Game Theory and Preppers


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8 thoughts on “Game Theory and Preppers

  1. Tacticians has predetermined results for for an action (Cause and effect) in war.
    I don’t now about the game theory but I did see the movie.
    But I did play dice games and dominoes there is so many moves that when you reach a certain point you can not win.
    I want to stack my deck so to speak but in the end it’s not going to 50/50 win or lose.
    To play the game of survival I think to have a positive out come is group up form a community.

    In the end someone will lose….

  2. This is all 100% new to me. I have experience in risk assessment that is similar to this but not to this extent. Ill have to check out your links. Interesting information.

  3. On my “Rules for Groups ASHTF” video a commenter suggested that my one rule flew in the face of Game Theory. I still contend that it doesn’t. My “one rule” (my retreat, my rules) left little to question, thus very few variables for “gamers” to consider. The less gaming, as I see it, the less turmoil. I’ve spent too much of my life around too many women. I do not like games and there will be too much other turmoil ASHTF for anyone to be gaming. Within the group anyway.

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