Food Shortages Are Spreading & So Are The Comforting Lies

With so much on the shelves we are seeing rationing and price controls. This does not bode well for the future as prices are going up but at the same time production is going down. Food shortages and empty shelves will become a larger and larger issue in the near future.

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Always come here for the latest news on all prepper related food shortage. Prepper news similar to other channels like Canadian prepper, alaska prepper, full spectrum survival, pinball preparedness, the economic ninja, and goshen prepping. As the europe drought, energy crisis europe, and financial crisis 2023 get worse we need to be prepping for 2023. Having a prepared homestead so you can be ready for the empty shelves 2023, inflation, recession, walmart food shortages, and aldi empty shelves 2023.

Do we have food shortages out there the Answer is simple if you see food Rationing you have food shortages you Don't ration something that there's not A shortage of that's just simple facts But Also if you ration things that doesn't Solve shortages in fact it tends to make Shortages worse not only that item that You're rationing but it's going to Spread into shortages of all items that Are nearby as well folks let's talk About rationing because I promise you This is I've said this before when you Have inflation soon you'll have price Caps when you have inflation inevitably Governments want to do something about It so they start bringing in price caps Once you have price caps you then move On to rationing once you move you move Into rationing then you see the Government starts picking winners and Losers who gets those rations becomes a Thing and that's the situation that has Happened hundreds of times before if not Thousands of examples out there Throughout history this has been Happening for thousands and thousands of Years Anytime there is food shortages this is What happens you get price caps and then You get rationing and then you get Government choosing winners and losers Who gets the rationing and I promise you

If you're not a friend of an elected Official that has a lot of power you are Not going to be the ones selected uh for Getting the extra rations let's walk Through this process shall we rationing Doesn't solve shortages It You get a price lock Which seems to help things along you Know that's just not fair these Producers are gouging the customer They're making a whole lot of money off Of producing let's use eggs because that Just uh it's a situation that's happened Just recently that's not fair that They're making so much more on eggs than What they normally do But realize this when somebody is making A whole lot of money making something There's a whole lot of incentive for Other people to get into that business Really fast and start making those that Money as well Companies that are in the business Making lots and lots of money they have A lot of incentives to expand their Operations right they're going to find Ways to expand their operation because This money is good and they want more of It now when you put price caps in Suddenly they're just making their Normal amount of money Are they going to suddenly start Expanding their business when they're

Making the normal amount of money the Answer is no no they won't will new People come into the business and start New operations to increase production No because they weren't interested in Producing eggs before and You know they looked at the metrics and How much money they'd make and they'd be Barely scraping a living so no they're Not interested in that at all Unless the price goes up significantly They're not going to get into the Business so when you start price capping Things and then by necessity rationing Things You're Actually creating a situation where the Shortage actually lasts longer this is Basic economics folks I know that There's a lot of well-meaning Well-intentioned you know bleeding heart People who all about socialism and price Caps and rationing and everything like That but here's the simple fact it Doesn't work it doesn't work anywhere There has been socialism If it's lasted any time at all you will See an underlying capitalistic system That is supporting that system whether They're stealing money from other Countries or whether they are Um you know getting lots and lots of Money sent back to them from people who Live in other countries or like you see

With the Soviet Union they had a massive Black market cap capitalistic system That was more free than A lot of the economy in the United States is you also see this in Cuba you Have a black market system that is Basically the only thing propping up the Uh that's the only way that people can Survive under it Rationing when I see Signs that say limit two when I see Limit this I I can't help but see this is rationing And if there's rationing taking place Hear me out That kind of points to the fact that There's some kind of price control Happening Here Now Sometimes I know I know this is going to Blow some of your minds sometimes the Supermarkets sell things at a loss Sometimes they sell things at break even Sometimes they sell things at a loss And when I say break even I mean they're Not counting overhead they're not Counting uh labor they're buying it for X and they're selling it for x They're just trying to make the Customers happy and come to their store So that they'll buy all the other stuff That's going to pay the wages for the People checking you out or the robots Checking you out or whatever

Sometimes the stores actually take a Loss on things if they know there's a Big pain Point thing like people are Really upset about the price of eggs They may sell the eggs at a loss in Order to get you into their store so You'll buy everything else That's the thing you're paying attention To the price on that's the thing that if You see low prices there you're going to Assume the rest of the store is low Prices and you're going to buy all sorts Of stuff so just because We see this limit number there it tells Me that the store is afraid of you Buying too much Now if they're making money off of every Unit of whatever they're selling why Would in the world would they have a Problem with you buying more I mean Isn't that the whole point of capitalism You want to buy 1600 Not only am I going to say yes to you And figure out a way to get you 1600 Units of whatever I'm going to take you Into the back room and I'm going to make You a better deal Right I charge everyone else this but Because you're buying 1600 I'm gonna I'm Gonna give you a better deal here When I start saying no You have a limit of two I'm telling you that I'm not selling This product for income I'm not selling

This product to make money And if I'm not passing gains off to the Next person in the system you may see That that item stays in Perpetual Shortage for a long period of time It locks Price caps lock in the price And that's good It seems like at first but the incentive Doesn't exist to increase production Second thing with that there are always Cheaters There's always somebody who either Doesn't have a job or just has too much Time on their hands or just they like Eggs or something like that limit two Okay fine they go out to their car with Two two cartons they come right back in The store they buy two more and they go Out to the car or they have kids and They give each kid two boxes of eggs and Walk out the door a limit Only impacts the people that actually Follow The limit And I know first you're going to say Well well you know if there's actual Rationing that's just a soft ration if There's stronger rationing happening Then then there's less ways of cheating And that's true it gets harder to cheat But the stakes are higher the stakes are Higher because you're seeing the eggs For sale in the store for like three

Dollars I'm just it's a hypothetical Three dollars a dozen but on the black Market The cheapest you can get eggs for is Five dollars a dozen so people are Incentivized to buy eggs at the store Sell them on the black market And that's exactly what happens so some People are going to figure out a way to Game the system and buy a ton of eggs Whether direct from the farmers or Whatever and sell them on the directly On the black market which once again Increases the shortage And this is where you see with all these Countries where Um you know in the Soviet Union you go Into the grocery store and the shelves Were empty And you're like how do these people eat How do these people survive well you're Looking at the store shelves with the Price fixing happening of course you Can't buy things there because it's Ridiculously cheap you have to go out to The black market where there's plenty of Food and you're going to pay a much Higher price because that's the actual Price going out there And believe me capitalism always wins Over socialism it's just I don't care How many guns or people enforcers you Have out there in the end Rationing fails

It scares people when you start Rationing things people start realizing There's a shortage and when people start Realizing there's a shortage what do They do they start stocking up which is A good thing people looking forward are Going to go gee I need to get my act Together I need to start stock out but What does that do it creates shortages And all the items around that item that You have the limits on It scares people and the rationing will Inevitably spread because the shortages Spread from one thing to the next so Friends when you see that limit two sign On there Um I hope I hope that you're thinking Down the line one or two steps and going That's not harmless That's telling me there's a problem they Might as well put a big sign up on the Thing saying there's a shortage of this Product There's a shortage of this product And you'll notice when they have a limit 2 there You can notice how it gets worse because Limit two goes on to all the items Around it That are similar to it and that happens Relatively fast when you see those signs Start to spread the shortage is Spreading when you see this signs start Disappearing things are getting better

This is how this is one way that you can Track kind of just keeping your eyes on Things that's why I'm very sensitive to Seeing that I've got a few bellwethers Out there I always check the ramen Noodles to see if the if the normies are Starting to panic because that's the First thing they go out and buy when They're panicking if a storm is coming In they're going to start grabbing ramen Noodles For whatever reason they don't grab Ramen noodles usually but when they feel Panicky they start grabbing them So I keep an eye on that I keep an eye On the rationing signs And I keep an eye on things that are Very short term And then things are very long term When you look at the canned goods Section they don't need to restock that Quite as rapidly because it sits there And that stuff's fine sitting on the Shelf for a long time normally that Doesn't get depleted it doesn't have a High turnover rate whereas things like Butter milk cheese these things have to Be turned over rather rapidly Particularly the cream the eggs these Things get restocked daily lunch meats And uh like the the lunch meat section All those things need to be restocked Within a matter of days and so you can See where the acute shortages are the

Short-term shortages and then when you Look at the canned goods section you can See if there are bigger more persistent Shortages over there just keep that you Can get a lot of information from Looking at your grocery store folks you Can get a lot of information from Looking at several different grocery Stores and by looking at different days Of the week all right folks that's kind Of what we do here on this channel a Little bit but um I appreciate you guys reporting in Letting me know what you guys are seeing You can always report what you're seeing Empty shelves on your store shelves by Saying the word update somewhere in your Comment on any video and we'll see that Give some sort of geographical location Of course so we can kind of clue in on Where you are a little bit and thanks so Much for watching watch check out Another video you can see that right Over here I'll see you there or I'll see You later Steve poppler out

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