Fear for Breakfast – Bear Report – 19 FEB 2021

Show Notes
19 FEB 21
Fear for Breakfast

Segment 1: Food Prices are Going Up
Segment 2: Violent Crime up 30% Nationally
Segment 3: It’s the Economy, Stoopid…

Segment 1: Food Prices are Going Up

Exclusive: Kraft Heinz, Conagra may raise some product prices as grains, edible oil costs surge | Reuters

Wheat Scarcity possible for 2021
Wheat: Historic Freeze, Severe Dryness Challenge Winter Crop – AgFax

Add’l $4/hr too much in some areas
Kroger to Close Two More Stores After Seattle City Council Mandates “Hazard Pay” for Grocery Workers (thegatewaypundit.com)

How to put food in buckets:
Food Storage in Buckets How-To for SHTF Prepper – YouTube

Refuge Medical Store

Segment 2: Violent Crime up 30% Nationally

National Report Finds Startling Rise in Violent Crime During Pandemic – NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth (nbcdfw.com)

Violent Crime in Rural Areas Rises Above U.S. Average | The Crime Report

Adventure Frontier – Outdoor Gear, Emergency Supplies

Segment 3: It’s the Economy, Stoopid…

US Economic Outlook For 2021 and Beyond (thebalance.com)
The Beast System
Fact Sheet: President Biden’s New Executive Actions Deliver Economic Relief for American Families and Businesses Amid the COVID-19 Crises | The White House

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The Bear Special Report (which has replaced the Bear Daily Brief) is Bear’s commentary and a curation of intel and regarding current events in our nation. We’re neither a news agency nor an intelligence agency; we’re facilitating the sharing of information amongst the Bear Nation.

This topic is quintessential to preparedness for all doomsday preppers, homesteaders, survivalists, militia, minuteman, city prepping, rural prepper, urban prepper, normal people, or looking to prepare for SHTF WROL TEOTWAWKI or natural disaster. Whether your own personal SHTF is the 2020 elections, economic collapse, civil unrest, martial law, food crisis, civil war, food shortage, EMP or CME, black swan event, or whatever, a prepper needs to be prepared for this topic. Whether your an AWK news fan or Tim Pool fan we expect you’ll find something you’ll enjoy here.

Regardless if you’re a Viking Preparedness prepper, Canadian Prepper, into city prepping, or just normal people, you need to be ready for SHTF WROL TEOTWAWKI, which is why we’re discussing this topic today. Common prepper concerns are bug out bag, bugging out in general, food storage, security, communications, emergency preparedness, homesteading, budget, gardening, bushcrafting, end times, Torah, get home bag, survival, EDC, and all the things we discuss at this channel. ***

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