time Um we the Chinese jump drunk uh big big Pieces of their spaceships coming in There are far larger than this asteroid And they burn up in the atmosphere so This asteroid would not be a big deal

Even if it hit the Earth but it's not Even supposed to hit the earth so Nothing Burger of a news report out There but if you see that scare Mongering going on out there you'll know That that's not a big deal Um major protests Um are now I warned this about you uh Last Saturday I had an Insider from the Uh someone who had contacts with an Insider in the Memphis Tennessee police Station Um they uh they said that this is They're expecting this to be big they Are getting everyone geared up for riots And uh Riot police and everything like That they were expecting a news agency Had gotten their hands on a recording of The body cam footage but that has not Yet been released but they're talking About releasing it in the next 24 hours Approximately 6 p.m on Friday local time Eastern Standard they're expecting to be Releasing that body cam footage and Supposedly it is bad However while they're expecting Nationwide riots I will put out a few Caveats on that of why I don't think It's going to be as big of a deal as Everyone thinks it seems to be One it was five black officers that did This Second All of the officers have been indicted

For Murder by the government they've Been arrested and indicted for murder so That I think that's going to definitely Quell things quite a bit and then Thirdly it is the debt of winter people Who think that everyone's going to get Out there and start rioting in the Streets it's cold A lot of these rioters don't have the Wherewithal for that they're going to Wait until it's sometime warm and when It's not five black officers who did This it just kind of goes against the Narrative every time that we see Um something that just doesn't go along With the narrative it just tends to just Go away and I think that's going to Happen here too I mean I'm not saying That it's good I'm saying that it is Um it's probably a very troubling video And it sounds like this is a very bad Situation but I'm going to say I'm going To go on a limb here and say that it's Probably going to be a big nothing Burger when it comes to the protests That happen there may be a little bit of A thing and then it's probably going to Just go away because they're going to Wait for a situation that that has white Officers involved or something like that And then then they're going to go big And honestly it's just much easier to Get a riot going in the summertime or When it's warm than when it's really

Really cold all right and finally we Have one more uh news story here and This is a big one Um hidden Hindenburg research uh they They uh they they do these in-depth Research on companies Um that they believe to be frauds and Basically they point out uh Ponzi Schemes they point out companies that Are just totally fraudulent and most the Time they're dead on right well they Just went after uh a company called Adani group and it is a massive company It's an Indian company and if they're Right and if people start agreeing with Them that it's a big Ponzi scheme if a Donnie group goes down it could take Down the entire in Indian banking system And I'm talking about the country of Course the Indian banking system they Have 30 billion dollars worth of loans Out and these are leveraged throughout The Indian banking sector the Indian Banking sector is already reeling from a Whole bunch of defaults and a lot of Loans if this company goes down and Starts defaulting on those loans it's Going to just have catastrophic impacts To from the Indian government that part Of the world of course a lot of people Who are very desperately poor having Issues with food it's it's rough the Government there has just held like an Iron fist you still need to get the pad

On the shoulder before you can go there So it's it's you can just get it a lot Of places you're still required to cover And all that kind of stuff going on over There so it's just been really really Hard on the folks on the ground there The citizens and the the people living In the country just really rough and Then when you see that this banking System could be crumbling as well if you Guys have reports about what's happening Inside your industry if you're seeing Shortages Manufacturing or if you manage a store Or if you work in a store and you want To share things from the inside you can Always email those directly to me and I Will protect your identity of course Popular preparedness gmail.com if you Have an update on what's happening on Your store shelves that you like to Share with other folks you can pop them Down in the comments it's down below Just use the word update and we'll see Those just give us some sort of Geographical location on those stores And what you're missing there at the Stores all right folks thanks so much For watching Um have a great day and uh you might Want to check out another video from me If you have some time Um there's one right there I'll see you Over there or I'll see you later Steve

Poplar out

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