Gold Or Food, What Should You Stockpile As Preppers?

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Should I buy gold or food Good question stay tuned for my answer Hey everybody this is Michael with Asymmetrical preparedness I hope you Enjoy the video First let's start off with gold What are the positives What are the negatives of gold There are a lot of positives and some Negatives So let's get into that Positive number one Retaining value Throughout time gold has proven itself To maintain always to maintain a value To have intrinsic value unlike the fiat Currency that is Our dollar Much different So no matter what the situation is gold Will have value But Let's get into some negatives Foreign You might think I'm going somewhere with This but I'm actually heading a Different direction the first negative Is weight Gold weighs a lot It's not as portable as other forms of Currency If you're bugging in may not be an issue But if you're bugging out it could be a Big issue

Depending on your situation how you're Going to be utilizing it weight could be A big issue what's another issue with Gold Well a lot of people say You can't eat it That is true you can't But in what situations May Gold be a Good idea In the beginning of an event Before things get really bad or it Progresses far enough where people Aren't interested in Gold anymore they Want things that will feed them Keep them fed allow them to grow their Own food and or other things that become More important to them but in the short Term at the beginning of a collapse shtf Whatever you want to call it gold might Be the answer Let's get back to a positive about gold One thing about gold it never goes bad Food however can go bad but we'll get to Food Stay tuned for that the important Aspects of why you should choose food Versus gold This section is about gold versus food Though So yes it will never go bad it does not Rust it does not decay It just is So that's one more positive for gold Another negative of gold is the

Divisibility of it Even if you have a tenth of an ounce or A hundredth of an ounce that still Represents a sizable amount of money It's why I prefer silver Over gold Junk silver meaning 90 silver 1964 and older U.S currency that Includes dimes quarters half dollars and Dollars I really like dimes why Divisibility So that's one thing if you need to go Buy a loaf of bread or a dozen eggs at The local barter Area after shift happens to collapse Whatever it is You may not you may not only use your Gold To buy a loaf of bread Just saying another negative about gold Is the fact that you may not have a way To test to make sure that it actually is Gold Or is solid gold versus just plated to Make it look like gold So people may be out there trying to Fool you Push off something that looks like gold And they say is gold but it actually Isn't Here's another negative about gold gold Is easier to steal so if somebody comes Into your residence It's much easier than for them to steal

Some gold and to make off with it than Your food storage because food is much More bulky thus they can't carry as much With them so that's another thing to Think about Bonus Positive for gold most people don't Think about the other uses of gold due To its high conductivity it is used in Electronics a lot everything from Terminals to semiconductors to thin Films on satellites to protect from Thermal radiation as well as astronauts Face Shields and other things like that So gold has many other uses than just as A monetary system Before we get into food let's talk about The ease of acquisition it is much Easier to go down to a store and buy Food than it is to buy gold you have to Go to a specific gold and or silver Precious metals dealer or buy it online So food is much easier to acquire Speaking of ease of acquisition food is Much easier to acquire without drawing Any undue attention to yourself because Everybody buys food not everybody buys Gold so going to the store and buying Food is just a normal thing nobody will Ever think anything differently okay so Let's talk about food Food is something that we have to have It is a necessity of life So this is why I personally choose food

Over gold because I can't eat gold I Don't need gold like I said it may be Able to get you the things you need but If you have the things you need such as Food water Etc Then you'll already be good So food is the top of my list just like Most other Preppers stockpiling food is Number one so let's cover some negatives About food the biggest one I already Mentioned food goes bad Most of it anyway there's a lot of them That don't honey sugar salt Grains last a long time and they found Wheat in the Tomb of pharaohs in Egypt Unearthed after being there for Thousands of years and it was still Viable it still sprouted So some foods have longer shelf life Some have shorter but the fact is almost All of it will eventually go bad One thing to note about food though and The expiration thereof is Best Buy dates And or expiration dates these are put on Canned goods all foods because the Manufacturers want you to throw away the Food so that you'll buy more the fact is Many foods are good long past their Best Buy dates and or their expiration dates But be smart about it I know that they Have opened up canned goods from World War II And they were still okay they may not

Look as pretty as they once did but They're still nutritionally sound maybe Not as much as they were but they're Still edible So remember that when you're talking About food another positive of food is Divisibility if you're in a barter Situation and you want to barter some Food it is probably easier to Get smaller amounts of it for bartering For things of equal value than it is With gold So that's another positive for food Let's cover another negative about food Food takes up a lot of space to store Yes gold is heavy but it takes up a lot Less room to store gold than it does Food food is bulky and heavy So that's something you need to think About also if you're bugging out You could take a lot more gold with you Actually than you can food because of The bulk of it not necessarily just the Weight but both factors come into play In your decision For food or gold One good answer is both gold and food Then you're covered on all bases bonus Food positive there's no markup other Than inflation what I mean by that is When you go to buy gold you pay above Spot thus you're paying more than what It's worth hoping that it'll go up food Is not that way you pay what it is

Plain and simple so as you can see there Are pluses and minuses positives and Negatives of food And gold It's your decision you need to figure Out what fits your needs In the best possible manner Please put in the comments below how you Feel about gold or food what is more Important to you what are the positives And negatives in your mind I haven't Covered all of them so it's good Conversation to have with others talk About so that other people can make an Informed decision because that's the Best way to go about doing it it's not Just my opinion it's not just what I Talked about it's about learning Both sides of the story and figuring it Out for yourself I hope you guys enjoyed the video have a Wonderful day and blessings to you and Yours

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