Freedom Seed Stockpiling Mistakes! SouthernPrepper1 VR

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Ammunition stockpiling is a great investment and good thing to have on hand!

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Hey everybody this is Michael with Asymmetrical preparedness Today we're doing things a little bit Different today we're going to talk About this video is about a recent video Um yesterday's video uh by Southern Prepper1 about mistakes he made in his Freedom seed Stockpiling and collecting over the Years So we're going to talk about this we're Going to talk about a bunch of other Things also so yeah stick through the Video Uh and before we get going please Subscribe if you're not subscribed hit That thumbs up share the videos comment Below helps us grow helps us reach more People helps us make a difference in This world first let's start off talking About Um the mistakes he made according to him Via his stockpiling of Freedom seeds Over he said about a 30-year span Um what it was was he picked up because The availability non-availability of This kind of stuff we know what happens We get shortages increased prices Um non-availability for a while and as In some cases so what he did was he He was talking about 5.56 and 0.223 you guys know those I'm Very familiar with those hopefully and What he did was over the years he picked

Up whatever was available because we've Had so many shortages in that category Over the years which is good good pick It up when you can find it but what he Went into more was the mistake he made Was that um he has a lot of different Brands I assume probably a lot of Different um weights of the bullets 55 Grain 62 grain who knows what else he Has But uh and he made some valid points About why you would want to stick with a Certain brand and certain weights a Specific weight for your application Which we're going to get into later in The video I'm going to describe and talk About what weights are applicable to What Barrel twist rates Etc for proper accuracy So first let's start off with why would You want to standardize on a brand Not the weight of the round but the Brand Um and that is due to quality control And the consistency of the rounds you Want consistency Um like I said it's good to if you got The availability if you say you Standardize on one thing okay and you're Good to go there but you got the Availability you know you you find some Other brand or other weight Um on sale or available pick it up sure Why not because it's an investment

I mean Freedom seeds lead copper and Brass are to me are a much better Investment than silver gold Platinum Anything like that Tangible goods because you could always Barter them and they retain their value Since when is ammunition ever gone down Other than the fact of when we go Through a severe shortage it goes Through the roof it comes back down but It doesn't ever go back down to like Down down for example I have a box of Windshield Chester white box 556 that I Bought back in probably like the mid Um mid 90s and it uh it had a sticker a Price sticker still on it and uh it was Like 249 or 279 something like that for A 20 round box Now that 20 round box is probably Um what at least 10 12 14 15 so yeah It's a good investment to me it's one of The best investments you can make so Yeah pick up what you can when you can Of course but why standardize on a Company like I said the quality controls The consistency the um the dies they're Using to make the uh the projectiles Um it's more precise and it's They use certain powders and other Things primers and all this components That go together and if you really want Accuracy out of your defensive tool then You need to standardize on something Like I said we're going to go into the

Weights and bolt and the uh what you're Appropriate for what barrels you have Um in just a little bit first let's have A little talk about what Weight 55 grain 62 grain 74 75 77 there's a lot Of different ones out there if you're Going up above 62 for example you're Really talking about a significant Increase in price So a lot of people tend to especially Preppers Um and that aren't necessarily like Super into Marksmanship competition Anything like that Um tend to stay with the say 55 and 62. Okay so what is better Well there really isn't a better versus A worse 55 grain is going faster 62 Grain has a little more oomph to it uh The accuracy is fairly close Um it really depends on your Barrel Twist rate which I said like we're like I said we're going to get into Um The effectiveness of the round a lot of People are saying oh it's this tiny Little round it's only a 22. right on Steroids yes true but Um a lot of people say oh she's gonna Put this tiny little hole through you And not do any damage well first off I Don't want to get shot with anything um I've been shot with things that are

Close to that Um just not us-made rounds and uh yeah It sucks I don't want to get shot with Even a 22. so with that said the the Design also of the of the 55 grain Specifically was when it impacts well It's not just going to go straight Through it's going to follow the path at Least resistance so anytime it comes up Against like bone or something like that It's going to deflect and also tumble Inside the body which causes a a good Wound cavities good wounding capability And a lot of soft tissue damage inside The body Um is it the perfect round no it's not But It is a good round for a good defensive Tool so that's one way to look at it all Right so let's talk about Barrel twist Rates All right Barrel twist weights you want To optimize the accuracy of your Defensive tool Um at least to the point where you can Be fairly accurate because these a lot Of these rounds and weapon systems have Varying barrel lengths there's a lot of Different variables that come into play But uh and they're not Super they're not like quarter MOA Accuracy you know most of them are Between one and three MOA accuracy what Is MOA minute of angle what does that

Mean okay what does that mean that means At 100 yards That round should they should impact Within an inch of each other one MOA Would be one inch at 100 yards that Would mean Six inches at 600 yards 10 and a Thousand Etc but nobody's gonna be Shooting these at a thousand yards okay This is a basically zero to maybe 600 Yards maybe 500 yard capability all Right 600 is kind of pushing it but Anyway enough said that has to do with Um loading uh barrel length a lot of Other stuff okay so twist weights for The rifle if you need to look on if you Have an AR defensive tool you need to Look on the barrel and it should have a Number slash another number if it says 1 In 10 then you definitely want to use 55 Grain rounds why because the stability Factor that means that the Twist rate that it makes one full Revolution every 10 inches of barrel Usually the one in tens are in 20 inch Barrels so the Bullet makes two Revolutions before it exits okay if you Have a if it says one in nine you Probably are better off with the 55 you Can get away with 62. but if you're if It says one in eight you're definitely Better in the 62 grain area for that Um not to say you can't use 55 Um or higher than 62. there's just this

Kind of fudge Factor you kind of got to Learn your system if it says if it's one In seven twist rate then you definitely Want to use 62 or higher grains and that What it is is when the when this Platform first came out in Vietnam uh it Was all 55 grains so they had one in ten Twist and actually I think they started Off maybe one in 12 but forget all the History beyond that I have people that Know the history beyond all that I'm not Really a historian of that but Then they Um went to you know Different Twist Rates for different Barrel Um or for different ammunition sorry one And eight uh and right now actually Sorry One in seven is what the military Currently uses because they use those Higher grain rounds like 77 grain otm And stuff like that so if you really Want to optimize your accuracy in your Defensive tool One in ten 55. one in nine 55 maybe 62 1 and 8 62 Maybe 55 and Um one and eight yeah one in seven 62 or Higher you don't want to use 55 and a One and seven and you don't want to use Like a 77 grain otm in a one in ten There's a lot of people that talk a lot Better about this and are a lot more not A lot more knowledgeable but they're a

Lot more articulate and know a lot more Background a lot more depth about the The internal ballistics and the external Ballistics and all these different Factors that's I'm not a ballistician Um so I know what I know and I know it Works But you need to be using the proper Rounds and if you're out there actually Training and doing the things and Practicing Um with your defensive tools you will Learn What is accurate what isn't But to truly test it obviously you need To put on a bench rest or on a bench Supported by pod whatever you want to do And truly test the actual accuracy of That round in your particular tool That's very important but don't just do That don't just sit on the Range and go Pink pink pink you know get out there Get some tactical training shoot move Communicate hopefully with your group And get better at this it's going to be Important I love you guys have a Wonderful day and blessings to you and Yours

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