Gas Shortage Across Asia… Why?

Wealthy nations bought up the energy and poorer countries are wrestling with real energy shortages. Coal, natural gas, and oil are now moving from where there is great need to where there is great fear.

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The cost of natural gas as well as other Energy forms around the world are up Ever since the conflict in Eastern Europe Most people kind of expected that Western Europe would suffer the most That they wouldn't be getting the Natural gas from Bear Country anymore That they would need to buy it on the Open market but what has happened and Transpired over the last year has been Interesting to say the least while Myself and other people expected Europe To really struggle to get that much Natural gas into their country through a Number of them just defying sanctions to Them actually going out on the market And dumping tens of billions of dollars Buying up Seaborn natural gas they have Actually been able to Pack their Caverns full of natural gas And their stockpiles are actually doing Quite well But Where did they get that natural gas from They threw a whole bunch of money at it But what ended up happening was they Diverted that natural gas from poorer Countries places like Pakistan Pakistan had nine separate ships Re-routed that were already destined for Pakistan With loads of natural gas those were Rerouted uh to Europe

They didn't get that Natural Gas Shortages as well as other oil like oil Shortages and things like that caused Things to get so severe that they Started doing some extreme and desperate Things They started shutting off their power Plants at night Now you can't shut down some of these Power plants at night and try to restart Them necessarily they're not like your Car they're not designed to be on and Off on and off and in the morning When they couldn't restart the power Plants the whole grid collapsed 15 hours later they started to get the Grid back online we talked about that a While back A desperate situation was caused by the Fact that they didn't have enough Natural gas and they were low on coal They were low on energy and so what they Were doing was they were trying to shut Down the power grid for the evening so You could do some maintenance so they Could put less stress on those uh the Systems and To use less fuel Extreme events definitely lead to some Unexpected consequences there too Africa is also being impacted by this Increased prices and decreased supply of Natural gas across Africa has led to More and more people switching back to

Wood and dung as opposed to cleaner Burning natural gas now I know in the United States everyone has heard that Natural gas burners in the house are Terrible for your health they're bad for People with asthma and all this kind of Stuff well I I promise you if you've Ever been In a house where they were using dung to Cook over Which I have The smoke is uh unbelievable I I promise you that it is far worse for You to be in a home where they're using Dung to cook or even wood than it is for For them to be using natural gas Especially if there isn't proper Ventilation which in a lot of people's Homes in slums and poorer areas They don't have proper ventilation so Think through all that right when we go Over to India in Indonesia also they had Ship loads full of natural gas that were Diverted away from them and they're Trying to diversify into Solar panels and diversify into other Things one of the natural consequences Of this is that they have prioritized More doing Um Biofuels so basically like diesel Biodiesel where they're getting that From from plants that they're growing Which has meant that they're growing

Less food And has spiked the price of sugar across The world Why is there sugar issues out there why Is sugar so much more expensive well That's why because they're using it to Make ethanol and they're using Um Like palm oil for I think palm oil is Like their favorite for using for like Biodiesel and they're trying to Diversify so they're not as Reliant upon These Middle Eastern countries and just All the craziness that's going on with That Energy across Asia Energy across Africa have been dramatically impacted Now one of the reasons why India has Been able to kind of come through this Relatively unscathed is because they've Been buying up all that black market Gas from the place where we're not Supposed to talk about you know those Bad guys over there so they've been just Buying the natural gas from the Bear Country They've also been uh Buying up oil from them as well and Refined fuel products They're basically just importing what Europe used to import and they're Getting for a cheaper price so that's Actually kind of helping with things in Some ways so We we've just changed all of the trade

Routes in the world we've changed from Efficient trade routes to inefficient Trade routes and it's just causing chaos Out there and we're seeing certain Countries being more the winners and Some people countries being more the Losers while it looks like Europe's kind Of the winner but when it comes to costs They traded cheap natural gas cheap Abundant natural gas for limited and Highly expensive Natural Gas Here in the United States we're kind of Winners of that because we're selling Cheap natural gas at expensive prices to Places like Europe and to places over in Asia that can afford it And You know just be aware that everything's Changing the globalized system has Changed If you found this video useful or Helpful you might want to check out this Other video from me right over here I'll See you over there or I'll see you later Steve poppler out

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