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    1. @Central Florida Prepper thanks I will be canning my own this winter along with other items but would like to get a wide variety of stuff in the pantry

  1. I’m STOCKING mac n cheese for the kids. Ok lol for me too. Love that stuff. Haven’t put any dry eggs yet. Still pickling eggs. We all love pickled eggs. Plus it’s a easy way to get the kids to eat eggs EVERYDAY. A least one egg a day
    I keep crackers n cheese and salted nuts in my truck all the time in case I have a sugar att.and my sugar runs low. Peanutbutterncrackers for me. Cheese crackers for the kids and my helpers.. Another great video brother…

  2. Thank you for sharing!! It is wise to take inventory of what you have stocked so that you can see where you’re lacking in supplies, not just food, but all of your stocks

  3. great ideas! if you have the skill set to can your own or dehydrate, I would recommend that as well. Canning is a lost art but I was teaching my 10 year old son today and he loves it. Made barbecue pulled pork for dinner and canned the leftovers, canned chicken, chorizo, stew beef, peach jam and black beans.

    1. @Central Florida Prepper there is an 18th century recipe for making hard tack or hard bread, and a meat that lasts indefinitely that you process and i think they add dried berries to it. There are two good youtube cooks.. 18th Century cooking with Jas Thomas and son, and a woman who does some similar recipes that come up in que. They show various ways to preserve food when no refrigeration.

    2. Central Florida Prepper the reason you get different answers depends on several factors… 1) humidity. 2) which cut of meat. 3) amount of fat on meat– more fat = goes bad faster. 4) thinness of cut. 5) how dried out meat is after jerking. Best storage practices vs worst storage conditions. 6) seasonings/salts used on meat. 7) human factor of can’t resist jerky..aka eating it too quick. Lol

  4. Brown your white rice in a little oil. Keep stirring while you brown it. When it’s browned add your broth ( from the cubes ) and a little garlic if you have it. It really improves the taste of the white rice.

    1. @Central Florida Prepper ive used white rice when using meat and sauce, but also have made golden rice, and use bullion. I also get the low or no sodium bullion that has potassium in it. Spices… pepper corns, mrs Dash, and save bottles to refill with parsley, chives from garden..

    2. Modern Refugee.
      Plus add some tomato paste and you got Mexican rice. You can add any of the following as well: corn, green beans, peas, chopped onions, chopped pepper of any kind you like.

  5. I bought dollar store beans because for awhile they had 2lb. Bags of red beans for a buck.. im finding plastic gallon milk containers handy as they are a bit tougher.
    I test grew some if the beans to see if i could make more beans.

  6. I use ramen for spaghetti or any type of pasta dish, I don’t use the flavor packets usually but with my disabilities I need easy to prepare and quick. I like taking the campbells chunky soup and serving over noodles or rice. Great video thanks

  7. Oh yeah, Walmart van chicken meat, under 3 doll. Good to store, fruits also, i got about one month worth of can food not including my freeze dried emergency food, that i have for 3 weeks, multiple, ways to cook. Etc.

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