First Hand Food Shortage UPDATES | Empty Shelves Reports February 3, 2022

Boots on the ground reports from viewers all over the world including a big warning going out about several brands of canned meat.

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Always come here for the latest news on all prepper related food shortage. Prepper news similar to other channels like Canadian prepper, alaska prepper, full spectrum survival, pinball preparedness, the economic ninja, and goshen prepping. As the europe drought, energy crisis europe, and financial crisis 2023 get worse we need to be prepping for 2023. Having a prepared homestead so you can be ready for the empty shelves 2023, inflation, recession, walmart food shortages, and aldi empty shelves 2023.

Hey everyone welcome back to the Poplar Report uh we got reports coming from you Guys from around the world uh of what's In shortage what is missing out there And some things on protests and what's Going on in the world let's jump right Into it if you have a report that you Want to send uh just send it to Poplarprepareness or Preferably uh pop it down in the Comments section of any video using the Word update and give some sort of Geographical location Anna in Hannaford's Mid Coast Maine Um oh sorry Hannaford's the store Mid Coast Maine very low on cooking oil even Olive and Specialty oils perhaps 10 Percent of normal levels yeah we're Seeing that with the cooking oil all Over the place definitely seeing that Here in Pittsburgh I shared that with You last week but hearing that from you Guys repeatedly Rose in Gatlinburg Tennessee cat food dog food still low And all meats are low All right I'm not sure if that's just Canned meats or or fresh meat as well of Course fresh meat can fluctuate a lot More John 3 16 says another egg Farm Targeted in Connecticut nobody knows how A caught fire just an accent I'm sure Yep always suspicious incidents of Course we did cover that a little bit Ago but ambient life in Australia

Shortage of Frozen potatoes due to the Floods still a shortage of eggs we're Hearing that potato shortage is Basically worldwide at this point the United States definitely has potato Shortage but we're also hearing that From Europe and Australia as well The face kisser says uh a large aquifer In Central Maine was supplying bottled Water wide leap when the well collapsed A new company is using the existing Bottling equipment there but they still Have production issues after one year Perhaps the local population isn't like Being misled or having their precious Ground resources exploited Potentially but having issues so now That's just one production company so You wouldn't think that that would Really be what's causing the the gallons Of water missing we're not having so Much issue with the packets of Individual bottles of water but we're Having issues with the jugs of water for Some reason especially the ones with Handles we know the the handles are They're not able to get the handles for Them so they're either producing them Without the handles or they're just Falling behind crazy prepper Linda in Southwest Florida went to three Different Walmarts in the area they Didn't have standard Tires for F-150 trucks I was told that

It would take three weeks to order and Come in now if you are of the impression That F-150s are rare beasts that you Know is an odd tire size that's Definitely not the case and the fact That they can't find tire for three Weeks and that's three different Walmarts is definitely concerning let us Know if you're seeing any other Tire Shortages out there are there other Sizes that just are not being stocked And what's going on with that parrot Africa South Africa Today we have protests for the basic Income Grant stimulus check so that it Would be increased for the unemployed And so that no unemployed is declined For for the stimulus and also for the Current verification system to be fixed So South Africa gave out a 350 Rand Stimulus check or grant that was Happening per month and basically There's some protesters asking for that To be bumped up to like 1400 Rand per Month and uh It's just once you start giving out free Money you can't stop giving free money Now from what I saw the the news reports Of protests was 400 people showed up Which is suspectedly it sounds a lot Like astroturfing but I don't know how Serious that is or how widespread if There were other actual protests where People seemed to show up but that was

Like a government protest like so they Showed up at a party office or something Like that and 400 people protesting in South Africa at a political office Sounds a lot like astroturfing to me but We'll keep an eye on that Steve O in Australia I live in a rural area and Have found that anything I can buy Locally has been in good Supply meat Eggs veggies and what I produce for Myself have all been fine however when I Travel to the supermarket I see gaps Everywhere and that's definitely what We're seeing out there John in my town Of balina Australia We have a shortage of the cheapest No-name brand of tissues in the Supermarket my main Supermarket had none Of these for about six months when I was There which is about three times a week We have finally come back but in that Time the price has risen from one Dollars a pack to a buck 69 a pack Moving up moving up Rebecca I feed my Chickens Walmart brand crumbles and Scratch my chickens have continued to Lay eggs with no problems I get anywhere From six to eight eggs daily so we were Asking the question of we had heard from Someone who is saying at the Walmart Brand one of the Walmart brands might be Having issues just like the Tractor Supply That's uh do-more and the producers

Pride at Tractor Supply Tractor Supply Is avidly denied that they've changed The formulas at all but they also then Point and say well we just we buy that From someone else and I think it's Purina that actually does the mixing of Those both those Brands so I don't know If we can find out what other brands Actually use Purina and I don't know What's happening at the factory there Whether it's just a mistake that they Just forgot some chemicals or whatever Or they just like ran out of something They're just like well I just make it Anyway or what but hearing from a lot of Folks I've heard from dozens and dozens Of you directly saying that you were on A tractor supply feed or you moved over To a tractor supply feed eggs stopped You moved off of it and eggs started Back up again so Um I'm That was kind of broken here I know I Know a lot of other people including Fox News and everyone else like that's Covering that now but you heard it first Here because I heard it first from you Guys I heard it from a few of you guys And then you guys confirmed that and as You guys experimented you showed that to Be true and then that kind of went out To a lot of the forums and stuff like That but uh Just um it's just awesome to be a part

Of a group of people all of us kind of Finding what's actually going on out There and getting it out there a number Of narratives another number of Shortages Um started being reported first here Which is uh fantastic a ranger says uh The price is now seven dollars a dozen For eggs in Walmart in Sacramento California seven dollars a dozen Ridge Runner in St Joseph Missouri says Uh Steve our stores shelves are getting Thin and they are reducing the size of The shelves we've been seeing that all Over the place over the last number of Years right my buddy works maintenance These new shelves are two to three foot Lower they plan on putting up a ceiling To reduce the heating and cooling Systems we have two Walmarts and they uh And they and they rule but but they plan To close one store So they they've taken out all the other Competition And now that they have they're going to Con consolidate down to less Walmarts Available Rebecca and in Eastern Kentucky young layers are Projected to cost 20 to 25 each I've Heard I've heard similar numbers like That Rebecca in East Central Kentucky I Flipped to Amazon subscribe and save From Walmart pickup because multiple

Walmarts have no inventory of food I Wanted to eat slash stockpile now over Three-fourths of the Subscribe slash Save items have flipped from not Available for shipping to discontinued Including our Nido powder milk potted Meat Vienna sausages wondering if Manufacturer shortages or if Amazon just Trying to move to a higher price Substitutes which is what they are Recommending I update my subscribe and What they recommend I upgrade update to First off the potted meat and Vienna Sausages are in recall so a massive Recall out there 2.5 and I heard Southern pepper once at 2.6 million I Haven't seen that number in the reports But then again I haven't actually seen The uh we reported on that before the USDA actually released that we had a Couple tip-offs from you guys uh that uh That there was a recall going into Effect and I was able to reach out and To a couple websites and actually found Directly from the retailers they were Announcing it before the USDA actually Announced it so I haven't seen the Actual announcement so I'm not sure if It's 2.6 or 2.5 but at least 2.5 million Pounds of Vienna sausages and potted Meat uh armor and uh whatever the Manufacturer behind that is that makes Great Value and uh and a lot of the Generic Vienna sausages and potted Meats

All of them come from the same Factory And they had some issues with the Canning uh the can Lids sticking When it comes to Walmart uh just be Aware folks if you haven't learned this The hard way already Be aware that if you allow substitutions They will charge you the higher rate so If they sub out a generic whatever for a Name brand whatever whatever they're Going to charge you for the name brand Whatever so make sure you have the Substitutions checked off or or be ready To accept a higher substitutions of Amazon subscribe and save has definitely Gotten a lot worse in my experience in The last uh last number of months There's been a lot more subs I use this The Subscribe and say for whatever's Cheaper and so there are some items that Are cheaper on Amazon subscribe and save And those items I've been getting Constant notices as well from them about Like hey this is out of stock this is Out of stock this is out of stock this Is disconnect discontinued it's just Ridiculous folks um and and then we have A lot of people just looking at us right In the eyes and saying there are no Shortages out there if there are no Shortages why can't manufacturers stock The product like they exist to sell Product and for them to say we don't Have enough product to sell means

Somebody screwed up royally somewhere in Their chain because that's the whole Point is to sell more the fact that you Can't sell more because you don't have More Is uh is is a crime I mean that's really A crime from business perspective you Should always have more than enough Supply to sell and so that's what we're Seeing out there all right folks if you Have any uh reports that you want to Share uh pop it down in the comments Down below use the word update and give Us some sort of geographical location Let us knows what's out or what's Missing at your location thanks so much For watching if you like this video you Might want to check out this video right Here I'll see you over there or I'll see You later Steve Poplar out

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