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Hey patreon thank you guys for being Here Love you guys i'm honored by you guys so This video Is about teamwork getting along Interpersonal relationships stuff like That We're all forming groups hopefully or we All have family units We all have you know mothers we all have We may have kids May not have kids um you have friends You have family you have co-workers Interpersonal communications and Interpersonal relationships And how we all get along is very Important teamwork Is going to be big time in an event if We got a big event Going on like a collapse a wrong Situation you know without rule of law Um which is a bad really bad version of Shtf you know the stuff hitting the fan Then teamwork is going to be vital we Have to work as a team This comes mainly into play when you Talk about mags mutual assistance groups But it's everyday life all right The interpersonal relationships mag is One thing People around you Versus quantity when it comes to people Around you You don't have to have a large group

Because If you have low quality people around You There could be a lot of issues coming Along with that Maybe people and not i'm not saying There's no such thing as a low Quality person it's just maybe people That don't fit into your Um moral structure your Um your ideals of how to live life I'm not saying they're less than you not Saying they're less than me i'm just Saying that They don't fit the mold let me put it That way it's a better way to put it Not lower quality people but surround Yourself with quality With you know take the time make the Effort um you'll it'll pay off dividends In the long run Because then you won't have to deal with A lot of other issues along the way Um conflict resolution is a big part of This But if we can mitigate con as much Conflict as possible Um while forming our groups our teams Our Mags our friendships then The better off we'll be i'd rather have A couple Good friends than a whole bunch of Mediocre average friends that you know

I don't necessarily connect with on all Levels And i get it people are different you're Not going to connect with every person On Every single level you're going to have You're going to have disagreements You're not going to agree on everything We don't agree on everything on here but If you can surround yourself with people That are as close to what you believe And how you believe your morals your Values as possible Then the way better off you'll be that's Why it's all about building mags now If you're building your group in an Event which groups will grow Um it's much more difficult because There's gonna be a lot more stressors on People Um and there's gonna be a lot more going On as far as like underhandedness Um you know sneaky stuff people trying To get into people trying to steal stuff Things like that so you need to build Your rock now you need to build your Solid team now um some of these things That come along with this Are things we know about in everyday Life having patience with each other Understanding where other people are Coming from listening Being a good listener these are all Important things

For teamwork um understanding Trying to understand where somebody's Coming from Um interpersonal relationships are Key and how we um how we build them on Shared values And um things like that but conflict Is inevitable it's how we deal with it Do we go off on some rant and scream and Yell And stuff like that no that's not the Way to deal with it We gotta be calm we gotta have patience And we have to like i said put ourselves In their people other person's shoes See where they're coming from um it's All about give and take Relationships just like in your family Unit if you're married you know with Your spouse My spouse and i are a team we're Different we have different strengths And different weaknesses But we work together as a team and it Works very well Her strengths are my weaknesses my Weaknesses are her strengths Get people like that that'll help Compliment each other And work just you got to make the effort Effort is key Like i said having patience um Learning to deal and compromise Compromise is key

You're not going to always get exactly What you want But if you get something you can Compromise on something that you both Agree on And that or the group agrees on Then you'd be way better off the biggest Thing is Or one of the big things is is if you're With a group Uh sops standard operating procedures What do we do If what do we do when all these things That happen Wargame them tabletop them right now When you're when you're with your Friends your family your group your mag Your team your tribe Go over these things now go over all These are as many possibilities As you can go over as many different Scenarios As you can so you can get a feel for Each other And you can all get on one page of What's going on when it's going on how It's going to go on how are we going to React what are we going to do if Where are we going to put things um you Know Communal property versus private Property all these kind of things kind Of like rules and bylaws the more you Can get down and the more people are on

The same page And understand these are what's this is How it's going to work Then there'll be less confusion later on So this is all stuff we need to work on Now Um so i hope this video helped you guys Helps you guys there's just some you Know random notes i jotted down i Thought it would be a good topic to talk About Um interpersonal relationships are key i Mean we It's part of life so even if it's just a Life skill Practice these things um compromise Understanding patience Compassion those kind of things i love You guys Please be prepping a little every day And work on your fitness don't forget Fitness I know i've been eating a lot more During this holiday season than i Normally do But you know staying fit is important i Love you guys and blessings to you and Yours

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