Food Shortage Reports – Feb 9th – Empty Shelves Update

Boots on the ground reports from viewers all over the world including a big warning going out about several brands of canned meat.

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Always come here for the latest news on all prepper related food shortage. Prepper news similar to other channels like Canadian prepper, alaska prepper, full spectrum survival, pinball preparedness, the economic ninja, and goshen prepping. As the europe drought, energy crisis europe, and financial crisis 2023 get worse we need to be prepping for 2023. Having a prepared homestead so you can be ready for the empty shelves 2023, inflation, recession, walmart food shortages, and aldi empty shelves 2023.

Hey everyone welcome back to Poplar Preparedness these are updates coming From you guys from around the country And around the world we are going to Start in Australia if you have updates That you want to send in about what's Happening on your store shelves or if You have information from your workplace That you'd like to share you can either Email them directly to me at Poplarpreparedness or you can Pop them down in the comments of any Video using the word update somewhere in There and giving us some sort of Geographical location let's jump over to Julie in New South Wales Australia We haven't had the grocery shortages at The same levels that you guys have been Experiencing in the U.S but shopping at My uh at my local Woolworths supermarket In New South Wales South Coast over the Last few weeks I have noticed one fresh Bulk chicken breast out of stock in the Meat section for the last Fortnight but Available at the deli then this week None at either place egg shortage of the Cheapest eggs last two weeks Frozen Australian cauliflower and green beans Often low or not available for months Now dry dog food shortages for weeks Ongoing and expensive another Interesting conversation I had with a Checkout lady about low staff I asked if The people were on holiday and she said

No they are short staffed and said some Of them were off sick and somehow had Died and they had mandated the back in 2021 Daryl in Canada my wife called our local Feed store today to ask about buying Some chicks so this is up in Canada Right to add to our flock this spring She was told we'd first need to register Our small hobby Farm before being able To buy chicks So apparently you have to register your Flocks in Canada now That's how bad they don't want you Growing your own food You have to be registered and of course Registration is one step from Confiscation and that is something you Need to always keep in mind right They said they could take our order but Could not promise delivery due to Disruptions caused by the avian flu I thought it was just affecting sea Lions now we bought some birds last Spring by simply ordering in January and Picking them up in March no paper trail No problem this all just seems quite Strange and I thought I'd pass along Thank you for passing along if you guys Are seeing strange things like that Please do let us know so we can keep Everyone informed A Little House on the Prairie uh on the Prairie Lake sorry uh South Dakota

HyVee and Walmart appear to be fully Stocked but all these seems to be Uh running short on things all the time Especially bread and chicken One still image says Sam's Club in Latham New York was totally out of dry Cat food and only had one pallet Half full of one brand of canned cat Food also the price of eggs here are Still close to six dollars per dozen And just a couple hours south here in Pittsburgh we're looking at like 350 a Dozen that's That just tells you the difference Between one State's regulations to the Next Uh Jaffa Fafa says uh eggs dropped 50 Cents at my store the frozen food Section has a few sales but most of the Items have reduced in size Hot Pockets Dropped an ounce and didn't send Anything in my uh and I didn't get Anything in my last few orders now I get A few cases in the smaller sizes as the Sale ends cheapest items are selling Fast but uh the amount of packaging is Getting smaller I highly recommend Checking your food sizes before Purchasing products prices on the other Items have stayed the same are going up That have stayed the same in size are Going up again so yes just because the Price seems similar doesn't mean that You're not getting shorted in a

Different way do check sizes and of Course always remember to check the Expiration dates too of course they've Been shuffling dented cans they've been Shuffling uh or you know late uh You know lately produced stuff uh that's Going to expire soon Elu says Down East Main we went to the Local IGA this week after the produce Delivery everything looked full but There was Zero cabbage broccoli or Cauliflower this is a main of course Right the only lettuce was Iceberg Pre-cut in bags and there were some Pre-cut bags of kale keeping in mind Though we are a tiny town with a tiny Store so that might be alternating week To week I'll check next week too carrots Here seem fine though the Shelf was full And they looked nice and fresh milk was Half full with two week dates but there Was uh there was some of this of Everything Bart says uh I am finding shortages or Stores are totally out of dry cat and Dog food this is in Northeast Utah also Cat litter local Family Dollar stores Especially it's doubled in cost when It's in stock Uh skipping down to South Africa due to Rolling blackouts which are continuing In South Africa the African rand is Sliding that's their currency of course They are as they don't have any power

It's it's shutting down factories and They're not producing as much and that Means their currency is sliding and we In South Africa are close to collapse Now Things are bad down South Africa Gigi and Gigi s says in Pennsylvania at Aldi's today pasta sauce was scant a few Jars Were three Choi with three choices were Expensive Organic and expensive Store brand Um Eggs 465 a dozen still no flavored Powdered creamer for like over a year Yeah the powdered creamers have been an Issue that's for sure produce was Looking okay but cost a lot of money Beware of the Appleton Farms pre-sliced Boneless hams in the deli set section uh Look on back uh I took Took ours back still had seven days on The best by date and it went moldy Cashier said they've been having a lot Of issues with that brand it was Refunded Aldi guarantee Twice As Nice Eleni said milk is definitely an issue Here in Jackson Tennessee very little to Choose from and a gallon of prairie farm Milk 658 that's expensive for even here Flower power says Great Value refried Beans are no longer available in Santa Ana California now no refried beans is

Uh that's definitely a concern Especially in that area of the country Right You shouldn't be running out but Bruce Says eggs 18 pack is 6.99 in Fresno California So that's that's not good that's that's 18 packs so a good selection of Different varieties every Department had Uh front fronting in it and gaps Now when we start hearing more and more About uh places like California and the East Coast the main cities and stuff Like that having these shortages those Are usually the last places affected by The shortages usually it's the the Flyover places in the country that that Seem to have those issues more Uh Bradley one dozen eggs at Walmart and Republic Missouri in 2020 was 89 cents a Dozen now it's 450 a dozen more of us locals are Setting up our own chickens as soon as Possible Be watching out for them registering Your chickens right Um and here's a thought too is if you uh If you run into the registration thing Usually uh Okay Check your local laws and register Regulations this isn't legal advice or Anything like that but if you get Somebody else to register uh for the

Chickens and then sell them To you Without the paperwork that will at least Make it harder for them to find you just A thought there if if it's okay or if It's legal to resell the chickens uh to Other people you can at least put layers Between you and the uh and the Registration out there so that's just a Thought unless selling chickens is Illegal in your state or country Edgar Says a store in Western Massachusetts Lost a lot of product in the meats Dairy OJ due to the extreme cold taking Uh out of the coolant uh the the weird Thought that coolant Can freeze and Destroy thousands of Dollars of chilled Foods because the Temperature skyrocketed in the coolers Themselves so uh I'm not exactly sure all of that but Apparently uh they had issue with their Their freezers and destroyed lots of Product Um Sounds like it froze after getting too Hot Mary our store our grocery store at save A lot has changed the whole store I live In a small mountain town they changed The whole store they split each road to Cover up the loss of food product there Used to be one row of canned vegetables Now only a small amount and that's what

We're kind of seeing all over the place I'm showing pictures of my store where They'd shortened all the aisles and you Guys all probably seen that too where They've where they've made the aisle Shorter or thinner or whatever in order To make it so that it's not quite as Evident that they have less product on The store shelves now granted in the United States we've had ridiculous Amounts of product on the door shelves We've had ridiculous amounts of variety And people coming from any other country If you've traveled at all you come to The United States and you're just like This is just absurd so the fact that They're they're Getting less variety D on the shelves And they're focusing in on more core Brands isn't necessarily a bad thing but And the end of the day the question is Is why are they doing it and if it's Because they just don't have as much Product that is a concern as you see the Store shelves these days are they less Full or more full than they were several Years ago That's a thought all right folks if you Have your reports you want to send in Please do just comment down below use The word update and give some sort of Geographical location focus in on what You're missing at the stores or what Seems to be missing and let us know

About all that thanks so much for Watching if you want to check out Another video there's one right here I'll see you over there or I'll see you Later Steve Poplar out

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