Financial Attack Just Happened | Unbelievably BIG

Massive Cyber attack on a hub of the financial markets has exposed how vulnerable we truly are to financial Terrorism in the US and Europe.

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Somebody just did something very odd and I'm not talking about a small thing Either I'm talking about something to The order of billions of dollars And they did it under the cover of Darkness let's walk through this real Fast the financial markets on Thursday Dropped by almost one percent For no reason And then they clawed their way back When we've Started looking at this a number of Reports have started circulating that What happened was Somebody out there bought 5.5 Billion dollars worth Of short options on the Futures Exchange Somebody did this now I said under the cover of darkness and This is important Several weeks ago we had a major hack It didn't seem quite so major at the Time There's this uh computer software Program it's like a Clearinghouse for uh For the Futures market so people buying And selling it kind of tracks who's Buying who's selling and uh what kind of Trades are happening A Russian cyber warfare weapon or a Ransomware attack was launched against This ion System it's Clearinghouse of futures And since then now this is used both by

The European markets as well as the United States markets We're talking about Not trillions of dollars we're talking About quadrillions of dollars that get Tracked who's buying what what's Happening both the United States as well As Europe uh put out these cot reports Regularly Um it's called a commitment of Trader Report basically it it groups investors Into categories and says Who's who's like who's like betting that The Market's going to go up and who's Betting that the Market's going to go Down and how much money do they have Invested into this into it going up and Down and it's not just the stock market It's Metals copper oil Met uh gold silver Anything that's uh wheat corn Industrial Supply industrial things Going up down I believe Plastics are on there just Like we're talking quadrillions Two quadrillion is the estimate 2 000 trillion dollars Yikes So the last two weeks The CF uh cftc commodity Futures Trading Commission in the United States Hasn't hasn't sent out a report because They don't know They don't know

How people are positioned Well That's kind of inconvenient you just Hate to have someone walk into the Futures market and make a crazy 5.5 Billion Dollar Bet Out of the blue and freak everybody out And that's exactly what just happened Somebody walked in and said Um we're going to place a 5.5 billion Dollar bet that the Market's going to go Down in the next five hours And everyone everyone goes wait a minute What do you know that we don't know and Everyone starts selling They start selling This 5.2 Billion Dollar Bet The value of it went up to 25 billion Dollars In a matter of two hours Five times somebody just made 20 billion Dollars Just like that Now the report now they're tracking it Still and saying that showing that that Basically whoever did this didn't unload Those options at that time So they didn't they didn't book a 20 Billion dollar gain but what they did Was they they made some money Um they lost a little bit of money sorry They lost about five million dollars not Billion five million dollars they lost But they pushed the market

Way down almost one percent down and Then it recovered and then they kind of Pushed it back up Was this a shot across our bowels was This A foreign entity government stepping in And saying look We can mess up your markets we can cause A crash If they were going to do that and they Want to keep some kind of Distance from it you'd kind of want to I Don't know make sure the reporting Systems aren't working And that's exactly Where We Are both the European ice ice Which is basically their cftc They they produce their uh commitment of Traders report over on Europe They haven't sent out any reports either In the last couple weeks The question is is why would someone be Doing this If the hack is linked to this massive Movement or if the hack is something Else and somebody else is making use of This Or And go with me on this what if the hack Is to cover A foreign entity like Russia or China Or some other country that has ill will Towards the United States For just a few billion dollars you can

Throw a monkey wrench into the silver Market and break it that's what the Folks over at Wall Street Silver have Been talking about for quite a bit I'm Talking about retail it's so it takes so Little money that retail investors if They gang up together can break the Silver market and that's what Wall Street Silver's been trying to do but if You have a foreign entity or an Institution that steps in and says yeah We're going to do that And they just buy up a whole bunch of Silver knowing full well full well that There isn't enough silver out there in The world for the banks that promised to Sell it to them for them to actually Deliver on this promise And what happens if they default on that Well we saw that kind of blow up and Nickel just the other year somebody did That basically they just started buying Up all the nickel contracts and then it Was like so you're going to deliver all That nickel and everyone kind of Realized there's not enough nickel for That to happen and basically the The Futures Trading company has just Stepped in and said actually we're just Going to invalidate all those trades and That definitely has already sent a shock Wave through the Futures markets that You think you're going to get delivery On whatever it is oil or

Or Plastics or corn or wheat but really If if we don't like it we're just going To cancel all the trades And are we moving into a situation where A foreign entity could weaponize our Financial system against us Well You could spend Hundreds of billions of dollars building Warships and all that kind of stuff like That or you could spend five billion Dollars and just start Hammering the U.S markets one way or the Other What if this person or this bank or Institution had a lot of other Investments out there That were not these options and they Used options to hammer the uh the market Into the right direction they could then Make tons of money off all their other Investments And that would be less Less easy to see Friends Do I need to tell you that the house is Rigged against all of us Stocks Bond markets I mean it's not for You and me they they want you to believe It's for you and me but really it's for Wall Street the banks And Powerful entities to take your money Take your my money they rig it in such a Way that they're just there to just take

Your money from you And they do it in such a way just like a Casino I take a little bit off the top a Little bit off the top always and They're doing it constantly so that You don't even see it kind of going you Still believe that you're winning If the court the corporations in the United States Make profit I promise you if you own the stock you Don't make that much profit You make a percentage of that and the Rest gets skimmed off To the banks the trading companies the All this is going on all the time and You probably already know this already But something weird is going on in the Financial markets and I mean weirder Than usual What is going on we don't know what's Going on because the trading tracking Systems are down and then two on top of That Somebody just took the sledgehammer out And gave the the S P 500 a whack over The head And nobody's doing anything about it We're just all looking at and going wow That was weird Friends the manipulations are becoming More and more obvious Both in the supply chains both in Government both in everywhere you go

They're doing it right in front of your Face and telling you no what you think You're seeing isn't actually happening Oh by the way all those chemicals that Got leaked in Ohio those are perfectly Safe that's fine you don't I know I know Last week we said that they're extremely Toxic and and I know we're saying that We can't send federal workers in there Because they'd have to wear hazmat suits But it's actually quite safe for you Friends are you believing what you're Hearing Because you shouldn't They are lying out of their teeth Constantly And all this system out there is 100 Rigged against you The best way to do is to opt out as best You can become more self-sufficient as As you can build up your networks of Relationships we saw how important that Is And uh and whatever you do whatever you Do don't play the game Walk out of the casino and the only way Today really that you can walk out of The casino Because you're sitting in dollars that They're manipulating up and down you're Sitting in stocks and bonds that they're Manipulating up and down Real estate silver gold Platinum all These things

If you want to move your your retirement Funds out of stocks and bonds I I keep Saying please do that because it is a Casino and it's rigged against you A Genesis gold you can find them down in The description down below can talk to You about how to move your retirement Funds into something safe like a rock a Valuable rock that sits in the vault That's yours I know are you gonna make get rich off Doing that no no you're not But you're gonna stop getting poorer Every day that's that's that's the real Man I'm all about opting out of the system Getting out of the system Before it fleeces me completely all Right folks if you found this video Useful or helpful you might want to Check out this video right over here If you're not already subscribed tap That button right there make sure you You're linked up so that you keep Getting uh updates on these videos you Hit the uh Bell icon you'll get Notifications as well alright folks Thanks so much for watching this is Steve poppler opt

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