Fighting Dirty: 5 Ways Our Enemies Are About To Outsmart Us

From balloons to cheap drones the enemies of the United States and it’s allies have been learning, planning, and adapting to put themselves in a place to dominate WWIII. It is very concerning that NATO and it’s allies seem so unprepared for the next World War.

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Welcome back to the Poplar report the World has become a much more dangerous Place out there the United States Military once the most powerful in the World and arguably still the most Powerful in the world however has failed To adapt to the change in the world just As we fail to adapt to 911 and the Changing tactics of the Taliban and Al Qaeda we have underestimated our enemies Once again as China and Russia have now Sought to displace the United States to Put the United States and its European Allies in its place they have examined The battlefield they have examined our Weaknesses and they have found that There are ways that they can compete With us that we are unprepared to handle We are at War even if we do not Recognize it as such China has already Admitted as much that we are in the the Early opening scenes of war that in Their minds it's not war or no war but Rather it is a series of kinds of war That we're in and we are currently in a Gray Zone war with them that is how they Have stated it they have laid out how They can defeat the United States and we Are in that first opening round They are using tactics and strategies That can impact the United States Homeland right now Let's jump into some of these strategies That they're using that basically makes

Our vast Air Force uh our highly I mean they just can't compete with the Technology and the the how fast our air Force is how Powerful our radar is but they are Investing into certain Technologies and Certain strategies in order to make sure That our Navy ships are aircraft are Tanks are just not useful If they attack Us in certain ways we Become extremely vulnerable Let's go over some of these the first One is something we've talked about Before cyber attacks and we see these Things regularly happening Russia is Particularly uh Adept at doing this Against all sorts of European uh targets But also against the United States as Well there are different kinds of cyber Attacks of course there is the cheap Denial of service attacks where they Just hijack a whole bunch of Internet Devices and just have them all like spam Certain websites and can take websites Offline which can be a real nuisance and A an inconvenience of course it's Annoying but it's more for propaganda However information theft getting into Network systems and start stealing Information particularly concerning our When they do this and they go into the Systems and they and they steal Passwords they steal access information So they can go back in and do something

Even worse Then there's ransomware we've been hit By this already the Columbia pipeline Was shut down by ransomware and we've Also had other infrastructure attacked In this way where basically uh the the The files get uh encrypted on the hard Drives and basically threatened with Deleting if you don't pay the ransom and Even if you pay the ransom maybe they Get deleted anyway there's no real Telling but if the purpose of the Ransomware is in order to lock up Everyone's computer system so that they Cannot function especially when this is Hospitals we've seen that before Pipelines when we see this attacking Infrastructure targets we've seen all of These attacks already ransomware attacks And they look like they look like people Just trying to make some money some Criminals trying to steal some money but Maybe they are actually backed up by the State now it is important to kind of Just point out here because you know Just as just as we were getting shot at With our own missiles over in Afghanistan Um we're kind of getting shot at with Our own cyber warfare weapons that we've Developed uh there was a release of a Bunch of the tools that uh that the CIA As well as Other agencies defense agencies have

Been using to attack other targets uh Variants of the stuck next uh viruses That got out into the open and some of These powerful cyber weapons have been Repurposed and Targeted back at us of course that type Of high-level cyber warfare weapons even The redesign of those weapons often Probably has to be done by a Nation-state like China Russia not North Korea because they don't really have too Many computers if you know what I mean But all these attacks but then there's This the straight out infrastructure Attacks where they go in and they just Start flipping switches there is uh that They've tried to harden the United States power grid against a uh a a an Attack of this type and they say that it Can't be done but we know that the Pipelines are still effective we know That sensors all along things that are Still operating on Computer systems that can be hacked and Overtaken pretty much most systems out There that are run by computers can Eventually be hacked If you know how they work if you know How to get into them and sometimes if You're able to access them directly and Of course when we're talking about State Actors like China Russia they can get People in the United States the Apprehensions of Chinese Nationals

Crossing the southern border because That never happens is up 700 percent This year so I mean Not saying that they're necessarily Nefarious but you've got to ask the Question why are Chinese Nationals Crossing our Southern border Is that nefarious is that a potential Lead up to an attack on the United States we don't know who's coming in we Don't know who's coming in Low-tech balloon attacks So there's that's all the rage out there Now I'm not saying that all the balloons That have been shot down and the objects Have been shot down are actually Balloons Um and uh maybe they might be radio uh Reflectors used by amateur radio folks Um if you're uh in the preparedness Community you might have your amateur Radio license and you kind of know sort Of what that's about a reflector that we Put up in the sky so we can bounce Signals off of it and it's basically Just a foil balloon apparently that may Have been what was shot down over Lake Huron sometime somewhere between a 12 Balloon and maybe up to a 600 balloon Depending on what kind of tech was on it But you know million dollars worth of um Of missiles used against it But this is more serious than that and This is why this is so serious

Our entire militaries Build up is designed to take down highly Expensive jet aircraft that are trying To compete with the United States for Stealth technology so they've got the Search Radars they're looking for fast Moving all of our ground radar stations Are built the same way they're looking For fast-moving jet aircraft that are Flying high or flying low or whatever But they're not looking for little Balloons that kind of float along And why is that important one because we Had trouble shooting down that balloon Now if you have a half a million dollar Missile on a 300 million dollar aircraft Backed up by another 300 million dollar Aircraft and it's going off the radar Signals off of you know uh the f-15s That are nearby too And you're having trouble shooting Something down Is that a warning that should be heard That we've built a military full of Sophisticated toys that are designed Against a certain kind of threat and Then when the enemy starts doing Something completely different that We're not prepared for and we don't have Missile systems we don't have uh weapon Systems designed to deal with this and Radar systems is designed to detect These things We couldn't track that balloon that

Chinese balloon because it didn't have Um much to uh much of a radar Cross-section now the balloons that We've been blowing out of the sky that Are foil they're designed to reflect Radio signals okay that's why they're a Little bit easier to shoot down and such But when we're talking about balloons That don't necessarily have metal in Them it's very difficult for our Radars To detect them And you say Steve you're being paranoid Am I because six just appeared over Kiev What Yes Bear country has started floating Um radar reflective balloons over the Combat area in order to confuse and Overwhelm Air defenses So there they are Over in the Eastern country that we're Not allowed to talk about They're shooting four hundred thousand Dollar missiles and they're wanting Patriot missiles they can fire four Million dollar missiles At 200 balloons Do you see a problem with that I mean If you're an American taxpayer you see a Problem with that if you're from Eastern Europe you're just like just give us

More missiles you know But Do you see a problem how Maybe Russia might be able to come up With more 200 balloons As they start deploying lots and lots of Balloons over the combat area suddenly Air defenses seem a little bit you know Like they're not going to work Because they can't differentiate between All these radar signatures all over the Sky you see how we've become so Technologically Adept that we're just Stupid And our enemies are figuring out those Ways uh there is a we're making our AI Robot that's supposed to be a Sentry and They had Marines kind of test it to see If they could kind of Um dupe it and the Marines got Themselves into a cardboard box and Walked up to it And they couldn't detect them and that's Kind of the situation where we're in Right now where we're just not thinking Counter uh Insurgency and yet our Enemies are doing that very thing they Can deploy hundreds or thousands of Radar reflecting drone uh balloons to Overwhelm our air defenses they can send In non-reflective balloons to carry Payloads in if they start doing that That's a big problem that we have we Also have the uh problem of of

Uh moving on to uh China has built this System called the club K missiles Basically they take a shipping container And they put a missile battery a Retractable missile battery into it Now You can just take that shipping Container and put it on Any ship you put a shipping container on Now are there a lot of ships With shipping containers out there There are absolutely a lot of ships with Shipping containers Tons of them And the fact is imagine you are the US Military with your aircraft carrier and You're detecting ships out there and you See a cargo ship And you confirm that it's a cargo ship Well What happens if that container was Marked sausages for the United Bound for The United States maybe even the cargo Ship Um Doesn't even or the the captain and the Ship doesn't even know that this is Actually a weapon system and suddenly it Activates Somehow they figure out to make sure That they put that on the top stack of The shipping containers and this Shipping container suddenly opens up Fires anti-ship missiles directly at our

Aircraft carrier from Point Blank Range From a non-combatant ship and it's not Even necessarily a hostile ship Then they just can take these shipping Containers and put them on anything that Floats and make lots and lots of of uh Ships they can be even unmanned ships All they need to do is just make it big Enough to float and put a shipping Container on it every single ship in the Chinese Fleet suddenly became a missile Cruiser Do you see a problem with that do you See why our 20 billion dollar aircraft Carrier suddenly could become very Obsolete very quickly unless we're Willing to sync everything in the sea More than that China has now mobilized a fleet of What's called Maritime militia And what they've done is they've built Fishing ships But then they've staffed them with party Loyal Full-time paid people who are not paid To fish but are made but are paid to Take their ships into disputed territory And RAM other ships Conveniently they've reinforced the Bowels They're not military ships They're not combatants they're not part Of the Navy but they're staffed with People who have been trained kind of

Like the Navy and they're paid by the State to basically go around and RAM any Ships that get into their disputed Territory They've also mobilized all their Resources to turn multiple islands in The disputed South China Sea into Missile platforms and air bases they've Basically created Islands Made them into air bases and stacked Them full of missile batteries this is The kind of thing that we're dealing With that we just aren't prepared for We're not thinking outside the box and Yet our enemies are I've said it repeatedly and I'll say it Again I believe that World War III we Will lose and we will lose badly and Very very quickly potentially because Our enemies are in a state of war with Us and we are not ready for it there's a Lot of things to consider world war Three may not go well for the United States and its allies even though we've Been the big Kids on the Block for so Long we've been the lone superpower the Problem is our enemies have been able to Examine all of our weaknesses and They've been able to exploit them and Now they are getting ready to fully Exploit them What's going on in Eastern Europe is Really them learning new strategies to Uh to deal with U.S and European weapon

Systems These balloons that just showed up over The conflict Zone You just wait That is not something that's going to go Away they're using cheap drones we're Firing uh uh four hundred thousand Dollar missiles at their twenty thousand Dollar Iranian drones Every time we win we lose And that's the type of situation where It seems almost inevitable that we will Lose Unless we can change our thinking unless We can seriously deal with the threats That are around us how could we possibly Do that very simply I'm not saying Easily Simply taking U.S Navy Seals and putting Them on all of the boards uh that that Make decisions on purchasing of weapon Systems and planning and strategic Planning on how to fight put Navy Seals Who actually have combat experience who Understand Counter-insurgency who understand how to Fight a guerrilla War so they can Anticipate what's going to happen every Time that they do a a a A drill or a practice Whiteboarding and mapping out they do a Force exercise the United States against China China keeps winning We're just going to put that right on

The table there every time we do a force Exercise China keeps winning This is by U.S military planners and You'd think that would be kind of Stacking the deck against them And yet they keep putting Insurgency Gorilla Warfare kind of mentality people In the seat of the Chinese and they keep Beating us Because we cannot cope with that we Haven't we've lost that ability to adapt And overcome In the army they need to get the Green Berets and they need to start putting Them in in positions where they're Making decisions on what weapon systems Are being purchased what are the plans Being made because we've got a whole Bunch of bureaucrats running the Purchasing programs out there the US Air Force keeps trying to kill the A-10 Warthog which is one of the best Aircraft ever designed And they'd want to replace it with what F-35s super expensive Fighters that are Extremely fragile They can't take off of an air base that Has been bombed if if an Airfield that They're trying to take off from has been Bombed the whole place has to be cleaned All the rubble has to be cleaned out So that they don't suck anything up into Their engines and you say Steve well

That's just how jets work well that's Not how jets work if you go over to Bear Country you look at their Jets you'll See all their fighter jets have have uh Flaps that close up over the intakes Of their of their uh Jets and they have Little flaps open up in the top that Suck in air while they're cruising Around on the ground that are on top of The fighter jet the big Scoops Underneath Close up They so nothing can get sucked into Those engines Because they're thinking gee In a real fight our our air base is Going to be attacked and there's going To be rubble and debris everywhere So we can't have it so that our jet Engines are sucking all that stuff in we Need to think our way around that and They've been doing that for years They have a lot of practical experience And their engineering is much more Um thought through when it comes to Combat than the United States and its Allies We are We're too pretty for the battlefield and We've been able to uh Um hold our own Against uh the likes of Iraq and Saddam Hussein but when it's come to uh ragtag Militias in Afghanistan we've lost when

It's come to Um ragtag militias in in Iraq we've lost And When we can't deal with insurgents That doesn't spell well for us dealing With a major power or multiple major Powers that are standing up against us I Don't want to Discourage you I just want you to Understand the situation That things could get ugly really fast And the heroic Truly heroic I'm not saying that Ironically the heroic Morally awesome American soldiers and Western allies May may go out to defeat because we Are not equipping them we're not Preparing them we're not strategizing or Thinking our way through We're going to put them into Harm's Way And not support them the way they need To be and that's that's a scary thing I Hope we can change I hope I hope we're Hearing I hope we're learning from What's Happening over in Eastern Europe Too I hope it's not just The bad guys learning what's going on And how to defeat the United States Hopefully we're learning their Strategies and we're countering those Strategies with other strategies Hopefully we're on the ball But given what I'm seeing out of

Washington DC I am not optimistic about That all right folks if you guys have Some thoughts about that I'm sure you do Pop them down in the comments down below And chat about them and let you know be Kind to each other right we're all just Kind of thinking through what's going to Happen in the near future if you found This video useful or helpful you might Want to check out another video from me Right here I'll see you over there or I'll see you later Steve poppler out

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