Food Shortage Reports & Empty Shelves Updates | Saturday, Feb 10th

Boots on the ground reports from viewers all over the world including a big warning regarding governments restricting and regulating backyard chickens. Food shortage and empty shelves reports on Walmart, Aldi, and grocery stores.

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Always come here for the latest news on all prepper related food shortage. Prepper news similar to other channels like Canadian prepper, alaska prepper, full spectrum survival, pinball preparedness, the economic ninja, and goshen prepping. As the europe drought, energy crisis europe, and financial crisis 2023 get worse we need to be prepping for 2023. Having a prepared homestead so you can be ready for the empty shelves 2023, inflation, recession, walmart food shortages, and aldi empty shelves 2023.

Hey everyone welcome back to the Poplar Report we're going to be going over Reports from you guys from around the Country as well as around the world of What you're seeing on your store shelves Also what the situation is out there We're going to be talking a little bit About what's going on with chickens and Raising your own chickens we've been Getting more reports of local localities As well as uh City and National Governments uh taking action against People raising their own chickens now I Did see something just on glance uh from Somewhere about uh their the tests Coming back on the Tractor Supply Chicken feed someone actually did went Out there and did a test on them and I'm I could have sworn I saw that but I Started searching for it and searching For it I couldn't find it if any of you Have seen the actual results of the Tractor Supply tests if you could email Me those at poplarreprepairness or just tell me the website That's on and I will find it uh thank You so much for that let's jump into Your reports folks Granite in South New Hampshire says Frozen veggies were two-thirds empty Haven't seen it that bad in a long time Major holes in Frozen snacks and pizza Types foods but I assume this is due to The upcoming Super Bowl

Quite naturally possibly no fresh Broccoli that's probably not due to the Super Bowl though egg prices blacked out Leading me to guests there and major Flux good news though there probably Went down I used to get marked down Frozen hamburger frequently now with the Exception of some giant markdown tubes I I grabbed recently there isn't any I Haven't seen it in months Rose sales Price just moved from 299 a pound to 3.99 a pound A five pound bag of red potatoes is now 3.99 up one dollar A friend in West Virginia Parkersburg West Virginia now requires a 23 dollar permit to have a chicken coop Near the city or outside the city which Is payable every year to the city then The inspector will come and inspect it Once or twice a year maybe more Maybe they're supposed to do it every Month your Coop to inspect your Coop on Cleanliness and feeding and all that We're seeing more and more cities Meddling like this and of course we just Heard from Canada that that they're Requiring your information you have to Register a farm before you can get Chicks this year so friends uh check Before you get to the store check what Your regulations are in your city or Whatever and if necessary maybe get Somebody else to purchase the chicks for

You and then Sell them to you without the paperwork And see see what you can do out there Make sure that you're following the laws And regulations or at least aware of Them grug says good for breakfast Enjoyers in Lubbock Texas eggs are down From five dollars a dozen last week now 429 a week and they're probably going to Keep on dropping so until you start Getting into 350 Zone uh you guys may Not want to stock up too much because The price is still coming down but once It gets down you might want to load up Because the price may go back up we Don't know bacon went from six dollars a Pound to 350 a pound I haven't seen that Here but keep your eye on the bacon Price too wholesale eggs have fallen From a peak of 5 30 down to 260 this Morning so we can expect prices to start Coming down a bit on on Broad basis for Eggs yes pork prices have been coming Down a little bit Um but a lot of other stuff is not Coming down like lettuce and other Vegetables as well as canned goods and Stuff like that those probably aren't Going to come back on down Uh and beef is still setting up to start Spiking upwards in the near future too Roxanne says uh in Nampa Idaho our Fred Meyers is now limiting eggs purchase to Just three cartons no limit at WinCo

However prices up to 375 a gallon for Gas This video is brought to you by Genesis Gold group if you're interested in Moving some of your money out of Retirement funds and stocks and bonds Over to uh to gold and silver you can Still get some free silver with your um With your transfer of funds if you want To have a conversation with Jonathan's Team you can find them down in the Description down below All right Um Theta Phoenix says in San Antonio Texas saw at HEB the main grocer here in Texas that there is definitely less Variety across the board soda and chips Are a lot higher about one dollar more On average and milk while available is Only so in the morning and if you wait Until later in the evening they will be Out this includes quartz almond and soy Milks as well a lot of beef Staples are Higher milk is for 58 a gallon and eggs Seven dollars a dozen and San Antonio Texas if you're seeing those egg prices Still anywhere folks might want to hold On and wait for a couple days you should Start seeing some relief on those egg Prices Badger uh hey Steve yesterday I Stopped at Aldi's while visiting a Friend in Gilbert Arizona Uh I have been at the store once before No eggs price was 409 down from 559 a

Dozen no butter minimum Dairy no cream Cheese no organic eggs certain bread has Gone up uh one dollar shells were filled With household products versus food Produce was uh in the coolers lots of Slaw salad mixes but no plain slaw yes I Make my own Lots of Valentine's candy frozen food Section had lots of turkeys pizzas Minimal frozen veggies fresh meat was Available cat and dog food minimal Autumn in Shepherdsville Kentucky 18 Count eggs 5.99 a dozen Dried dog and cat food wiped out every Place I go Kroger Walmart Dollar Store Tractor Supply plenty of produce but price is High and with small sizes milk is in Short supply Anna almost no dry cat food continues in Maine little canned ordering from chewy Still seeming to go well so chewy might Work for you if you're trying to find Dry cat food so that's an online Retailer I believe it is you Can Google it and see if that will be Work out for you Parrot Africa state of disaster declared At the Sona address in South Africa Electricity crisis D.A and opposition Parties to take this matter to court as A state of disaster will not fix the Energy electricity crisis we now have an Electricity electricity Minister that

Will appoint that will be appointed Which actually makes no sense at all uh When when this money could be used to Fix the crisis Um just thanks for the update from South Africa Donna in northeast Pennsylvania Just imagine you could be somewhere Where there's no electricity to I mean Of course we we're all seeing the news From uh turkey and I'll be talking a Little bit more this afternoon about What's going on in Turkey more in depth And kind of some of the lessons that we Can learn from that but uh you know Praise God you are where you are if You're not uh without electricity and if You're somewhere where the buildings Haven't collapsed right Jesse in Southeast Michigan We seem not to be experiencing the same Shortages like the rest of the country And I'm not sure if that is due to my Location yes prices have skyrocketed but Things are in Supply yes there has been Reduced quantities of certain products And produces but so far no complete Shortages cooking oil is low but not Completely gone Yeah some of you folks out there if you Shop every day you know when you go out There if if you always shop in the Morning like first thing off you might Not be seeing nearly as much shortages As of people who stop by the store after

Work on their way home Um because just the way the stores are Stocked that way and then also if you Shop certain days of the week that may Put you in a place where you're not Seeing shortages or you're seeing more Severe shortages or if you're going to Certain grocery stores if you're going To a little higher end grocery store You're probably not seeing shortages as Much and even if you're paying a little More at a more expensive Walmart some of The product does have a tendency to Shift to where they're going to be able To get more money for it so a more ritzy Areas tend to get more product than Lower income areas that's just something We've noticed as well Lynn says no eggs in Walmart in Johnstown Pennsylvania And that's if you're not seeing eggs Where you are it may be because the Price came down so much that everyone Just bought them all up they should be Restocked relatively quickly because the Supply of eggs out there is actually Rebounded pretty good which is why the Price has suddenly dropped Um so Johnstown Pennsylvania cold Remedies Tylenol Motrin are very light Protein drinks light cosmetic Department Sparse cheese department is picked over Lunchables are basically gone bread is Sparse Yaya in Oregon and Washington

Their wood Mills are shutting down where We live everyone's everyone works for The mills in one form or another and This is going to hit us all hard I Haven't taken a look at lumber prices But I will be doing that shortly to kind Of see what's going on with that and Also kind of what's going on with those Mills but just a heads up for folks out There if you have reports that you want To send to me directly you can either Email them directly to me at Poplarprepairness or you can Pop them down in the comments of any Video use the word update and let us Know a geographical location for you all Right folks if you found this video Useful or helpful make sure you are Subscribed and check out this video Right here I'll see you over there or I'll see you later Steve Poplar out

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