Food Shortage Updates & Supply Chain Reports From Viewers

Boots on the ground reports from all over the USA and the world telling us what they are seeing at Walmart, Aldi, and grocery stores as well as at their workplaces.

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Always come here for the latest news on all prepper related food shortage. Prepper news similar to other channels like Canadian prepper, alaska prepper, full spectrum survival, pinball preparedness, the economic ninja, and goshen prepping. As the europe drought, energy crisis europe, and financial crisis 2023 get worse we need to be prepping for 2023. Having a prepared homestead so you can be ready for the empty shelves 2023, inflation, recession, walmart food shortages, and aldi empty shelves 2023.

Hey everyone welcome back to the Poplar Report we're going to be getting into Some news updates from you guys out There telling us what's going on in the World a lot of stuff from stores as well As what's happening in uh in your Employment places if you guys have Reports that you want to send in just Either email them to directly to popular Preparedness or you can put Them in any video down at the uh the Comments section use the word update Somewhere in there and we will find it Uh coosi farmer or I think exclusive Farmer yesterday another fire around Cleveland Ohio we've been having a lot Of that we had the boiler explosion uh Over there and the fire in that area With the metal Factory as well just a Lot of stuff going on there and then of Course East Palestine what is happening In Eastern and Northern Ohio right now There's a tank leaking in Wisconsin that Was Hazmat workers had to be evacuated So more and more stuff happening out There that we're kind of keeping an eye On Kevin says that South Bend Indiana Eggs at Walmart are eight 73 for a Package of 60. they had many of them in Stock so things are getting better out There for sure chicken coin uh that's That was the term for a canned chicken Right chick coin as opposed to bitcoin Is is also well in stock as well as

Pasta my wife and I listen to your Channel all the time thank you keep up The good work we are definitely going to Do that parrot Africa in South Africa Says uh U.S embassy is warning Americans To stock up up to 72 hours of food and Water due to possible grid collapse in South Africa when the United States Embassy is telling Americans to stock up On food and water her you probably Should listen right U.S embassies are Actually pretty uh pretty reluctant to Criticize the governments that they're In so when they start issuing warnings Uh you should listen to them South Africa obviously parrot Africa is not From the United States but they are South African so if you're in South Africa please do watch out because it Sounds like the grid the grid collapses Are getting worse they're already on was It stage eight or stage seven sorry Stage seven load shedding which is a lot Of people out there out of electricity For nine hours a day that's crazy Mary says fires are erupted at three Different oil facilities in the same Company in Texas and Mexico In one day yeah that was last week and That was uh yeah one refinery in Texas And then a storage facility and a Refinery in Mexico with pemex All that very concerning of course They're having other issues there too

Uh Caridad says uh just bought some Chicken tenderloins at Publix to make a Stir fry the package sell by date is 3-3 -3 That's a short dated right Uh opened package to slimy fish smelling Chicken had to throw it away this is Palm Beach County Florida Please do be careful about all the stuff That you're buying out there check check Those expiration dates and you know Those expiration dates uh sometimes are A little bit optimistic right am I right Bruce says the buck 25 store near me my Apartment in Fresno California is Practically out of canned fruit Canned vegetables and only had Applesauce in single serve cups no Canned chicken lots of pasta both in Bulk and in single serve microwave Packages though aisle end caps that Usually held foods are filled with soda Noticeable holes throughout the store And Health and Beauty toys and frozen Foods People are hurting economically out There and they are going to the buck 25 Stores because they're trying to save Money and they found that even during The downturn in 2008 they found that the Dollar stores actually did they actually Outperformed other stores because people Went to the Dollar Trees and such in Order to to try to save money and uh so

Michael says that uh in Southern Indiana This past Saturday the bank was limiting Cash withdrawals or checks to one Thousand dollars I haven't heard more about that is Anyone else having trouble getting cash Out of their Banks I was at the bank That the day before that Friday Thursday Or Friday and I pulled uh Um you know Security reasons I I don't want to be Too uh open about I pulled several Thousand dollars out of of the bank and They did not give me any trouble with That so I don't know if it's just one Branch just not having enough cash and Waiting for the next cash delivery or if That is more widespread if anyone else Is having issues getting money out of The bank please let us know about that We are getting sporadic reports about That uh here and there over the last Several months about issues with cash Withdrawals so uh keep keep us informed About that and if you want to withhold Your name on it that's fine you just Email it directly to me or make sure You're using an alias when you uh post Uh your comment Uh Angela in Charlotte North Carolina a Hydraulic fuel spill in Little Sugar Creek a few days ago just more and more Of these chemical spills everywhere Don't we have an EPA don't we have an

Environmental Protection Agency aren't They supposed to protect us from this no They're out there quibbling over people Developing land that might be a wetland Right and and they're trying to protect Little Frogs but they're not trying to Protect people from environmental Catastrophic chemical incidents that's What they're not trying to do they're Not trying to protect people because People are the problem in their line of Thinking Bart in Belgium says uh Everything is fine for the moment here The quality of vegetables is not normal And they are expensive even for this Time of year yeah we've been having Issues uh uh the UK is already Rationing Asda and Tesco are rationing Vegetables and fruits certain fruits due To a lot of the greenhouses in the UK Shutting down due to not the gas prices Being way too high for heating as well As Spain and some of the other growing Areas are not getting enough rain so They are they're dry and they're not Growing the crops properly so it's just Creating a shortage of vegetables out There so that would affect you in Belgium too for sure no shortage like in Our neighboring cross-channel country UK Though has according to the news so it's Not as bad in Belgium but they're They're feeling a little bit of effect

Of that Peter says our Wally World here In Eastern Connecticut has been low on pasta for Several weeks in a row We've been getting better at pasta Across most of the U.S I haven't seen Too many complaints about pasta recently And pasta here and well where I am live In Pittsburgh Pennsylvania has not been A problem recently so uh Gert and color Root Hustled how assault I am sorry Belgium says they are also Limiting lettuce takeouts for retail Clients So let us limit Just like over in the UK Jelly Bean says a few hundred employees Laid off at Walmart fulfillment center In eastern Pennsylvania Lehigh Valley That's uh that's a lot more employees Um Allen says uh the uh The Walmart was stocked Up on cheap uh Buck 98 eggs two days ago Today they are 75 empty shelves And uh I'm not sure how to decipher this I'll just try to pronounce it out and I'm not sure if it's actual location or Not Bemidji Walmart I don't know if that's acronym for Something or what but uh Bonnie says no Store brand cereal at Kroger in for Three weeks this is in Frankfort

Kentucky Maria From the UK no cucumber Peppers no Cucumbers peppers tomatoes or other Vegetables low to no eggs price Increases every week at my local Aldi so We're seeing out there that the Vegetable shortage there and fruit Shortage in uh In the UK as well as in those parts of Europe are getting worse and once again The greenhouses as well as the growing Areas down south of Europe all right Folks if you guys have reports that You'd like to pass along please do email Them directly to me at Propwellprepairness or put Them down in the comment section of any Video use the word update somewhere in There and we will check that out all Right folks if you want to check out Another video there's one right here I'll see you over there or I'll see you Later Steve Poplar from Kenya out

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