Food Shortage & Supply Chain Updates | Viewer Reports

Boots on the ground reports by viewers about empty shelves and food shortages in their area. News items about food supply chain are also reported.

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Always come here for the latest news on all prepper related food shortage. Prepper news similar to other channels like Canadian prepper, alaska prepper, full spectrum survival, pinball preparedness, the economic ninja, and goshen prepping. As the europe drought, energy crisis europe, and financial crisis 2023 get worse we need to be prepping for 2023. Having a prepared homestead so you can be ready for the empty shelves 2023, inflation, recession, walmart food shortages, and aldi empty shelves 2023.

Hey everyone food shortage updates and Of course updates on what's happening Around the world with regard to the Supply chain food warehouses all that Kind of stuff is coming right at you now These reports are generated by you guys Actually sending in information so you Can always do that down in the the Comments section use the word update Somewhere in there so that we can search For it and find it out there uh leave us Some sort of geographical information if You're telling us what you're seeing in Your town or in your area let's jump Right into your reports uh Tony B kind Of responding back to something that I Saw here in Pittsburgh while looking at Your hot sauce section it looks like the Tabasco is missing there Uh when you mention the shortage of Vinegar that's one of the main Ingredients in making hot sauce now I Did point out that the hot sauce was Kind of surprisingly missing and we've Been watching the vinegar shortage out There And so a number of you not just Tony but A number of you have actually pointed Out the the link there between the Vinegar shortage as well as the hot Sauce shortage so good catch everyone Thank you so much So we may expect to see that continue if Vinegar continues to be hard to find and

Why is vinegar hard to find that is a Surprising question right there This is from me a person my food Distributor told us that they received An email saying the gordos cheese Factory caught on fire and will be down For some time now I tried finding this Independently uh in the news sources and Was not able to find it however I did Notice that 12 000 wheels of cheese Burned down in a Swiss Warehouse just About two weeks ago Twelve thousand now we're not talking About little wheels of cheese we're Talking about the giant jumbo wheels of Cheese right 12 000 wheels of cheese burned down in a Swiss warehouse and Gordo's cheese Factory uh apparently also caught on Fire so Um if any of you guys can actually find That and let us know what that is I Wasn't able to find anything more about The extent of that damage but uh cabin Girl Cabin GRL Don't want to assume there right uh says A Walmart brand table salt was 50 cents Last year jumped to 54 cents then 57. Today it's 64 cents these increases Won't reverse this is the kind of Inflation that isn't measured Um it's literally on every product That's right it's the value of the US

Dollar declining not so much things Getting more expensive Uh PG says no Kirkland canned chicken at Costco this is a first in Central Valley California now we were having issues With canned chicken over here on the East Coast a couple weeks ago but uh now We're seeing that same kind of issue Over in California with Kirkland which Is the Costco brand right uh Badger Mamau says uh Tyson is supposed to close Two poultry plants soon maybe starting Another Chicken Run Now Lisa also chimed in on that topic And said the Tyson Food plant poultry is Not just shutting down its location in Van Buren Arkansas On May 12 2023 it's also closing in our Location on May 12 2023 that's uh that Location is in Glen Allen Virginia both Plants have collectively 2 000 people That will be out of a job poultry prices May go up even higher because of this And that's that's true prices are Probably going to go up whether there Will be an actual shortage or not is uh Something that uh I don't think that They would do that if if it's going to Create a shortage without them planning On Staffing up an increase in production At other plants but The best laid plans of mice and men of Course have a tendency to go awry don't They Keith and LaPorte Indiana says

Frozen cauliflower has been out for most Of the time for months Cauliflower lady AR Says Brooklyn New York foods like Mexican tortilla spices and seasoning Are low in stock also some tortilla I Had to throw out because of mold found In the stack I was so upset Do check your food to make sure that It's not moldy or out of you know Significantly out of date or something Like that when you purchase it we are Seeing that happening all over the place Folks not good not good at all Mocha 82 says Rochester New York went to Aldi midday and absolutely no eggs not One carton I looked around the cooler to See if maybe they just weren't unloaded Nope it was all milk on racks to be put Out Miss Karen says uh in Central Virginia Walmart no vinegar no white vinegar at All not one bottle Of course when we see a shortage in one Thing it's going to spread all to the Other things around it so apple cider Vinegar is going to go disappearing real Fast after the white vinegar is gone and Uh one brand of white vinegar Disappearing is going to spread to the Other brands this is just kind of how This kind of thing works anything that Can be used as a substitution will start Disappearing other stores nearby will

Start having those things disappear as Well If anyone knows why we're suddenly Having a shortage of vinegar Um is there a factory down or something Like I haven't seen anything but uh if You guys see that you can always email Me directly at Poplar preparedness or of course put that in an Update on any video in Oregon Uh just today milk that was dated the 24th was bad this makes the third half Gallon of one percent gone bad early all Purchased from Walmart Lacey in the Kansas City area no Jam in The grocery stores for months they had Some jelly and lots of expensive Preserves no Jam Local Walmart doesn't even have a place On the shelf for Jam for at least three Months now Mary in Pennsylvania residents are under Shelter in place after hazardous Material incident and hydrotous ammonium Leaked from the kunzler meat company in Lancaster Pennsylvania that was a number Of days ago and has been since cleared That was a uh a leak from a like a Refrigerant and such at the meat company And it wasn't a vehicle wreck or Anything like that they were able to get Workers out of there no one was injured And it has been cleaned up this video is Brought to you by Genesis Gold group and

As we see all these shortages and all These issues out there you got to be Asking yourself the question whether Your Investments for your retirement Funds are as stable and as safe as they Need to be are you Diversified into gold And silver you can diversify a portion Of your retirement funds or all of it Into physical gold silver Platinum coins That are actually yours in a vault so That when you get a distribution you Actually get in the coins in your hands If you want to talk to Jonathan as team You can find them down in the Description down below that is Genesis Gold group thanks so much for watching Folks if you found this video to be Useful or helpful you might want to Check out this other video right here I'll see you over there or I'll see you Later Steve poppler out

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