Food Shortage & Empty Shelves Report | January 20th

Boots on the ground reports from viewers on the protests in France, the empty shelves and store food shortages in their communities.

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Always come here for the latest news on all prepper related food shortage. Prepper news similar to other channels like Canadian prepper, alaska prepper, full spectrum survival, pinball preparedness, the economic ninja, and goshen prepping. As the europe drought, energy crisis europe, and financial crisis 2023 get worse we need to be prepping for 2023. Having a prepared homestead so you can be ready for the empty shelves 2023, inflation, recession, walmart food shortages, and aldi empty shelves 2023.

Hey everyone welcome back to the Poplar Report we got a whole bunch of reports Coming from you guys from all over the Place we are going to be checking into France we have a report from the Protests in France about kind of what's Going on there Um we also have reports uh all over the United States including up in Alaska to Tell us what kind of food shortages Empty shelves they're seeing in their Stores to help you be more informed and On top of things uh shortage wise out There all right folks let's first go to France uh if you have a report that you Want to send to me you can either send It directly to me at Poplar preparedness or you can type it in any uh Video as a comment and just use the word Update and then use the uh and give some Sort of geographical location uh for you It can be as vague as you need to be This is from Freebird in France uh just Got back from the protest it was massive And peaceful now they've been uh they Had a big black Thursday protest where Uh two million people apparently walked Out of their jobs uh this is a big deal Over in France and basically ground Public transportation to a halt and Millions took to the streets Uh just got back from the protest it was Massive and peaceful refineries are on Strike so the oil refineries right one

Day this week Two days next week three days the Following week And so on they're planning on ramping up These strikes every week until uh they They get the concessions and they get The government to step down Firemen are out Hospital workers are out Lower management are out all the unions Are together so there's uh eight unions And a confederation together They they estimated two million people Walked out of their jobs uh combined They they're unlocked up with each other On this once again this is not just About the raising of the uh the pension Age this is about discontent against the Government and they're not allowed to Protest Um a lot of things and I had someone Comment back like oh well they're Allowed to protest it's part of their Inalienable rights it's like yes but That's not how it's worked out people Who are protesting the cough cough and The lockdowns and the mandatory Um they they got attacked by the police They got arrested they got and for even Pre peacefully protesting so um a lot of These protesters who are very upset with The government have to use other Protests as cover to kind of push their Demands as well So the population of France is 68

Million people of course not that many People are working in France uh but uh Two million walking off their jobs Making a big deal of course emergency Workers as well as Transportation folks And oil refineries and such uh bringing Everything to a halt there Um Bruce in Fresno California here Noticed either front loading or plain Old empty shelf slots for canned goods At Save Mart and smart smart and final And Vons so three stores there soda is Particularly expensive as much as eight Dollars for a six pack or 16 ounce I Noticed that too that not only are the Two liter bottles going up but it seems Like the cans are going up even more for Christmas I I grabbed some some bottles And cans for uh for family members Visiting and it was just ridiculous I Don't usually get cans so Um Susan uh in South Dakota I'm the Evening manager at a local grocery store We have no eggs today my Eggland's Best Were cut completely we started buying Eggs from the local hutterite Colony we Also had our bottled drinking water Order Cut When they start rationing water you know You got a problem when you can't get Eggs you know you have a problem GD that's g-e-e-d-e-e Says update San Diego Gas and Electric Whose service who service the entire San

Diego County has literally doubled the Price of natural gas like we're saying It's just this push to get people onto Electric it seems like and of course Natural gas prices are up significantly Even though the United States is Producing more and more gas by the day I've talked to someone within the oil And gas industry just recently and they Said the business is booming here in Western Pennsylvania as well as other Places where they're doing fracking they Are getting out there they're building New pipelines they are getting more gas Out of the ground by the day they are Definitely ramping up in order to Produce the natural gas that the United States needs and the world needs uh Grandma uh in Columbia South Carolina Update on the Walmart Kibbles and Bits dog food is gone in all Bag sizes one gallon water bottles gone Uh two packages of many propane tanks Gone Propane and water disappearing and of Course pet food Jan Um I can't even pronounce that somewhere in Wisconsin shortages at our local Walmart Uh getting low on toilet paper low on Mac and cheese no canned chicken Large shortage of dried cat food and no Iceberg lettuce no distilled or purified Water and gallon bottles only Spring

Water we're seeing that gallons of Distilled water particularly but then Also other kinds of water in gallon jugs Are disappearing so if you need if you Need distilled water if you need water For CPAP machines or for other reasons Make sure that you are stocked up on That ml says uh just giving you an Update I have been told all Full Service Banks in Newcastle Pennsylvania are Closing Um this is the war against cash folks If if a machine tells you no they don't Have to catch any grief whereas if they Have tellers who are listening to you as You Um give them a piece of your mind We're seeing this all around the world They don't want to give you cash just if You've been to a teller recently and You've asked for a large amount of cash You've gotten some pushback probably and That's just it's just increasing before It was just like why do you want so much Cash no problem just why do you want it And that's just Them sticking their nose into things but Then then it starts being this pushback You're getting like are you sure you Need that cash and oh you need to give Us days warning and you need to Just more and more issues folks Uh Pete says this is what um what met me On the 12th at our local KFC and secunda

South Carolina South Africa KFC was out Of chicken It's not good KFC being out chicken that Was a little bit ago but uh thanks for Reporting in from South Africa uh Josie In Parkersburg West Virginia weeks ago I Ordered some medication Umatrol I guess at Kroger and they're Still back ordered this is not good now See I can get pronunciations wrong here Because the pharmaceutical industry they Just make up names like Just make them up Uh no reason why I should know that name Uh Doug t uh we live in North Carolina My daughter has ADD diagnosed in Middle School Um this week she requested a refill CVS Said that there's a national wide a Nationwide shortage affecting all brands At all pharmacies her prescription is a Controlled substance refilled each month Can't get a 90-day Supply The medicine came in Friday afternoon it Was a good thing because she ran out on Thursday And truth be told in Allentown Pennsylvania Uh Walmart last night was nearly picked Out uh in the pasta section orange juice Was scarce as well green leafy stuff was Wilted and flaxed uh only green organic Bananas available so no regular bananas Eggs were completely wiped out and the

And finally the butter was six dollars a Pound Only a few unsalted available concerning To be sure prep and trust the Lord my Friends On Michael in Wasilla uh Alaska Fred Meyer which is Kroger maybe 15 Dozen eggs left yogurt nearly gone meat Very low processed foods freezer section Picked over lots of produce lots of milk Lots of impossible meat so if you want Your lettuce and your fake meat you can Have it it seems that the issues I read About are actually hitting us up here Later than you guys down south and they Go on to say that they hope that that Bodes true for the remainder of the year Because very concerning about what's Happening down the lower 48 with Shortages and issues all right folks if You have your reports that you want to Send in about things that are missing on Your store shelves or if you have any Information from your workplace that You'd like to share to the Greater Community that think you think it might Be useful to other people please do Share that at poplarpreparedness if you found this video useful Or helpful you might want to check out This other video right here I'll see you Over there or I'll see you later Steve Poppler out

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