& Food Shortage Updates | Empty Shelves REPORTS 1/26/23

Boots on the ground reports from all across the USA and updates on the plant fires popping up all over Empty shelves being reported all around and the egg prices keep rising.

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Always come here for the latest news on all prepper related food shortage. Prepper news similar to other channels like Canadian prepper, alaska prepper, full spectrum survival, pinball preparedness, the economic ninja, and goshen prepping. As the europe drought, energy crisis europe, and financial crisis 2023 get worse we need to be prepping for 2023. Having a prepared homestead so you can be ready for the empty shelves 2023, inflation, recession, walmart food shortages, and aldi empty shelves 2023.

Hey everyone welcome back to the Poplar Report we've got a whole bunch of Reports happening all over the country And the world to get to you reports from You guys so if you have reports you want To send in you can email them to me at Poplarpreparedness gmail.com or you can Pop them in the description uh comment Section down below use the word update And some sort of geographical location First let's start off with the fires and Issues that we're seeing out there good News out there that the Freeport Terminal uh down in Texas is back in Operation it was uh there's a big fire Big suspicious fire on June 8th since That was the main terminal for natural Gas to going to Europe uh now that this Freeport terminal is back in operation Of course we're seeing suspicious Activity over in Europe around their uh Offloading terminals We we could see the possibility of Foreign actors uh particularly Russia Potentially sabotaging more terminals or Pipeline lines in order to continue to Handicap the European economy on that Point so we're continuing to watch that Wells Maine their wastewater treatment Plant went out of operation due to a Generator failing and causing electrical Damage throughout the plant This is not going to immediately affect The population in Wells Maine but it

Will start to affect them after a couple Of days of being out waste water Starting to back up and sewage and such Like that hopefully that they can get That fixed relatively quickly but just More suspicious activities more Suspicious things happening all over the Country there's a pet food plant fire in Anchorage Alaska Um is a major plant that produces pet Food and uh for for a lot of the folks In Alaska uh not the biggest but uh but In that area it's a big deal and that Means a lot of the um not just dogs and Cats but also a livestock and such like That are not going to have a pet uh not Have food feed for them all right let's Jump into your reports from your stores And uh locations Lisa says I went to my Local Walmart in Athens Alabama Yesterday the produce was hit or miss Hardly any bananas the Cabbage was Palm Sized very small and the Dozen large Great Value eggs were at five dollars Uh milk uh great value per gallon has Been steady at 338 where it was about Two years ago where about two years ago It was one dollar and eight cents per Gallon Denise our daughter had to go to three Pharmacies to find amoxicillin for our Granddaughter who had an ear infection We're in Southern Virginia there is Shortage of that as well as other

Antibiotics out there Patty we went to Several Aldi's in the Twin Cities area In Minnesota they were all out of Carrots large baby and organic so we Heard just the other day from Maine They're having carrot shortages and now We're hearing in Minnesota thanks for Reporting that in so uh that does sound To be a bit more widespread than what we Were hearing before so If you're seeing carrot shortages out There or if you need carrots you might Want to stock up just a little bit on Fresh carrots Or you can always look at the can Carrots option as well or Frozen Emma in Northeast Tennessee at our local Walmart egg dozen eggs five dollars Hearing that right dried pet food is Gone like what used to be dozens of bags Of of dog and cat food is now down to Three or four bags it actually made me Audibly gasp in the store aisle yogurt And sour cream are hard to come by any Of these things that come from milk We're seeing issues with gallon water Jugs are gone canned food is mainly all Green beans no potatoes and barely any Onions cabbage was gone and so is Cucumber I know I I sound very Doom and Gloom but everything else was pretty Well stocked we're having issues with Potatoes still of course and canned Potatoes continue to get worse out there

So if you need canned potatoes That's that's continuing to be an issue Grab them while you can see them also Some of the other meats and stuff like That canned are becoming harder to find Cheryl in Middle Georgia At the Walmart Very little dry cat food produce and Bakery items chicken very high when Available very high prices low bottle Water plenty of junk food and ramen Friends I don't know what's up with a Bottled water thing it's not like we Have a water shortage it's a it's just a Plastic jugs the plastic bottles we just Don't have enough of them apparently Bill in who is north of Tampa says our Walmart has started the half carton Sales two dollars for six eggs they're Just cutting those cartons right in half That's what they're doing and we're Seeing that pop-up of Walmarts all over The place for people who are just like They can't afford or don't want to Afford a full pack the regular stock is Okay but there were only three half Cartons left it seems people are willing To get less in order to pay less People are tightening off their budgets Um people just don't have the money to Spend people have run up their credit Cards and now they're starting to have Issues with not having enough credit Uh in Pennsylvania says

Renders Warehouse Market Dry cat food is sparse especially Especially frisky brand and nine lives This is the large 16 pound and small 3.15 pound bags and I have a theory on Why we're having such issues with dry Cat food and I think it's the canned cat Food I think a lot of people have Shifted from the wet cat food and moved Over to the dry cat food and because of That there isn't enough production of The dry cat food so I think that the Shortage of wet cat food and cans has Spread to the dry cat food that's that's Kind of my that's my take on it I can't Back that up just just yet I'm looking I'm looking Uh bill says I'm embarrassed to say but Our Sam's Club is fully stocked Um full Frozen potatoes pets this is Along the Florida North Central Florida Along the west coast the only low spots Were bottled water tomato sauce and a Couple other canned items Yep still having issues with a bottle of Water and tomato Canned tomato stuff and tomato sauces Greg in Southeastern Massachusetts Children's Tylenol Motrin to include Generic is either out or in short supply Uh ricotta cheese is hard to find at Grocery stores did find it eventually at A big box store Granite in New Hampshire lettuce is 199

Ahead and of course we're all seeing Those heads of lettuce shrink plenty of Markdown markdown ones that are 99 Cents Though that are really bad looking Looks like many are passing it up in Higher price due to higher prices eggs Are 3.99 a dozen which is fairly Reasonable uh gas up to 20 up 20 cents a Gallon in the last week or 10 days David Who is in the Texas Panhandle canned Chicken is back Walmart was stocked even Had food all the way down the main aisle Was actually kind of weird to see so Much food Hank in southwest Iowa eggs at two local Stores are 6.99 and up Chicken breast is 199 which is actually Pretty good Most Walmarts are running almost three Bucks a pound really no other shortage Just uh high prices of milk which is six Dollars a gallon for a whole and 459 for Skim Mark in vernango County Pennsylvania Stores are reasonably well stocked with The exception of frozen vegetables and Pasta the price of canned fruits and Vegetables seems to be going out faster Than any other item there seems to be a High percentage of dented cans however There are some bargains Brianna says no eggs in Costco in Minnesota

Just a couple boxes of butter there used To be pallets full lots of dented cans Now got rotten produce at my Walmart Pickup and the start a return tab has Been out of order conveniently for the Last seven days since the pickup Ronnie 90 of sheriffs in Illinois are Now re refusing to enforce the ban Um on the boom sticks out there uh We've Reported on that before but uh that Number has gone up significantly all Right folks if you guys have reports That you want to send in please do use The word update and a comment and uh put In your geographical location as well as Kind of what you're seeing missing on The store shelves if you have any Information industry wise that you'd Like to share with me you can always Send that directly to poplarreparedness Gmail.com thanks so much for watching if You want to check out another video from Me you can see it right here I'll see You over there or I'll see you later Steve poppler out

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